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Breadcrumb Pasta

passatelli - photo by @wererabbitPassatelli

Difficulty: Medium

Ingredients: For each person: 1 egg, 50g of breadcrumbs, 50g of Parmesan cheese, 1 level spoonful of flour

Preparation: Knead all the ingredients, adding grated lemon peel, muscat nut and a pinch of salt. Let the dough rest for approximately one hour, and then put the dough into a potato masher, and press it out in long strings, cutting the strings into lengths of 6-10 cm as you go along. Add it to the broth and let it cook for approximately 4-5 minutes. Avoid stirring, which will break the strings of passatelli. Serve hot with grated Parmasan cheese.

Notes: Passatelli is a type of pasta based on breadcrumbs


Suggested red wine Rosso dei Colli di Rimini DOC

Last modified Dec 27, 2013

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