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Home Historic reenactments in July 2014

Historic reenactments in July 2014

The festivals in costume and historic reenactments continue over the summer with various opportunities for visitors to dive into the past and relive ancient splendors and events that left their mark on the history of many places in our region.


An extraordinary night atmosphere will welcome participants in the medieval fortress of Castrocaro Terme, just inland from Forlì, the setting for the spectacular events of the 25th edition of “From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance". This manifestation commemorates the passing of the Fortress of Castrocaro and its surrounding lands from the State of the Church to the Republic of Florence (19 May 1403) and the creation of the Romagna Tuscany province, the capital of which was in Castrocaro until 1579. In the wavering light of hundreds of torches inside this ancient manor, visitors can see medieval shows with musicians, storytellers, fire-eaters, merchants, dames, knights, and duelers. July 16-19.


On July 19 in Coriano (Rn) the "Medieval parades" will take place. During the historical evening processions by the town’s two districts Castello and Borgo with ladies, soldiers, minstrels and lords, after mass, will parade through the old town centre  as far as the main square where the “Gran Tenzone” will take place.


In Castel del Rio, not far from Imola (Bo), the “Renaissance Festival” will reenact the ancient splendors of the Alidosi noble family, bringing the atmosphere and wonders of the 1500s back to life in a huge town event with about 400 participants in an event full of historically accurate details and spectacular shows.  What attracts the public, which is always numerous, is the big historic parade in the enchanting setting of the Palazzo Alidosi, the Palio del Biroccio, the reconstruction of a historical market and of military camps, and, of course the fantastic Witch Trail which ends with a bonfire and fireworks.  July 18-20.


Often it is forgotten that the Celts were among the first and most important settlers of the entire plains area that the Romans called Cisapline Gaul. This period lasted for several centuries during which a particular Ferrara dialect was formed, contributing to the local culture and traditions. The "Bundan Celtic Festival" in Bondeno, near Ferrara, recreates a slice of Celtic life, with archery tournaments, warrior duels, recreations of daily life scenes and weddings during the Celtic period, battles, stories, Celtic menus, music, dancing and fire.  July 18-20.


Along the Romagna coast, the canal and the old town of Bellaria Igea Marina will be the setting of the “Saracen Festival”, a reenactment in costume dating back to when the Turks were threatening the coast. The characteristic arrival of historic sailboats will kick things off and the festival will continue with shows, dancing, music, horse-racing and a Saracen banquet with ancient food and drinks until the final day with a horse race, games and historic entertainment. July 25-27.

Last modified Jul 17, 2014

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