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Home Historic reenactments in Emilia-Romagna. June 2015

Historic reenactments in Emilia-Romagna. June 2015

In the month of June, the atmosphere and life of times gone by will return to the present at the celebrations and Palios in costume which, all around Emilia Romagna, will look back at ancient glories and happenings that left their mark on the history of many territories.


Visitors can see a real Siege of the Castle, in Torrechiara, near Parma, where from May 31 to June 2 the happenings during the storming of the castle in 1313 will be brought back to life.  The heart of this event will be the big campsite set up at the foot of the fortress where warriors will tell of their deeds around a fire while awaiting the final battle.


In San Secondo Parmense, the fierce completion, from June 5 to 7, of the traditional Palio delle Contrade is back for the six "contrade", or neighborhoods, of San Secondo Parmense, during which the celebrations of 1523 will be reenacted, a celebration held for the wedding between the Marquee Pier Maria Rossi and Camilla, daughter of the noble family of Vescovado Giovanni Gonzaga.  The competition among the contrade of the town is preceded by days of celebrations with parades in costume, in which about 1000 people will participate, decorated houses, streets filled with flags, historical reenactments, banquets and libations.

The ancient fortress of San Leo
, an imposing Montefeltro bastion on the Marecchia River, near Rimini, on June 6 and 7, will be the setting of “Al tempo del Duca” (At the Time of the Duke), a journey into the era of Duke Federico da Montefeltro with scenes of daily life recreated inside the fortress rooms, with soldiers, officers and sutlers, each busy doing their own particular job.  You can visit the different rooms, refurbished and used for their original intention, admire towers, look at the weapon and gunpowder storeroom, the sleeping quarters, the room for the guards and the kitchens.  June 6-7.  

The Palio del Niballo in Faenza (Ra) is one of the oldest and most well-known medieval jousts in Italy, known as the “Giostra del Barbarossa” and “Quintana del Niballo”, which dates back to 1164, when the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa passed through Faenza.  Just as it was in the era of the Manfredi, the ruling noble family of the city in the 1400s, every year there are five "rioni" of the town which on the fourth Sunday of the month walk in a historic parade made up of more than 400 people then concluding with the 58th edition of the Palio.  The weeks in June leading up to the main event will be full of tournaments, competitions, parties and dinners with traditional and medieval food.  June 8-28.

The historic reenactment “Brixellum Romanorum. The Night of the Emperor" on June 13 and 14 will take the town of Brescello, near Reggio Emilia, back to the era of the Emperor Otho.  The “Castrum” military camp will come to life for this occasion with craftsmen making objects while at the Tabernae and at the sumptuous dinner with the Emperor, the participants can taste typical dishes from Ancient Rome with the great cook Andrea Incerti Vezzani.   There will also be ancient music and dancing, legionary camps, craft markets and workshops.

The whole town of San Giovanni in Marignano, just inland from Rimini, will be the enchanting setting of “ La Notte delle Streghe” (Night of the witches) from June 19 to 23.  Five days from dusk until late at night of Italian and foreign artists, street performances, magicians, music, palm readers, fakirs and jugglers who will fill the whole town with magic and alchemy in an event that dates back to the superstitions and popular rituals of Romagna, for the occasion of Saint John's night, linked both to the religious celebration of the town's patron saint and to the pagan celebrations of the summer solstice.

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