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Reggio Emilia - Matilde Path and Park of the Giant

We are in the forest area that once belonged to the legendary Matilde di Canossa (1046-1125).  Cousin of the emperor Henry the IV, but a faithful ally to the pope, she was a main player in the fight between the Empire and the Papacy.  Her lands include the part of the Apennines near Reggio Emilia that extend out from Ciano to Toano, connecting the castles of Canossa and Carpieneti.  Crossing through the Dolo Valley, you reach Tuscany. In some areas the atmosphere seems to be Asa it once was: noble and medieval as if a knight could pop up at any moment.  There is a tourist track of Maltide's land and castles.  Don't forget to buy some of the local specialties such as Parmigiano Reggiano or Lambrusco, just to name a few! This itinerary is also clearly marked with SM and red and white signs.

Be careful, some sections cannot be done on horseback, but the detours are clearly marked.


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From Ciano d'Enza to Carpineti: 30 km (8 hours)

Manors, parish churches, woods and old stone villages.  Here is the heart of Matilde's land which was the setting for Matilde di Canossa's mediation.  Matilde worked and worked until her ambitious cousin, the emperor Henry IV was pardoned by the pope.  She hosted them both in her castle.  But the emperor had to humiliate himself spending three days barefoot in the snow before being received by pope Gregory VII.  Starting out from Ciano d'Enza at the underpass of the railway, you'll find the sign marking the beginning of the paths: a wide gravel road with some fords then the path.  Careful: at the sign for Riverzana, do not follow the SM signs for the castle and go up to the town of Riverzana.  After 500 m of asphalt, go right towards Canossa Castle.  Today, only ruins on a spur remain of the legendary castle (with a museum, closed only on Mondays), but the feeling and medieval setting have remained intact.  From the castle, continue on towards Casina.  After 100 m on the left, downhill to Cavandola.  Following the red and white signs, after the town, take the gravel road on the left towards Cerredolo di Coppi.  Go left towards Bergogno, down to the river, where the horses can drink and rest.  After Bergogno, take the paved road uphill on the right, then it's gravel and dirt up to Crocicchio.  Go right towards Monchio di Ferri, and at the entrance to the town, right again towards Castello Sarzano.  In the large square below there is castle, a restaurant and shade for the horses.  Following the signs, cross through the town of Casina towards Valcava-Croveglia-Giavello-Riana- Regigno di Carpineti.  Stop at the farm holiday if you want to put the horses up in an outdoor stable with a large yard.  Take the paved road towards Carpineti.


From Carpineti to Villa Minozzo: 25 km (7 hours)

This is a fun ride in any season from Carpineti to Villa Minozzo.  Leaving from Carpineti and immediately after 100 m, turn right towards Campovecchio and take the path up to the Carpinete Castle.  Here, take the Spallanzani path and go down towards Savognatica-Cogliolla up to the Secchia river, then going back up towards Cavola.  Leaving the town, on the road to Cerrè Marabino, there is the Le Aquerelle equestrian club where you can let the horses stop and rest.  From here it's on to the Matilde path towards Toano and the roman bridge of Cadignano.  In this way, you pass through the province of Modena.  Or you can go towards the Park of the Giant and towards Costabona, up to the Bocede farm holiday at the end of the Secchiello river.

From Villa Minozzo to Febbio: 18 km (4 hours)


Here is another great bridle path in the Reggio area of the Apennines.  From Villa Minozzo, go up towards Novellano.  Here, go past the road to Civago (in winter Civago is a ski resort town) towards Pian Vallese and Rescadore di Febbio.


Places of stop

Food Bed Stable Horseshoe
1 - Salvarano - Quattro Castella    RE  
Azienda Agrituristica "Montebaducco"
via M.M. Boiardo, 26
tel. 0522.886375 - fax 0522.250921
Food Bed Stable
2 - Ceredolo dei Coppi - Canossa    RE  
Circolo ippico Canossa
tel. 0522.877165 - cell. 3384454665
Aperto tutto l'anno
Stable presenza di accompagnatore abilitato
3 - Pianzo Casina    RE  
Associazione Montana Ambiente Turismo Equestre
via Cernaieto, 5
tel./ fax 0522.870415
Food Bed Stable Horseshoe
4 - Regigno - Carpineti    RE  
Azienda Agricola "Le Scuderie"
via San Donnino, 77
tel. 0522.618397 - fax 0522.718066
Chiusura da novembre a Natale
Food Bed Stable
5 - Cavola - Toano    RE  
C.I. "Le Acquerelle"
via Vittorio Veneto, 10
tel./ fax 0522.806441
scuderizzazione al coperto in box o poste Horseshoe
6 - Villa Minozzo    RE  
Azienda Agricola "Le Bocede"
via Secchiello, 36
cell. 3356692606
Chiusura da novembre a dicembre
Food Bed Stable
7 - Villa Minozzo    RE  
C.I. "La Sprella Ranch"
Rescadore di Febbio
tel. 0522.800189 cell. 3333747707
Stable Horseshoe
8 - Villa Minozzo    RE  
Azienda Agrituristica "Prato dell'Oste"
via Riparotonda di Asta
tel. 0522.800119
Aperto su prenotazione, servizio tutto l'anno
Food Bed Stable
9 - Febbio - Villa Minozzo    RE  
Alloggio in "Albergo Sporting" - 1 stella
via Lamagolese, 2 - (adiacente al Centro Ippico)
tel. 0522.800157
Food Bed
10 - Febbio - Villa Minozzo    RE  
Campeggio con Bungalows "Febbio 2000" - 2 stelle
via Lamagolese - (adiacente al Circolo ippico)
tel./ fax 0522.800323
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