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Modena - Travelling from Tiepido to Belvedere

This trip takes three days.  Total immersion in the hills and mountains of the beautiful Regional Park of Sassi di Roccamalatina, which will certainly delight all nature lovers.  The paths wind through vineyards and chestnut groves, and offer wonderful panoramic glimpses.  And of course, between one path and another, it is fiercely prohibited to miss stopping by the Ferrari Gallery in Maranello, inside the most famous factory in the world.  And you must also taste the great food and wine specialties of this area: from traditional Balsamic Vinegar to the steaming “tigelle” (bread) or “Zampone”, “Cotechino” (both pork) and many fresh, hand-made pastas.  This route does not include any particularly difficult sections.

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From Maranello to Rocchetta di Guiglia: 25 km (1 day)
Starting out from the legendary home of Ferrari, you pass by Torre Maina, and crossing through the hills full of vineyards, you reach the Sanctuary of Madonna di Puianello.   You continue on through the hills, going around the town of Levizzano and reaching a small town called Danzano.  From here, go down to the river Panaro in the town of Casona di Marano.  Here, we are in the area of the Regional Park of Sassi di Roccamalatina.  Once across the river, you go up to Rocchetta di Guiglia.


From Rocchetta to Montalbano: 25 km (1 day)
Proceeding south, you get into the heart of the Regional Park of Sassi di Roccamalatina, characterized by the spectacular sandstone peaks for which the park is named.  After a while, you pass right by the rocks.  Riding without hurrying, you reach the small medieval towns of Castellino delle Formiche and then Samone.  One thing: here there is the Museum of the “Tigella” (a type of bread).  Continuing on, you’ll go past Cisterna mountain where there was once the Castle of Montevecchio, then it’s on to Montalbano, a very charming little town.

From Montalbano to Monte Belvedere: 25 km (1 day)
From Montalbano, continue riding south.  Pass by Questiolo Mountain, a panoramic and strategic point along the Panaro valley, where there are remains of a castle of the Montecuccoli family.  A little while later, you reach Rosola, a walled town: the stonewalled houses surround the Rangoni Tower, which has been recently restored.  From here, cross over a cart track, and you reach Montalto and Villa d’Aiano and, after that, Montese where you can see the beautiful crenellated tower of the castle.   Riding along at a relaxed pace immersed in nature, you reach Maserno and Monteforte.  The journey is nearing the end when you pass by the Ronchidoso chapel.  Then, lastly, you reach your destination, Monte Belvedere with a panorama that honors its name.

Places of stop

Food Bed Stable Horseshoe
1 - Guiglia    MO  
Azienda Agrituristica "Rocchetta"
via Rocchetta, 542
tel./ fax 059.792854
Closed from mid-August to mid-September
Food Bed Stable
2 - Montalbano - Zocca    MO  
C.I. "Il Borgo Antico"
via Borgo Antico
cell. 3475147698
Stable Horseshoe
3 - Montalto - Montese    MO  
C.I. "Dano Club"
via Casaccia, 1020
tel. 059.986970
4 - Montese    MO  
C.I. "Cavallo Pazzo"
via Montello
cell. 3475147698
Stable Horseshoe
5 - Maserno - Montese    MO  
Campeggio "Chiocciola" - 2 stelle
via Testa, 70
tel./ fax 059.980065
Closed from February 2 to March 6, and from November 8 to December 18
Food Bed
6 - Maserno - Montese    MO  
Bioagriturismo "Il Palazzino"
via Lama, 2500
tel./ fax 059.980394 - cell. 3383239394
Closed mid-January to mid-February
Food Bed Stable
Last modified Feb 21, 2011

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