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Piccola Cassia


The Piccola Cassia trail, which connects to the Romea Strata crossed through two regions, Emilia Romagna and Tuscany from Nonantola to Pistoia for a total of about 170 km.


Recently rediscovered and made accessible, the Piccola Cassia covers the trail of the Apennines that the Romans used to reach the central Po River plains going up from Pistoia towards Modena and Bologna. In the early Middle Ages it became a Lombard road and and one of many itineraries that led to Rome by linking up with the Via Francigena.


Going along this trail towards the south, towards Rome, is a lovely walk, full of historic and religious sites such as the Abbey of Nonantola, the Fortress of Bazzano - the Abbey of Monteveglio, the Castle of Serravalle and S. Apollinare, Badia, Santa Lucia and the Pieve of Roffeno, Bombiana, Rocca Corneta, and Fanano but also many other towns and villages - and it is characterized by a rural landscape of particular interest from the fertile cultivated plains to the hills with gullies and vineyards, thick woods and open prairies on the peaks of the Apennines.


Walking slowly along this trail you can have some important cultural experiences, an intimate spiritual experience and, no less important, a lot of good food. This is in fact the land of Parmigiano Reggiano, typical Bologna and Modena cold cuts, pignoletto wine and many other mountain specialties still relatively unknown.


The Piccola Cassia is ideal for hiking enthusiasts and mountain bikers and along the trail there are many accommodation structures of all kinds so that you can organize a trip that meets your needs.


In detail


Regions crossed: Emilia Romagna,Tuscany.

Legs: from north to south the trail can be divided as follows:

    1. 1st leg: Nonantola - Bazzano 26 km

    2. 2nd leg: Bazzano - Tolè 29.5 km

    3. 3rd leg: Tolè - Abetaia 24.3 km

    4. 4th leg: Abetaia - Rocca Corneta 15.8 km

    5. 5th leg: Rocca Corneta - Capanna Tassoni 17.98 km

    6. 6th leg: Capanna Tassoni - Cutigliano 13.80 km

    7. 7th leg: Cutigliano - Ponte Petri 23.70 km

    8. 8th leg: Ponte Petri - Pistoia 18.30 km

Length: 177.40 km, the section in Emilia is at most 124.20 km.

Level of difficulty: medium due to the length of some legs, but it does not have any particular technical difficulties.




Phone: +39 051 6723011

Last modified Dec 12, 2016

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