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Home Historic reenactments in Emilia-Romagna - 2017

Historic reenactments in Emilia-Romagna - 2017

Going back in time is possible in Emilia-Romagna, and without a time machine.

Reliving the splendors of the Renaissance, wearing medieval costumes, witnessing battles to the death and tournaments among knights, taking part in parades, trying out traditional crafts, enjoying plentiful banquets and libations, entertaining yourself among minstrels, fire-eaters, flag-wavers, music and dancers. The atmosphere and life of times gone by at the festivals and “Palio” in costume that, along the Via Emilia, will bring ancient glories back to life and reenact the events that left their mark on the history of this land.


The town of Grazzano (Pc) is the place where the "Torneo de Lo Biscione", the 14th Shooting competition with historical bow will be held. The archers, going along the streets and squares of the town, will have to take on unusual challenges and prove themselves with extravagant and difficult shots. At the end of the tournament, the Archers of the "Biscione" will proclaim the winner, who will become the Captain de Arco de Giovanni Anguissola for a year. October 8.



Moving on to Castello di Gropparello, also on October 8, you can celebrate "At the table of kings", with tables overflowing with hunting trophies, flowers, fruit and vegetables which will fill the noble rooms of the castle. Choreographies with cooks and waiters will be at work in the ancient kitchens and you will meet falconers and archers on their way back from the big hunt. You can take part in guided tours, try your hand at archery, do activities at the Parco delle Fiabe, and see the big final battle to defend the harvest from Celtic invaders.


The upcoming historic reenactments in Emilia-Romagna


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