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Cappelletti romagnoli

Cappelletti RomagnoliDifficulty: Medium

Ingredients: 300 g of flour, 60 g of ricotta, salt, 4 eggs, 60 g of stracchino, a pinch of nutmeg, 3 spoonfuls of grated parmesan, an egg, one grated lemon rind, 100 g chicken or capon breast. Serves 6 people.

Preparation: Cook the capon (or chicken) breast in butter, pass it through the meat grinder, and then put the ground meat into a pot together with the stracchino, ricotta, and parmesan and add one egg and one yolk. Mix everything together well, then add the nutmeg, the lemon rinds and the salt. For the pasta, put the flour on a large cutting board, and break the eggs in the center of the flour mound. Add the salt and kneed everything well. Roll out the pasta with a rolling pin and then cut it into equal 6 cm circles. Put a little of the filling in the middle of each circle, then close them into a half moon, making sure to squeeze the edges together well, until the filling is certain not to come out. Join the two ends of the half moon of pasta, giving the circular form to the base of the cappelletto. Cook the cappelletti in a good chicken or capon broth

Suggested red wine Lambrusco Reggiano secco DOC

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