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May 1st all culture

Once again this year, May 1st means culture and the chance to spend this holiday outside immersed in memories and historic relics, because some state archeological sites and museums will be open all day in Emilia Romagna, with free admission for everyone.

In Marzabotto (BO), a town in the Bologna Apennines, the National Etruscan Museum "Pompeo Aria" will open its doors to the public from 9.00am to 6.30pm and the ancient city of Kainua/Marzabotto from 8.00am to 7.00pm.


For the entire day, archeologists will be available to the public to explain curiosities and secrets of a unique archeological site which is one of a kind in terms of Etruscan civilization: a perfectly conserved urban layout, with orthogonal roads up to 15 meters wide, houses, production areas, as well as sacred areas and necropoles.
At 10.30am, the archeologist Anna Bondini will guide the public in its discovery of the "Final phases of the Etruscan city of Kainua: the Celts in Marzabotto" while at 3pm the director Tiziano Trocchi will accompany visitors to the evocative "Northern Necropolis of the Etruscan city of Kainua" which is usually closed to the public; at 5.30pm, there will be the guided tour by the archeologist Alberto Stignani of the "Etruscan city of Kainua: houses, eastern Necropolis and sacred areas".
From 9.00am to 3.00pm, the communications services of the Archeology Superintendency of Emilia-Romagna will interview the public to understand better the needs and expectations of visitors and get some opinions on the services offered.



In Lugagnano Val d'Arda (PC) May 1st will be celebrated at the Antiquarium and the archeology area of the Roman city of Veleia, open from 9.00am to 7.00pm.


The monumental remains of the Roman municipium of Veleia are among the most evocative in Northern Italy. Nestled in the hills near Piacenza, in an important natural area, Veleia revolves around its forum, the square surrounded on three sides by a portico where there were stores and public activities, and which Lucio Lucilio Prisco, one of the top two local magistrates, had paved with sandstone during the reign of Augustus.
Visitors can walk among the monuments and ancient architecture, the thermal building and the residential area, and also visit the little Antiquarium that, along with the casts of the Tabula Alimentaria traianea and the Lex de Gallia Cisalpina, houses relics that represent the most important moments of the history of Veleia: its Ligurian origins, the building of the main public monuments, the evidence of furniture and lifestyles of private homes, funeral rituals and the memory of gladiator shows.


Free admission also to the Archeology Park and outdoor museum Terramara del Montale (MO), where the "Fusion of bronze ... and chocolate!" awaits visitors. The inhabitants of the Terramare villages certainly did not know about chocolate but for this occasion, while the blacksmiths forge bronze, the master chocolatier Stefano Donelli will forge very tasty daggers, pins, and arrows with children. Recommended for kids ages 3 to 13.





National Etruscan Museum "Pompeo Aria" and the ancient city of Kainua/Marzabotto
Via Porrettana Sud n. 13
Marzabotto (BO)

Info 051.932353


Antiquarium and archeological area of the Roman city of Veleia
Strada Provinciale 14, town of Veleia Romana
Lugagnano Val d'Arda (PC)

Info 0523.807113


Archeology Park and outdoor museum Terramara del Montale

Via Vandelli (SS.12 - Nuova Estense)

41051 Montale Rangone (MO)

Info 059. 2033101


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Last modified Apr 26, 2016

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