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Saint Vicinio Way



Cammino di San VicinioThe Walk of Saint Vicinius includes 14 legs for a total of 400 kilometers that weave through Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, crossing through 14 municipalities of the provinces of Arezzo, Rimini and Forlì-Cesena.

Thanks to the circular route, it is possible to chose where to start as well as to chose to do just a few legs.


Dedicated to the first bishop of Sarsina, the Walk of Saint Vicinius offers the chance to experience whole days in touch with nature, where no sign or sound reminds you of the city: completely marked, both with paint marks and signs, it has a detailed guide and a website and can be done on foot, by bike or even on horseback.


The peculiarity of the Walk of Saint Vicinius is that it developed along old mule tracks and footpaths rather than along paved roads. This choice makes its main characteristic clear: it is designed to exalt spirituality, even non-religious spirituality, through walking in nature, in an area that still bears the signs and testimonies of the spirituality of those who lived here.


What links all of the legs is a continuous testimony to the beauty and value of nature, as well as the call to a spirituality that, as seen in a simple “Mistedia” (a marker of where someone has died, usually during WWII) or a millennium old cathedral or parish church, offers the soul of those who take on the Walk the benefit of meeting with its true essence.


The association Il Cammino di San Vicinio issues the Pilgrimage Credentials.


In detail


Regions crossed: Emilia Romagna, Tuscany


Legs: a ring with the following main stops Sarsina – Camaldoli – La Verna – Cesena - Sarsina

1st leg: Sarsina - Bagno Di Romagna 37.6 km

Detour 1A Facciano - Quarto - Monteriolo - Pagno – Sarsina 20 km

Detour 1B Careste - Ranchio - Pieve di Rivoschio Facciano 34 km

2nd leg: Bagno Di Romagna - Camaldoli 20.2 km

Detour 2A Bagno di Romagna - Alpe di Serra 8 km

Detour 2B Alpe di Serra - Rotta dei Cavalli Verghereto 10 km

3rd leg: Camaldoli - Badia Prataglia 12.1 km

4th leg: Badia Prataglia - La Verna 12.1 km

5th leg: La Verna - Verghereto 17.3 km

6th leg: Verghereto - Balze 13.1 km

7th leg: Balze - Sant’agata Feltria 22.7 km

8th leg: Santagata Feltria - Pietra Delluso 23.1 km

9th leg: Pietra Delluso - Sogliano Al Rubicone 9 km

10th leg: Sogliano Al Rubicone - Borghi 21.9 km

11th leg: Borghi - Sorrivoli 17.3 km

12th leg: Sorrivoli - Cesena 19 km

13th leg: Cesena - Ciola 26.1 km

14th leg: Ciola – Sarsina 13.1 km

Detour 14A Fonte San Vicinio - Nuvoleto Linaro 6 km

Detour 14B Incrocio SP 12B - Sarsina - Bazzano Careste 2.5 km

Detour 14C Ciola - Mercato Saraceno – Sarsina 21 km


Length: the whole itinerary is 400 km; the section in Emilia-Romagna (excluding the legs Camaldoli - Badia Prataglia - La Verna - Verghereto in Tuscany) is 223 km long.


Level of difficulty: low







Tourist Information Office Sarsina


Tel. 0547 698102

IAT – Tourist Information Office Cesena

Tel. 0547 356327

Fax 0547 356397



Last modified May 03, 2017

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