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Safe drive courses

Autodromo Misano World Circuit - Misano Adriatico (Rimini)

Driving and piloting - Autodromo di MisanoThe new Driving Experience Ring, an absolute circuit inside the circuit.

The Siegfrid Stohr driving school, inside the circuit, is available to your guests.

Sport driving courses can teach how to manage the vehicle and the emotions during a limit driving situation. Safe driving courses to learn the right techniques to manage emergency or dangerous situations.

The track is a veritable testing ground, a mix of the different road problems that make tests and practices realistic and effective. Driving well: the perfect match point between will and pleasure.

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Guidare e pilotare


Autodromo Riccardo Paletti - Varano dè Melegari (Parma)

International Safety Drive Centre - Autodromo Varano De MelegariThe "Centro Internazionale Guida Sicura" was set up in collaboration with Alfa Romeo in 1990 and became operative in 1991.

Thanks to ongoing qualitative and quantitative improvements regarding activities, today it is one of Europe's leading Centers: starting from eighteen safe driving courses back in 1991, the number had already grown to fifty-five by 1995 and in recent years has continuously exceeded one hundred courses attended annually by about 5,000 students.

The Center isn't a school for competition drivers, and in fact the stopwatch is never the rival to beat and speed for speed's sake is by no means the aim of the Course. The real objective is to improve driving quality and control of the car, perfecting technique with the help of qualified instructors.

An extremely demanding task requiring a highly organized structure providing drivers with the most functional type of instruction possible.
In this sense the Varano dè Melegari Motor Racing Circuit is ideal: a very "instructive" track with challenging corners that essentially cover any road type imaginable. An extremely safe circuit and with ample runoffs, it also has sectors covered by an artificial rain system, specific low-grip areas surfaced with special resins, and employs modern technologies to improve the didactic content of Courses and fully involve participants.

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Centro internazionale guida sicura


Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari - Imola (Bologna)

Imola Racing CircuitS.T.A.I. (Society for Tourism in Imola’s Area) is a consortium set up in 1996 which is now joined by 100 public and private partners, including 10 municipalities (Borgo Tossignano, Casalfiumanese, Castel del Rio, Castel Guelfo, Castel San Pietro Terme, Dozza, Fontanelice, Imola, Medicina and Mordano) and the best accommodation facilities. The consortium S.T.A.I. is the reference point for the Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari.


The consortium organizes on demand safe drive and sport driving courses.

The courses are organized only on demand and during race pause period.

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Servizi Stai

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