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Reggio Emilia - Spallanzani Path and Park of the Giant

It is a wild and uncontaminated path, full of very particular flora and fauna.  It is the oldest and longest in the province, intermediate level for well-trained horses:  110km in length with 1500m of difference in altitude.  Starting out from the first hills and moving up into the Apennines offers many incredibly beautiful landscapes to see.  And of course, crystal clear waters for your horses to drink.

There are many stopping points along the way which allow this path to be done in a few days.


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From Ventoso di Scandiano to San Giovanni di Querciola Loc. Sorriva: 26 km (6 hours)

After having visited Scandiano with its beautiful medieval fortress, you leave from Ventoso di Scandiano (2 km from the center of town) and you go up to Monte Evangelo.  From here, going south on a gravel road, you reach the Church of Rondinara.  To the right of the church there is a path which goes up to the horseback riding club Il Monte (a good place to stop), to the right to the end of the provincial street, to the left then immediately right on a paved road going up, alternating with gravel and dirt paths.  You pass by the beautiful Castle of Viano, some small towns and you reach Regnano.  A curiosity: you can visit the so-called “little volcanoes”, little geysers that come up out of the ground.  Then you go down to the town of Riolo, then back up to the town of San Giovanni di Querciola.

Be careful on this last stretch, from Regnano to San Giovanni: it is very difficult with heavy and slippery terrain.  From San Giovanni you can reach the town of Sorriva.


From San Giovanni di Querciola Loc. Sorriva to Castelnovo Monti Loc. Ginepreto: 28 km (8 hours)

Lakes, parish churches, woods and the majestic and bizarre Pietra di Bismantova.  This stretch is full of wonders, and pretty difficult in some places.  First, you go down the path to Lago del Tasso (Badger Lake) then on to Giandeto-Croveglia.  Then you go down to the Viano-Carpiteti valley stopping in Onfiano.  In the valley on the right then immediately to the left the pathway is uphill, crosses through Mandra then goes on until the Carpineti-Valestra road.  On the road on the right, after 100m, on the left the path becomes gravel and uphill.  Careful: after 500 m, there is a fork in the road and you must go right (the other way is not accessible for horses) then it’s on to the Church of San Vitale and the famous Castle of the Carpinete (an absolute must see).  Careful about the downhill bit in cement (10m) before the Castle.  There is water and shade here for the horses in the little square before the cemetery 500m along the street to Colombaia.  From the castle, continue on the path until mount Fosola then going down towards Saccaggio on the valley road Felina-Gatta.  Along the valley road on the right, after 100m on the left towards Noce di Campolungo, up to the eastern base of the spectacular Pietra di Bismantova (Rock of Bismantova) which rises up over the valley.  It is large arenaceous boulder with a curious (and according to some mysterious) rectangular shape, 1000 m high.  Leave the white and pink SSP signs behind and take the path on the right number 639 towards Ginepreto.


From Castelnovo Monti to Ligonchio: 22 km (6 hours)

With various ups and downs, this itinerary goes through the uncontaminated heart of the national Park of the Giant which, let us not forget, stretches out over 23,416 hectares.  A huge uncontaminated lung to fill up on oxygen!

From the farm holiday, go left for 200 m, then take the path on the left going down to the Secchia river.  After crossing the river and passing the town, go down again to a paved road, and the signs disappear.  Continue along the paved road on the left for about one hundred meters, up to the first turns towards Sologno.  After a few turns take a right going uphill (on the left there is a sign marking the beginning), then up to the town of Castellaro where the path signs continue.  On the left towards Cerre Sologna.  At the beginning of the town it is possible to stop, and let the horses stay in the shade and drink.  Leaving the town in front of the café, gravel uphill road, then pebbles and a path up to Montecagno.  On the left towards monte Orsaro – Cisa pass, to get to a path after 1 km on the right towards Casalino di Ligonchio.  From Casalino, you go back down on asphalt, over the bridge for Ligonchio ignoring the white and red signs that announce the river,  go over the bridge, path on the left, and then asphalt on the left up to the end of the town of Ligonchio.

From Ligonchio to Febbio, Via Rifugio Battisti and Abetina Reale: 35 km (8 hours)

An exciting, long horseback ride through the beech, chestnut and conifer forests, rivers from Ligonchio (speaking of which, here there is a nice visitors center on the national Park’s fauna) up to Febbio.  You may also see deer, fallow deer, squirrels, dormice, and marmots.  Turn left for 100 m then on the right the street is paved and uphill towards Presa alta.  When the asphalt ends, continue on the gravel road up to the Lama Lite pass (careful, this is an important archeological site) and the Battisti lodge.  You can stop for lunch.  Go back to the Lama Lite intersection and take the gravel road on the right towards Case Cattalini-Civago.  About 200m before you run into a bar, you can turn right to get to Rifugio Segheria dell’Abetina Reale Piandelagotti passo Radici, etc.  Go pass the bar after a few km, careful of the path on the left up hill.  It’s tight for  a few rocky meters, then path then widens out and goes along the side of the mountain on the left side of the path, avoiding running into others going up and down, and you reach Pian Vallese to go down to the gravel street at Rescadore di Febbio.


Places of stop

Food Bed Stable Horseshoe
1 - Pratissolo - Scandiano    RE  
C.I. "Lo Stradello"
via Monati, 7
tel. 0522.852333 - fax 0522.765329
Food Stable Horseshoe
2 - Viano    RE  
C.I. "Il Monte"
via Cà Stradoni, 3
cell. 3337690713
scuderizzazione al coperto in box o poste Horseshoe
3 - S.Giovanni di Querciola - Viano    RE  
Casa Vacanze "Sorriva"
via Sorriva, 4
tel. 0522.606402 - cell. 3497186557
Bed Stable Horseshoe
4 - Reggino di Carpineti    RE  
Azienda agrituristica "Le Scuderie"
via San Donnino, 77
tel. 0522.618397 - fax 0522.718066
Closed from November to January; open for Christmas and New Year’s
Food Bed Stable
5 - Castelnuovo né Monti    RE  
Azienda Agrituristica "Il Ginepro"
via Chiesa, 7
tel. 0522.611088 - fax 0522.612257
Closed in January, after the holidays
Food Bed Stable
6 - Ligonchio    RE  
Maneggio Casa Vacanze "da Gianni e Daniela"
via San Rocco Alto, 77
tel. 0522.899181
Bed Stable
7 - Rescadore di Febbio - Villa Minozzo    RE  
C.I. "La Sprella Ranch"
Rescadore di Febbio Villa Minozzo
tel. 0522.800189 cell. 3333747707
Stable Horseshoe
8 - Villa Minozzo    RE  
Azienda Agricola "Ervin Ghis"
via Case Stantini, 31
cell. 3396135726
Closed from mid September to mid October
Food Stable
9 - Febbio - Villa Minozzo    RE  
Alloggio in "Albergo Sporting" - 1 stella
via Lamagolese, 2 (adiacente al Centro ippico)
tel./ fax 0522.800189
Food Bed
10 - Febbio - Villa Minozzo    RE  
Campeggio con bungalows "Febbio 2000" - 2 stelle
via Lamagolese (adiacente al Centro ippico)
tel./ fax 0522.800323
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