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Home Horse trails Bologna Ferrara Romagna - Spanish broom path

Bologna Ferrara Romagna - Spanish broom path

From Bagno di Romagna to Castrocaro Terra del Sole

A dive into the lesser known Romagna, but a very exciting region nonetheless.  A good part of these routes wind along the Road of Wines and Tastes of the Hills of Rimini, one of the roads created thanks to a regional law.  Here you can eat delicious pasta dishes, particular fresh cheeses (raviggiolo, squacquerone), and desserts that can only be found here such as the savor or the bustreng.

And here, you drink the best wines of Romagna.


Horse trails - Romagna Ferrara Bologna - Water ways


From Bagno di Romagna to Civitella di Romagna: 23 km (1 day)
This section is good for well-trained horses.  The route is difficult and is mostly downhill.  You ride mostly along the ridge.  The most beautiful aspect is that you ride along completely immersed in nature, in not very developed areas, except for the crossing of Spinello.  A landscape to be enjoyed.


From Civitella to Cusercoli: 10 km (1/2 day)
This is a short route, but pleasant.  Along the pathway on clear days you can see the sea.  This route covers the Road of Wines and Tastes of the Hills of Forli and Cesena in some parts.  In Civitella there is an interesting historic route in the old town.  This area is full of mushrooms, truffles, and cherries on these hills dotted with fortresses and castles.


From Cusercoli to Predappio: 12 km (1/2 day)
A series of short trips.  Itineraries for everyone, suited to beginners or anyone who wants to let their horse be and enjoy a stop in one of the farm holidays along the way (all with a swimming pool).  The old town of Predappio Alta is a little jewel and is the land of Sangiovese di Romagna.  The original home of Mussolini should be visited, as well as the Romanesque church of S.Agostino and that of San Cassiano in Pennino where there is the tomb of the Duce.  A typical and famous enoteca is that of Ca’ de Sanzves.

From Predappio to Castrocaro-Terra del Sole: 12 km (1/2 day)
Pian de Goti is a little very green town above Predappio.  This route is similar to the last: you ride along in the heart of Romagna among piadine “made how they really should be” and the typical Romagna cordiality.  Terra del Sole is interesting because it was planned around a table by renaissance urban planners of the Florentine court of the Medici (at the time the area was part of Tuscany).  It was supposed to be an “ideal city”, elegant and walled.  Today you can admire it in its entirety.  Castrocaro, famous spa destination, has a noticeable medieval feel to it with small streets that wind up towards the Fortress.  The cooking is also noteworthy.


Places of interest

Food Bed Stable Horseshoe
1 - Bagno di Romagna    FC  
Azienda Agrituristica C.I. "La Banditina"
via Banditina, 97
tel. 0543.903384
Food Bed Stable Horseshoe
2 - Bagno di Romagna    FC  
Azienda Agricola C.I. "Valbonella"
via Valbonella, 38
tel. 0543.903417- fax 0543.901071
Chiusura a gennaio
Food Bed Stable Horseshoe
3 - Bagno di Romagna    FC  
C.I. "Tortello Ranch" (Cà di Gianni)
Fattorie Cà di Gianni, 159
cell. 3496088391 - fax 0543.917358
Chiusura da novembre ad aprile (per i cavalli)
Food Bed Stable Horseshoe
4 - Civitella di Romagna    FC  
Azienda Agrituristica "Acero Rosso"
via Seggio, 5
tel. 0543.984035 - fax 0543.983876
Chiusura a gennaio e febbraio
Food Bed Stable
5 - Cusercoli - Civitella di Romagna    FC  
Azienda Agrituristica "Ca' Bionda"
via S.Giovanni, 42/a
tel. 0543.989181 - fax 0543.988028
Food Bed Stable Horseshoe
6 - Predappio Alta    FC  
Azienda Agrituristica C.I. "Pian de Goti"
via Montemirabello, 2
tel. 0543.921118 - fax 0543.921432
Food Bed Stable Horseshoe
7 - Predappio    FC  
Azienda Agrituristica "Gli Ulivi"
via Montemaggiore, 3
tel. 0543.921131 - fax 0543.921157
Chiusura a febbraio; da ottobre a maggio: solo il venerdì, sabato e domenica
Food Bed Stable Horseshoe
8 - Terra del Sole    FC  
Azienda Agrituristica C.I. "Monticino"
Località Terra del Sole
tel./ fax . 0543.769077
Food Bed Stable Horseshoe
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