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Rules and etiquette

Golf has always been synonymous with precision and good taste. But only few people know that the attention to details enables one to appreciate the beauty of this game and enjoy the feeling of freedom that the club and golf ball give on the course.




Golf is the only sport in which everyone is the judge of oneself; its purpose, seemingly contradictory, is to create a pleasant game while keeping at the same time the self-control.


Honesty and respect, therefore, must be part of the baggage of every golfer. For this reason, it is really important that all players know the game rules, among all, the respectful behavior towards the other players, which is required throughout the course of the entire game.

A serious breach of etiquette may even lead to disqualification, at the discretion of the Committee. Among the various rules, there are also those addressed to the attention and care of the golf course. Before leaving a bunker, players should carefully fill and level the holes and tracks made by their feet and those nearby made by others.

As in a complicated mosaic, each rule is carefully arranged in every detail and can involve many others. There are also procedures to be followed in order to avoid penalties, or simply to take advantage of certain situations.

To safeguard this complex mechanism, the R&A, the body that deals with the rules and the development of golf in the world, is committed to ensure that the rules are based on fairness and respect and to complete the Book of Rules.

Golf Rules include the Rules of Amateur Status, the Rules of Equipment, the Rules for Disabled Golfers 2012-2015 

Last modified Jan 10, 2017

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