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Grandmother Pia Genasi’s Spinach Pie

Sformato di spinaci della nonna Pia Genasi


The recipe originated in Forcelli, a grange in the countryside of the Lower Valley of the stream Samoggia, in the territory of the San Giovanni municipality in Persiceto.

Difficulty: Medium

Ingredients: 50 g of butter, 500 g of fresh whole milk, 100 g of soft-wheat white flour. For the mixture: 1 kg of well washed and blanched, ideally steamed, fresh spinach, 6 fresh eggs, 100 g of butter, 200 g of grated Parmesan cheese, 1 pinch of salt, 1 pinch of nutmeg. Serves 6.

Preparation: Blanch the spinach and let it drain well. As soon as it cools off, press it with your hands, cut it horizontally and vertically, in order to prevent the stems from remaining whole and fraying. Sieve the flour in a tin pan to prevent lumps from forming, add the cold milk and the butter which has been melted in a little milk. Cook on low heat and in a bain-marie, continuously stirring the mixture. When the mixture is sufficiently creamy, take it off the heat. Make sure it does not boil. Melt the butter in a cooking mould and grease the sides richly until it forms a film, to ensure that the pie does not stick to the sides while cooking. Mix and blend well the spinach, the eggs, the cheese and the melted butter left at the bottom of the mould in a bowl. Finally, pour everything into the same mould, heat the oven at 180°, cover it with aluminium foil or baking paper and bake it for about 45 minutes in a bain-marie. Since the cooking times change from oven to oven, it is advised to do the “toothpick test”: if it comes out dry from the pie, it is ready. It is superb if eaten hot, just taken out of the oven. It goes well with boiled or roasted meat.

Notes: The pie can also be served bordered by balls of ricotta cheese or of tortellini filling, in which case it will be a complete second course.

Suggested white wine Serve the same wine used for the main dish

Recipe sent by: Anna Pia Bertocchi - Bologna

Last modified Aug 19, 2015

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