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Home Historic reenactments in Emilia-Romagna. July and August 2016

Historic reenactments in Emilia-Romagna. July and August 2016

The festivals in costume and historic reenactments continue over the summer with various opportunities for visitors to dive into the past and relive ancient splendors and events that left their mark on the history of many places in our region.


The Abbey of Pomposa, near Ferrara, goes back to its origins and with Pomposia Imperialis Abbatia relives the year 1000. For Pomposa it was a time of splendor and great spiritual and religious ferment as well as a time of celebrities thanks to the likes of Otto III, Dante Alighieri and Guido D'Arezzo. During the weekend of July 2 and 3, in a medieval setting that rebuilds contexts, recreates traditions, and hosts figures dressed in period costumes, there will be historic parades, flag wavers, armigers and archers in competitions and tournaments, and visitors can enjoy the sensorial experience of period markets and spectacular fireworks while small kids can play medieval games.



Along the Romagna coast, the canal and the old town of Bellaria Igea Marina will be the setting of the Saracen Festival, a reenactment in costume dating back to when the Turks were threatening the coast. The characteristic arrival of historic sailboats will kick things off and the festival will continue with shows, fireworks, dancing, music, horse-racing and a Saracen banquet with ancient food and drinks until the final day with a horse race. July 15-17.



Would you like to taste a rich medieval banquet while watching themed shows, surrounded by the atmosphere of that era? Do not miss the chance in Castell'Arquato (Pc), where dancers, flag wavers, musicians, and tarot card readers will give this evening a medieval flavor. July 23.



Often it is forgotten that the Celts were among the first and most important settlers of the entire plains area that the Romans called Cisapline Gaul. This period lasted for several centuries during which a particular Ferrara dialect was formed, contributing to the local culture and traditions. The "Bundan Celtic Festival" in Bondeno, near Ferrara, recreates a slice of Celtic life, with the big huts and the Menhir of a wonderful traditional village, the demonstrations of ancient crafts, the ritual lighting of a big fire accompanied by the sound of drums and bagpipes, a banquet, games, fairytales and ancient music. July 22-24.



The first weekend in August will be a time to celebrate at the port of Cesenatico by commemorating the famous sailing away of Giuseppe Garibaldi, which took place on August 2, 1849, the day in which one of the most famous pages of Italian history was written when Garibaldi and his wife Anita escaped the Bourbon and French troops here in Romagna on the Adriatic.  The highlight of the event is the historic parade of "Garibaldini" and the excursion on board motor boats and historical boats of the Maritime Museum.  There will be a preview of the event on Saturday, August 6 with Garibaldi's "Palio della Cuccagna". August 6-7.


The upcoming historical reenactmens in Emilia Romagna


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