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Dante’s Walk


Dante’s Walk consists in a route organized along the ancient medieval trails that connected, at the time of the poet, Ravenna to Florence.


This route is a ring of about 395 km that links Romagna with Tuscany through the area of the Casentino, for a total of 20 fixed legs. This trail has been organized so that the asphalted streets have been reduced to a minimum of 3%.


The trail is full of reminders of political, religious, and historic happenings that have shaped these lands, shedding light on the social roots of the people of these places outside the big cities.


These are the places that inspired the masterpiece of the Comedy, giving the traveling Dante a heap of ideas, of splendid landscapes and people with many stories to tell. The cultural association “Dante’s Walk” works to make this trail completely open to the public as it is full of cultural and historical references that are not always so easily accessible, and to promote the wonderful landscape of this area. This association also hopes that pilgrims will get into the character of the poet on a journey, a journey which is frequently referenced in the Comedy itself. This would allow participants to explore a wide range of emotions, so that Dante’s Walk is not just physical exercise but also cultural and spiritual.


Ravenna is thus the departure and arrival point, while Florence is the half way point and offers many sites to see. The route going is different from the one coming back, so that hikers can visit the two main valleys passed through in the Middle Ages, along dirt roads and CAI trails.


n any moment you can give up and take a bus from the nearest town. The trail links: Ravenna, Marradi, Muraglione Pass, Pontassieve, Florence, Poppi, Camaldoli, Premilcuore, Forlì, Ravenna.


In detail

Regions crossed: Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany

Legs: the length of the leg in Emilia Romagna is of 207km


Legs going towards Florence

Ravenna - Ponte Vico 19km

Ponte Vico - Oriolo dei Fichi 18.7 km

Oriolo dei Fichi - Brisighella 17.2 km

Brisighella - Gamberaldi 23.3 km

Gamberaldi - Marradi 10 km

Marradi - San Benedetto in Alpe 23 km


Legs going towards Ravenna

Premilcuore - Portico di Romagna 9.7 km

Portico - Dovadola 26.7km

Dovadola - Forli 22.5 km

Forli - Ponte Vico 18 km

Ponte Vico - Ravenna 19 Km


Length: km 395 Ravenna - Firenze - Ravenna

Level of Difficulty:it is not particularly difficult, some legs can be done by mountain bike and others on horseback. The trail is not handicap accessible.






Last modified May 03, 2017

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