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Modena - The via Vandelli

Travelling through the high Modena Apennines

So many interesting places along these routes near Modena!  You cross over the ancient Via Vandelli, a road made along the mountain ridge to connect Modena to Massa and for a moment you can imagine yourself as a pilgrim walking along a mule track.  You will also go deep into the heart of the Regional Park of the High Modena Apennines.  A 3-day trip, this itinerary allows you to discover some of the most spectacular points of the high Modena Apennines, such as a Celtic hut!

Technically this route is a mix between hills and mountains.  It is of medium difficulty for well-trained horses.


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From Pavullo sul Frignano to Passo del Lupo: 20 km (about 1 day)
Leaving from Pavullo (speaking of which, you can visit the Natural Museum of Frignano at the Cappuccini Convent) in a few minutes you will reach the Castle of Montecuccoli with a medieval village.  From here, you go down (passing by the food of the castle), and you cross over the river Scoltenna on a magnificent Romanesque bridge.  All around the landscape is made up of age-old oaks and chestnut trees.  At a relaxed pace, you reach Montecreto, a tourist destination in particular in the summer, but also in the fall for gathering mushrooms and chestnuts.  Continuing on along the forest road which, going up among beech trees, leads to Passo del Lupo at the foot of Monte Cimone.  Cimone does not need an introduction, but a little advice, quite useful, is to go and look around the Esperia Garden, an extraordinary botanical garden (rare alpine plants, and officinal plants for natural medicine).  Just a little ways away, there is the beautiful Lago della Ninfa (Nymph’s Lake) which in wintertime becomes a meeting point for snowboarders.


From Passo del Lupo to Groppo di Riolunato: 18 km (about 1 day)
Another great bridle path is this one, also on the edge of Monte Cimone (2,165 m).  It is very exciting to ride through the expanses of beech trees (which grow up above 1000 m in altitude), firs, larch, birches, and low moors of blueberry bushes, prairies with rare plants such as rhododendrons and columbines.  The first stop is at le Polle di Riolunato the starting point for many ski lifts in winter.  Then go down to the town of Riolunato, whose name probably alludes to the clearness of the waters.  Shortly after you reach Groppo.

From Groppo di Riolunato to Piandelagotti: 20 km (about 1 day)
Without hurrying, you go up to Passo delle Cento Croci.  Here you take the ancient Vandelli Ducal Street for quite some distance.  Along the way, you will first run into a classic and imposing Celtic Hut (there are several in this area), then the town called Fabbrica, an old stagecoach stop.  Where there is less vegetation, you can admire Monte Cimone.  After a while, you will see the gigantic volcanic outcropping of Sasso Tignoso.   Continue on down to Pian degli Ontani and then up again to Piandelagotti.  Just past Piandelagotti, there is a mystic stop: go to visit the little town of San Pellegrino in Alpe, an important pilgrimage destination.


Places of stop

Food Bed scuderizzazione al coperto in box o  poste Horseshoe
1 - Gaianello - Pavullo nel Frignano    MO  
Centro di turismo equestre "V Ranch"
via Maneggio, 3
tel. 0536.41282
Closed from November to February
Bed Horseshoe
2 - Canevare - Fanano    MO  
Azienda Agrituristica del Cimone "La Palazza"
via Calvanella, 710
tel. 0536.69311 - fax 0536.66631
Food Bed scuderizzazione al coperto in box o   poste Horseshoe
3 - Le Polle - Riolunato    MO  
Camping "Le Polle" - 1 stella
via Polle, 11
tel./ fax 0536.75171
Food Bed
4 - Riolunato    MO  
Club ippico "Il Groppo"
via Roncobrellaro 11/2
tel. 0536.75317 - cell. 3397621845
Bed scuderizzazione al coperto in box o   poste Horseshoe
5 - Boscoreale di Prati Fiorentini - Frassinoro    MO  
C.I. Coop. Turistica "Boscoreale"
via Rifugio Prati Fiorentini
tel. 0536.967193
Closed from November to May
Food scuderizzazione al coperto in box o   poste Horseshoe
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