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Potato Croquettes

Crocchette di patate

Potato CroquettesRecipe of the Modena area. The croquettes must be served warm on a big plate along with other fried bites, like the typical sweet fried cream (together they form the traditional "mixed fried bites of the Modena area") or as a side dish for chops and together with French fries and salad.

Difficulty: Medium

Ingredients: 300 g of flour, 300 g of boiled potatoes, 30 g of brewer’s yeast, 1 egg, salt to taste, one tablespoon of butter and if needed a little bit of milk.

Preparation: Knead all the ingredients on the cutting board, then use the dough to make little rolls, like potato dumplings, and cut them into many small pieces. Let them rise covered with a cloth, then fry them in boiling hot seed oil. Cut the obtained croquettes in half and stuff them with raw ham.

Suggested white winePinot Grigio dei Colli piacentini


Recipe sent by: Giuliana Zarri - Modena

Last modified Dec 27, 2013

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