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Parma - Route from Taro to Ceno

Via Francigena (Cento Laghi)


Here is a track full of very beautiful flora and fauna.  This itinerary crosses through the famous Val di Taro and Val Ceno going through rivers of the same names.  Along the pathway there are many stopping places, spaced out enough to take even several days if one wishes to complete this itinerary. Length: 170 km.  Highest altitude: 1800 meters.


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From Felegara to Castelcorniglio: 16 km (2 hours and 30 min.)

Here the biggest effort will be in immersing oneself in the nature and admiring the beauty offered by the environment.  The route is not very difficult and there are numerous creeks where the horses can stop to drink.  Between the town of Le Salde and Baracca, the path goes along the side of a spectacular gulley.


From Castelcorniglio to Pellegrino parmense: 17 km (6 hours)

This section is a variation from the usual bridle paths that can be found near Piacenza and which can be reached from here.  Some stretches can get difficult after a lot of rain, but they are still very beautiful, because they wind through large chestnut forests.


From Castelcorniglio to Bardi: 26 km (7 hours)

This route is easy with a good base and a moderate slope.  There are lots of places for horses to stop and drink.  Once in Bardi, you must visit the Landi Fortress.


From Bardi to Borgotaro: 30 km (8 hours)

As a whole, this stretch is not difficult: the base is varied, but generally good.  Along this path there are numerous springs.


From Borgo Val di Taro to Compiano: 18 km (4 hours and 30 min.)

Monte Poggio (1047 m.) is the intersecting point among these alternative routes and the Bardi-Borgotaro section of the main track.  In Compiano you can choose among pathways of varying levels of difficulty, both going towards Monte Poggio and towards Begonia.


From Borgo Val di Taro to Berceto: 21 km (5 hours)

This route has some relatively difficult points between the towns of San Bernardo and Bergotto and even more difficult patches near the mill in Brugna.  There are many creeks along the way.

From Berceli to Castelcorniglio: 26 km (7 hours)

Here there are not so many ups and downs.  Despite its frequently running over its edges between Val di Taro and Val Pessola, fording the Protone river is not usually dangerous.  The difficulty varies based on the depth of the water and the season.  The most interesting part if the stretch between Pagazzano and Calamello: from here there are other paths which branch out of medium difficulty.  They should be tried out because they will allow you to discover poetic and isolated little rural towns.


Places of stop

Food Bed Stable Horseshoe
1 - Ramiola - Medesano    PR   
C.I. Ranch "Le Corde"
via Solferino
tel. 0525.430546 cell. 3474541842
Closed in December
Food Stable Horseshoe
2 - Specchio - Solignano    PR   
Trattoria "Alba"
via Della Pineta
tel. 0525.58143
Closed on Tuesdays
3 - Specchio - Solignano    PR   
Azienda Agrituristica Castelcorniglio
via Castelcorniglio, 194
tel./ fax 0525.58144
Closed in January and February
Food Bed Stable
4 - Varsi    PR   
Azienda Agrituristica C.I. "Neverland"
via Contile Montebello, 120
cell. 3483368818 - 3938358074 - 3938358092
Food Bed Stable Horseshoe
5 - Varsi    PR   
Villaggio turistico "Il Falco"
Fornello di Pessola, 110
tel. 0525.70191
Food Bed Stable
6 - Madone - Solignano    PR   
Agriturismo "Il Madone"
via Madone, 94
tel./ fax 0525.54220

Closed from December to February

Bed Stable Horseshoe
7 - Castagneto di Gravago - Bardi    PR   
Azienda Agrituristica "Il Castagneto"
Castagneto di Gravago - Bardi
tel./ fax 0525.77141
Winter: open at weekends; from May to October: open daily, closed on Mondays
Food Bed Stable Horseshoe
8 - Bergazzi di Gravago - Bardi    PR   
B&B "Ca' del Lupo"
tel. 0525.77177
From September to March: open only at weekends
9 - Porcigatone - Borgo Val di Taro    PR   
Azienda Agrituristica "New Green Valley"
Località Fenaroli, 5
tel./ fax 0525.998183
Chiusura a novembre
Food Bed Stable Horseshoe
10 - Borgo Val di Taro    PR   
Azienda Agrituristica "La Prea"
Località S.Pietro, 39
tel. 0525.96590
Closed from February 1 to March 15 and from October 16 to December 6
Food Bed Stable Horseshoe
11 - Borgo Val di Taro    PR   
Azienda Agricola "Ulan Batar"
Località Tovi di San Pietro
tel./ fax 0525.98188
Bed Stable Horseshoe
12 - Bertoli - Compiano    PR   
Azienda Agrituristica "Le Carovane"
Località Bertoli - Compiano
tel. 0525.825324 - fax 0525.825482
Food Bed Stable Horseshoe
13 - Borgo Val di Taro    PR   
Azienda agrituristica C.I. "Ca' Bianca"
Località Ostia Parmense
tel. 0525.98213
From June to September open daily, in winter open only at weekends
Food Bed Stable
14 - Berceto    PR   
C.I. Ranch "Le Corde"
Podere Cà del Vento di Val Bona Berceto
tel. 0525.60165
Winter: open only at weekends; from April to November: open daily, closed Mondays
Food Bed Stable Horseshoe
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