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Autumn at the 24 thermal spas in Emilia Romagna - 2016

Autumn is the perfect time of year to spend a few days in one of the 24 thermal spas along the Via Emilia, from Parma to Rimini, in 19 towns and in extremely beautiful landscapes. From Salsomaggiore to Riccione Terme, all of the excellent thermal spas are an ideal destination to relax and dedicate some time to your own wellbeing.


Besides a pleasant stay, there is much more to this type of break because the treatments with thermal water boost the immune system against flus and colds, they help rid the body of toxins and have an anti-inflammatory effect. The benefits have been scientifically proven: the sulphur, bromide, and iodine rich waters that bubble up along the Via Emilia are very important for our organism.

Also, all of the thermal spas have agreements with the national health service.





Thermal spa of Salsomaggiore and Tabiano now also offer check-ups

New at the spas of Salsomaggiore and Tabiano is the opportunity to undergo a series of check-ups and diagnostic checks while staying at the spa. Based on the results, thermal cures will be prescribed and medical recommendations will be made. Salsomaggiore and Tabiano Terme in the hills near Parma have been lovely hot springs towns since the 1800s. In Salsomaggiore, the “Terme Berzieri” is housed in a Liberty style building, one of the most elegant in Italy. For the upcoming autumn season, among the various deals, there is a seven day, six night stay, full board, which includes a final good bye evening, a complete thermal treatment, a meeting with a nutritionist, a low impact aerobics class in thermal water or in the gym to improve posture, one admission to the wellness center and a local food and wine day trip. Cost: €371.

Info and booking: Salsomaggiore tel. 0524 582611. Tabiano Terme 0524 564130


At the thermal spa "il Baistrocchi", regenerating muds and a new salt clinic

The “Il Baistrocchi” spa in Salsomaggiore will become even better with some new changes, starting with the wellness area which will now include a brand new salt grotto and a space dedicated to regenerating muds, all made using bromide and iodine rich waters. The only thing that has not changed is the familiar atmosphere, the great food and wine, and the dancing in the evenings. For the long weekend of November 1, there is a promotion that includes two days, one night, with full board, a water and salt treatment and unlimited access to the spa. Cost €82 per person. Info and booking tel. 0524 574422


Monticelli spa, specialized massages and mud against muscle pain

Three spa hotels, seven specialized centers, three big, indoor pools, 25 hectares of park. These are the statistics of the spa complex of Monticelli just outside Parma. Among the most requested treatments are the baths in iodine and bromide rich waters at a temperature of 36°C which help drain extra cellular liquids and relax muscle spasms. For one of the upcoming weekends, there is the package “Autumn pampering”. It includes: two nights, full board, access to the thermal pools, sauna, steam room, hot tub, a massage to prevent muscle pains and spasms, and a sea salt scrub. Cost €369. Info and booking tel. 0521 682711.


At the thermal spa of Santa Andrea to reduce leg and abdomen swelling

Sant'Andrea is a small thermal spa near Parma, ideal for a relaxing stay in the tranquility of nature. The spa is frequently used by those doing physical rehabilitation. All of the thermal treatments are based on iodine and bromide rich waters. Between a walk in the nearby woods and a mud treatment, you can also try an effective program for quickly reducing leg and abdomen swelling: this specific toning program is done over two days. It includes two lympho-draining massages, two vascular programs, and two wave treatments. Cost per person: €200. Info and booking: tel. 0525 431233.




Salvarola spa and the wellness rituals of the Motor Valley

Scented, regenerating rituals with cherries, pumpkin, honey and grains, not to mention grape therapy: the Salvarola Spa, in Sassuolo, in the hills near Modena, in the land of Ferrari and Motor Valley, of Pavarotti and ceramics, was the first in Italy to combine the benefits of thermal water with excellent local products. The result is an avant-garde spa with health and weight loss treatments dedicated to overall wellness. On March 18 and 19, 2017 there will be the great Motor Valley event for high end vintage cars in collaboration with the Ferrari Museum in Maranello and the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena. The 2017 special guest will be the Lancia Aurelia. To get away from the stress of the holidays, there is the Christmas package with a three night stay, breakfast, a body scrub with cane sugar and sweet almond oil, a holistic relaxing message with scented oils, sea salt packs and lavender flowers, 4 entrances to the spa area, access to the gym and teas. Price €340. Info and booking: tel. 0536 987530




Felsinee Spa and San Luca Spa: fitness in thermal waters

There are new high impact fitness classes in the thermal pools and regenerative thermal cures to fight the signs of aging and to get some movements back. These are just a few of the new activities offered at the Felsinee and San Luca Spas. In these structures in the heart of Bologna, thermal water is used to treat a series of pathologies such as arthrosis, metabolic dysfunction and obesity. For autumn, the Felsinee spa will offer “Anti-aging total-body beer”. This is a spa day that includes: a medical check up, access to the thermal area with three pools, water aerobics, an area to increase circulation, a sauna, a hammam, the relaxation area, an anti-aging treatment with thermal beer, and a milk thermal beer bath. Cost: €79. The San Luca spa, for those who leave work late, is open until midnight from Monday to Friday, and until 1am on Saturdays. Info and booking tel. 051 382564


