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Raviggiolo Cheese

Raviggiolo CheeseProduced in the Upper Savio Valley and all the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennine.


Difficulty: Difficult

Ingredients: 1 litre of milk, freshly taken and preferably cow’s milk, 40 g of liquid rennet, salt.

Preparation: Raise the milk temperature to around 35/37 °C, add the rennet and a pinch of salt. Stir to mix the ingredients well, but as little as possible. Allow to set in the same pot, until it starts thickening. This will take around 30 minutes (time also depends on the room temperature). Afterwards, taking care to break the curd as little as possible, put the “raviggiolo” in a metal or wooden ring approx. 20 cm across, which is placed on a plate containing fern’s withered leaves. The ferns are used to separate the whey, formed during the ripening of the cheese, from the cheese. After approx. 12 hours, turn the cheese on the other side, placing it on the ferns and slightly seasoning the surface with salt. After 1-2 days it is ready to eat.

Notes: sometimes goat’s milk was added.

Recipe sent by: Melita Teverini - Bagno di Romagna (FC)

Last modified Dec 27, 2013

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