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Art Nouveau in Salsomaggiore

It has been a century since the Art Nouveau, a cultural phenomenon already well-known in Europe, has begun to spread significantly also in Italy, involving every art and craft fields, from architecture to furnishing, from graphics to show business, from glass windows to postcards.


Berzieri SpaThe new style gave birth to impressive buildings not only in seaside resorts and art cities but even in many spas of the country. Among the Art Deco queens of Italy, the Spa of Salsomaggiore Terme is one of the most privileged destinations for the lovers of style and wellness.


The curved, twisting, elegant line inspired by plants and flowers prevails in signs, fences and railings, balconies and shelters, posters and building decorations which have turned Salsomaggiore into a marvelous “artificial park”, in perfect harmony with the architecture of the environment and the ornaments of the flowerbeds.


The Spa of Berzieri is the heart of Salsomaggiore. Its new centre “Mari d’Oriente” has recently opened with a smart restyling: aromatizing Jacuzzis, counter-current water jets and nebulizing showers, as well as frescoes, mosaics and colored lights. The building represents a unique exemplar in the spa architecture involving the Art Nouveau style, a perfect example of “rich Deco” thanks to its decorations and high-quality materials.


The Spa of Berzieri owes its magnificence to the extraordinary contribution of Galileo Chini, ceramist, painter and decorator whose work is also visible in some halls of the Congress Palace, the former Grand Hotel des Thermes.


But there is more. The Art Nouveau and Deco taste and style, besides being concentrated in the spas, in the most prestigious hotels and private buildings of the town centre, characterize several constructions that date back to the Thirties.


The most important Art Nouveau architectural elements of the town are the Cage made from wrought iron that contains the Scotti Well, the banister and cantilever roof at the entrance of the Congress Palace, the urinals, the balconies, the attics and floral decorations of many buildings.


The atmosphere of Salsomaggiore invites you to relax, the Art Nouveau envelops you, water and science makes you rejuvenate. Relaxing and anti-age treatments are the ideal way for keeping fit while relying on the benefits of sodium and iodide waters, well-known since the Roman ages.


For tourist information:

Local Site: Salsomaggiore

Last modified Jan 10, 2017

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