At the Agriturismo Spa, Wednesday is veggie night

Every Wednesday night is veggie night at the Agriturismo spa, a thermal structure in Monterenzio, on the foothills of the Bologna Apennines, in the greenery of the Val Sillaro. During the veggie nights, the spa is open late, there is a vegetarian/vegan buffet and a German sauna, the so-called Aufguss. Also new is the intensive, avant-garde, anti-aging week. The philosophy is that to be well, you must eliminate all toxins from the body and thus fight the acidosis linked to metabolism. For this, there is the detox stay in one of the farmhouses of the Agriturismo spa in Monterenzio. All of this can be done while also going hiking, bike riding, working in the vegetable garden, going to the thermal baths and using the sauna. Two nights, just the room, €110 per person. Info and booking tel. 051 929791


Porretta hot springs, an autumn full of color in the Bologna Apennines

Of extraordinary pharmacological therapeutic quality and used for all the organs, the sulphur, iodine and bromide rich waters are exceptional here at the Porretta hot springs, in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines at 400m above sea level. Autumn is a unique occasion to stay in Porretta Terme because you can see the show of foliage that nature puts on when it changes to a thousand colors. The one day deal is dedicated to couples in love for a day away from the everyday rat race: the romantic day. This deal includes access to the thermal pools with bromide and iodine rich waters at 35°C, a circulation treatment, sauna, a regenerating couples massage with warm, scented butters that nourish the skin, and teas in the relaxation room. Cost: €56. Info and booking: 0534 22062


Castel San Pietro Terme: thermal wellness and slow tourism

Castel San Pietro Terme is a small hot springs town along the Via Emilia, just a few kilometers from Bologna, with a historic medieval downtown, long arcades and small stores. The thermal structure takes advantage of the therapeutic properties of the bromide, iodine, and sulphur rich waters and over the years has specialized in cures and rehabilitation. In the wellness center there are face and body treatments such as mud masks with aged clay. Castel San Pietro follows the philosophy of slow life and slow tourism. The relaxing weekend, 2 days, one night, includes: a fruit scented body peeling, thermal hot tub, body massage, use of the sauna, a thermal mud mask and facial massage. Cost: €125 (with the overnight stay €155). Info and booking: tel. 051 941247




At the Thermae Oasis on the beaches of Comacchio the spas are open on the seashore

During the summer season on the beaches in Comacchio a thermal spa is open, Thermae Oasis, inside the Camping Park Tahiti. The bromide and iodine rich waters run underground right under the thermal spa. These waters are excellent for chronic pathologies of the upper and lower respiratory system, in the treatment of rheumatic conditions and chronic osteoarthritis, for skin problems and joint rehabilitation. In spring and summer (until September 18) the hydrothermal area called "Giardini del Benessere" (Wellness Gardens) is open. In a very well taken care of area, you can relax to the sound of water running down the walls, enjoy Ayurvedic treatments and oriental massages. After the treatments you can have a purifying tea in the relaxation room.

Thermae Oasis closes on October 29.

Info and booking: 0533 399706




Gruppo Alberghi & Terme di Riolo is an exclusive wellness treatment

Not just spas, but also tours of Renaissance places, nature hikes, wine and food discoveries, festivals and celebrations. The philosophy of Gruppo Alberghi & Terme is to create an exclusive stay in touch with the local territory. Riolo Terme, in the hills near Ravenna, has been recognized since 1870 for its mud from the little volcanos of Bergullo that is full of antioxidants, and for its four medicinal waters: Vittoria, Breta, Margherita and Salsoiodica. The hotels include the Golf Hotel delle Terme, with an early 20th century atmosphere and the Grand Hotel Terme in Liberty style set in an old park. The deal “Short break of wine and wellness” includes 1 night, breakfast, admission to the spa with a thermal pool with iodine and bromide rich water at 34°C, a circulation treatment, sauna, steam room, showers, a relaxation area, body mud treatment and an antioxidant treatment with polyphenols in various steps: cleansing, scrub, resveratrol treatments, and a grape oil massage with hot wax. Cost: from €166 to €176. Info and booking: tel. 0546 71045


Hot springs of Punta Marina for children, Halloween at the seaside with costumes

Starting this autumn, the season will get extended at the spa in Punta Marina with activities, parties and wellness promotions for 12 months. The new aspect this year is in fact the autumn opening of the new spa restaurant, the Marlin Beach. It will offer themed evenings, concerts, weekends with an overnight stay or just spa access to enjoy the winter on the Romagna Riviera. The hot springs of Punta Marina, very close to the Unesco sites of Ravenna, bubble up directly on the beach between the sea and the famous pinewood. The treatments are with iodine and bromide rich mineral water with calcium and magnesium as well, taken from 42 meters depth. For Halloween, there will be an event for children: a costume party with entertainment and a scary cake. It includes: an overnight stay in a 40 square meter family room (it sleeps 4 people), a costume party and entertainment. Total cost: €210 per room. Info and booking: tel 0544 437222


At the Cervia Acqua Spa, the salt pan mud is naturally extraordinary.

