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Piacenza - Via Francigena

Piacenza stretch


The Piacenza stretch of the via Francigena has a particular morphology in that is slowly rises up from the banks of the Po River, then up to the plains then on the to hills of the Apennines. This area is characterized by a system of river valleys, which fan out in the plains (Val Tidone, Val Trebbia, Val Nure and the Val d’Arda), and are all connected by secondary valleys. In the section of this route between 200 and 500m, there are fodder fields and many vineyards.  Instead, along the banks of the Po there are poplars forests typical of the floodplains of this area.


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From Croce Sant’Andrea to Piacenza: 20 km (5 hours)

This  itinerary winds through the plains of Corte S.Andrea (in the province of Pavia) and enters into the province of Piacenza in Calendasco.  In Piacenza, the route unravels along the streets of the historic downtown, the churches and the “hospitals” which were medieval pilgrimage destinations.


From Bobbio to Coli: 12 km about (3 hours and 30 min.)

From Bobbio you go up to the small town of Coli.  The first part of this route is very difficult because the path is quite steep.  It is necessary for both the horses and the riders to be in good shape.  But the landscape is worth the effort.


From Piacenza to Travazzano: 30 km (approx. 6 hours)

You leave Piacenza from near S.Lazzaro.  From here you go on down the via Emilia then branching off into a path more suitable to horses.


From Travazzano to Tabiano: 30 km (approx. 6 hours)

Passing through Grazzano Visconti, in the direction of Castell’Arquato, you reach Tabiano where this stretch crosses over into the province of Parma.  In this part, the altitude increases slightly.  Grazzano Visconti is a typical village, perfectly restored to its medieval appearance in the 1900s by the father of the movie director Luchino Visconti.  There is a castle form the 1300s and a small church from the same period.  Castell’Arquato is a very beautiful medieval town.  In the square,  there is the imposing viscount fortress, (14th century), the praetorian palace (1293) made up of a rectangular stronghold, a double loggia and a wide arcade.  Near the tower, there is the ducal palace (1292).  Also, there is the ancient basilica in pure Romanesque style.


From Mareto to Gropparello: 25 km about (approx. 6 hours)

Many ups and downs here.  From Mareto you go down to Crocelobbia.  Once you’ve crossed the river Nure, you take the mule path to Groppazzolo, Strarivo, Selva di Sotto, Boccolo Noce, and Linguadà.


Places of stop

Food Bed scuderizzazione al coperto in box o  poste Horseshoe
1 - Piacenza    PC  
Country Riders Team - Ass. Sportiva di Cavalieri
via Padre Davide da Bergamo, 31
cell. 3283529699
Closed from April to October
scuderizzazione al coperto in box o   poste Horseshoe
2 - Folignano - Ponte Dell'Olio    PC  
Azienda Agrituristica Castello di Folignano
via Castello, 1
tel./ fax 0523.876240
Closed from October 1 to May 30: only open from Friday night to Sunday
Food scuderizzazione al coperto in box o   poste
3 - Travazzano - Carpaneto Piacentino    PC  
Cavalieri di Campagna - Gruppo di appassionati
via Costa Zanone
tel. 0523.803832 - fax 0523.806540
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