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Home Historical reenactments in Emilia-Romagna. August 2015

Historical reenactments in Emilia-Romagna. August 2015

The historical reenactments will take you back in time, allowing you to discover lost habits and ancient crafts, but they will also help you remember episodes that really happened and that left their mark on history.


The time machine awaits you just inland from Rimini, in Verucchio, to take you back to the Middle Ages, an epoch of glory and fighting, splendors and noble families. And in the lands around Rimini, it was the Malatesta noble family who ruled this area and in whose honor there will be celebrations all month. The imposing Rocca Malatestiana, called “Rocca del Sasso” for its position on a rocky outcrop that overlooks the town, valley and plains up to the Adriatic Sea, will become the Rocca d’Incanto, the setting for shows and entertainment at night when it is at its most alluring. Almost every evening, from August 7 to 30, the doors will be opened for medieval dinners, dancing, fighting and fun characters, conferences on ancient habits, guided tours, holistic treatments and meditation. Card readers, astrologists and ancient fortune tellers will reveal the secrets of their ancient magic arts and among torches and candles an evocative wandering show will be held.


The journey back in time will take you quickly forward to World War II, more specifically to August 31, 1944. On this important date, the memorable battle took place for the liberation of Montegridolfo (Rn), known today as one of the most significant reenactments of the Gothic Line. A real military camp with original military pieces and people dressed in both military uniforms and 1940s clothing will take over the Castle of Montegridolfo, leading you on an intriguing treasure hunt, with everyday life scenes, theater performances, shows and an antiques market, until the final simulation of the historic battle. Here the past will also have the flavor of potatoes cooked in ash, corn on the cob, tripe, baked bread and chickpea and bean soup. August 15-16.


The historical re-enactment of training and fighting of a Roman Legion, Legio XIII Gemina,  is staged among the ruins of the Roman amphitheatre in Rimini. On the occasion you will be welcomed among stands of ancient crafts, foods and recipes of the past. During the evening there will be a demonstration of training and fighting by the Roman Legionnaires, the effects of their weapons, the explication of some of the most popular tactics and of the equipments of a legionnaire. August 18.


In the town of Mondaino, also near Rimini, you will go back to 1459, when Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta and Federico da Montefeltro met to sign a truce between the two noble families, laying the foundation for a period of prosperity. And so a joyful and happy atmosphere will take over the streets of the town, where more than one hundred craftsmen will offer demonstrations of working with metals, fabrics, glass, paper and leather so you can discover the rare and sometimes lost manual crafts, and where they will show their majolica, paintings, arms, as well as their luthier, amanuensis, manuscript illuminating and engraving skills. All of this will lead up to the traditional Palio del Daino where the four contrade of Mondaino - Borgo, Castello, Contado and Montebello - will face off to win the prized title. After the "Goose Race", the first part of the Palio, the real tournament will begin, a sort of “foursquare” in which every round one player is eliminated. August 20-23.


The time travelers will also move through space to Cesenatico where they will find an invasion of Celts and Romans. You can return to your ancestors' habits, toasting them while sipping hippocras and mead and listening to their music. You can go into their camps and learn about their stories until the warriors take up arms, ready to defend themselves against invaders, thus offering many battles shows that will leave you holding your breath. August 20-23.


In the evocative setting of the Baluardo di Santa Maria in Ferrara, equestrian jousting among the Este, Ferrara and Grottazzolina champions will reenact, from August 21 to 30, the tormented years of hostility between the Este noble family and da Romano. It is also a great opportunity to totally immerse yourself in the Middle Ages. This event is called the "Giostra del Monaco" (The Monk's Joust); here the weapon of choice is an iron joust, which was widely used in the Middle Ages. This weapon is held tight by participants in this very popular equestrian competition, where the jousters must hit chalk shields. It is held after ten intense days of medieval life with all its colors, costumes, flavors and ancient crafts, as well as cultural meetings, music, dancing, theater performances, food and wine, games and military reenactments.

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