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Home View from the webcam along the Riviera

View from the webcam along the Riviera


Beach umbrellas open, smiles, hospitality, free wifi, quality structures and services at unbeatable prices: the coastline most loved by Italians, and others, will put its best foot forward and invites you to spend a relaxing vacation along the 110 km of beaches from Cattolica to Comacchio.


Bellaria Igea Marina WebCam
Rimini WebCam
Riccione Webcam

Bellaria Igea Marina

The calm waves, that softly give way to the sand and the welcoming bathing establishment are the perfect invitation to dive into the sea at one of the most beautiful beaches in the Rimini province.


For those who have yet to see it, this is a glimpse of one part of the beach in Rimini, well taken care of and well outfitted with lounge chairs and sunbeds. And those who reach the first bathing establishments will see the majestic Ferris Wheel.


At the end of viale Ceccarini, there is piazzale Roma, an arena hosting the most prestigious concerts of the "Green Pearl". A magical place during Pink Night, in the company of the biggest Italian music stars!

 Cattolica WebCam Cesenatico WebCam Ravenna WebCam Piazza del popolo


Where Romagna meets the foothills of the Le Marche region, the Queen of the Adriatic sits, given this name for the beauty of the landscape and seaside of this ancient fishing town..


The beach of soft sand sloping towards the sea with its umbrellas and chairs welcomes families with its calm and relaxing atmosphere dedicated to hospitality.


Piazza del Popolo, the heart of downtown, surrounded by ancient UNESCO monuments with their splendid mosaics, is ready to welcome citizens and tourists alike for the great “Ravenna Festival”.

Cervia WebCam Milano Marittima WebCam Porto Corsini WebCam


Hugged by pinewoods and ancient salt mines, this ancient seaside town and city of salt, a true natural oasis full of bird-life, with serene beaches, is reflected in the calm waters of the canal among the nets and smells of the sea.

Milano Marittima

One hundred years ago a group of people from Milan accepted the challenge of Giuseppe Palanti to build a Milan beach, giving life to an elegant location with a verdant pinewood, fashion shops and cutting-edge locals.

Porto Corsini

The camera pointed towards the beach of the Ravenna Lido and the Adriatic sea, near the old pinewoods: in real time you can keep a "vigilant watch" on the sea conditions. In July, this beach hosts Spiagge Soul and the festival Women on the open sea.

Ferrara WebCam


The view from the webcam starts in Piazza Duomo, and runs over the ancient scalloped roofs of this city of art, sweeping over historic buildings showing the streets that lead up to the Estense Castle, the symbol of Ferrara.

Last modified Sep 11, 2017

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