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Longobarda - Romea Strata Way


Via Romea longobardaFounded by Saint Anselm, a native of Cividale del Friuli, the Via Romea Longobarda, in more than 300 km, crosses plains areas once dominated by monastic orders and noble families and dotted with ancient towns and medieval villages, where every stone tells the story of passing pilgrims, merchants and ambassadors.

From Badia Polesine up to the peak of Croce Arcana and Pistoia: this walk is a full immersion in the artistic and environmental treasures and reaches the Via Francigena in San Miniato.


Following in the footsteps of the Benedictine monks of the Po River valley plains, the Via Romea Longobarda goes southwest towards Nonantola, the Abbey commissioned by Aistulf, King of the Lombards in the 8th century. Today at the gates of Modena, along the right bank of the river Panaro, is a mandatory stop for those who decide to walk the ancient pilgrimage routes. Here you can relive history, made by Saints, such as Anselm, and by emperors, such as Charlemagne, whose seal is still conserved in the diocese museum. Nonantola was a popular destination for ancient pilgrims who came here to venerate the relics of Popes Sylvester I and Adrian III, of the martyrs Synesius and Theopompus, of the virgins Saint Anseride and Saint Fosca and of the founding abbot Saint Anselm.


The Via Romea Longobarda continues its itinerary along the Panaro River, running along the left bank. The road follows the Percorso Sole, which gently leads from Modena up to the foothills of the Apennines. It is a wonderful immersion in a river landscape that surrounds ancient forts and castles such as the ones in Spilamberto and Vignola. From here begins the crossing of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines with its nature parks, Rocca Malatina and Frignano, all the way up to the Croce Arcana Pass at an altitude of 1669 m.


The Romea Strata issues the Pilgrimage Credentials.


In detail


Regions crossed: Veneto, Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany


Legs: keeping in mind the places to stay overnight, the breakdown is as follows:

1st leg: Stellata - Finale Emilia 21.4 km

2nd leg: Finale Emiila - Nonantola 37 km

3rd leg: Nonantola - Spilamberto 35.1 km

4th leg: Spilamberto - Gainazzo 28.7 km

5th leg: Variante Spilamberto - Savignano sul Panaro - Marano sul Panaro 10.4 km

6th leg: Variente Savignano sul Panaro - Vignola - Marano sul Panaro 6.9 km

7th leg: Gainazzo - Montese 19 km

8th leg: Montese - Fanano 23.5 km

9th leg: Fanano - Capanno Tassoni 4.1 km


Length: more than 300 km; the Emilia Romagna section is 186.1 km long


Level of difficulty: medium





Tourist Information Office

Via Roma 21 Palazzo della Partecipanza, Nonantola MO 41015

Telephone: 059/896555

Fax: 059/896556

Last modified Apr 28, 2016

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