At the Spa of Cervia, the treatments use the exceptional properties of the mud and mineral water extracted from the nearby salt pans. The water stays on land after the salt has been collected and is full of minerals. This is the water that is pumped to the thermal spa where it is used for excellent treatments. As for the liman, or mud, used by the Spa of Cervia, it is a homogeneous, creamy, shiny black mixture. Its therapeutic effect is similar to the mud of the Dead Sea. The spa pool has a salt content similar to that of the Dead Sea and you can float which is very rehabilitative. The treatments with salt crystals (anti-aging, revitalizing, toning) include: salt peeling, vaporized mud mask with a hot tub bath, and a massage. Cost: €150. Closes for the season: November 19

Info and booking: tel. 0544 990111


Brisighella spa, a medieval town in harmony with nature

In the heart of the Romagna Apennines, Brisighella is a delightful medieval town, a little fairytale just inland from Ravenna. The spa, just outside historic downtown, is located inside a lovely park. The wellness and health treatments take advantage of the therapeutic properties of the iodine and sulphur rich waters. The thermal hydrating skin treatment for face guarantees every skin type will be hydrated and nourished with extreme efficacy. Cost: €49. Closes for the season: October 29.

Info and booking: tel. 0546 81068




Castrocaro Terme the vacation check-up and thermal pools for children

In Castrocaro Terme, learning Sundays are back with the thermal pools open for children (from 10am – 6pm). This is not the only novelty at the spa in Romagna that has existed since 1838. Next season, the wellness clinic will host evening events, themed evenings ranging from Indian culture (October 29) with yoga lessons and Pinda Sveda massages done with hot sachets of herbs and medicinal spices to the Moroccan culture evening (November 12) with treatments using Argan. Another novelty is the Check-up Holiday: guests can experience a vacation in the refined hospitality of the grand hotel terme and spa and also get a professional, rapid check-up, in a non-hospital environment. During the autumn season, for a relaxing weekend there is a deal that includes two nights in the luxurious Art Deco atmosphere of the Grand Hotel Terme, breakfast, afternoon tea, dinner, access to the thermal pools, and a detoxifying sauna with benefits for the skin and joints. Cost: from €255. Info and booking: 0543 767114


Ròseo Hotel Euroterme Wellness Resort chocolate relax - Bagno di Romagna

Bagno di Romagna is a medieval town in the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests, at 500 meters above sea level, immersed in a peaceful and serene atmosphere. This town has been known for its hot springs since Roman times. One of three specialized centers in thermal wellness is the Ròseo Hotel Euroterme Wellness Resort, a 4 star hotel, with hyper-thermal waters at 45°C, effective against circulatory problems and for post traumatic rehabilitation. Among the latest additions this autumn, there is the new Finnish spa, a steam room, showers, a kneipp treatment, and a room with Himalaya salt on the walls. The new wellness program lasts about one and half hours. During every weekend in November, you can book a special relax and chocolate package. It includes: two nights in a double room, full board, a room with tea and fresh fruit, thermal pool with jets, a fitness center with Technogym machines, and a massage with chocolate. Cost: €189. Info and booking: 0543 911414


Hotel at the hot springs of Sant'Agnese, historic tours and a lavender scented massage

Starting this week at the hot springs of Sant’Agnese are the new guided tours to discover the millennium of history of the hot springs at Bagno di Romagna. It is one of the novelties at the elegant thermal hotel located in the historic home of the Grisolini Counts. Besides the guided tours, Sant’Agnese will also begin something else: the new tabloid of good, healthy news dedicated to the history and excellence of the oldest public baths in Emilia-Romagna, available for all guests. Regarding the wellness treatments, new this year is the relaxing Roman, lavender scented massage. But that is not it because there will also be the Pindasweda massage done with sachets of hot wild herbs from the national park. For autumn there is a package deal for two people with: 4 nights, half pension, access to the natural thermal caves, relaxing massages, thermal pools, guided excursions looking for truffles or chestnuts, visit to a vineyard with tastings, a cooking lesson, and a visit to a farm. Cost: €395. Info and booking: 0543 911018.


Grand Hotel Terme Roseo evening in the pools inside an ancient noble building

At the Grand Hotel Terme Roseo there is also the possibility to rent the big thermal pool with 46 different jets and celebrate as a couple or your birthday with friends, bachelor parties, or anniversaries with a poolside buffet. The Grand Hotel Terme Roseo is in the old noble building of the Biozzi Counts in the heart of Bagno di Romagna. The waters here, “acquae calidae” bubble up at 45°C and they are used for cures of numerous problems. At the spa there are treatments scented with flowers, chocolate, and oriental spices. The airy thermal pool with 46 different jets has a waterfall, an underwater bed, underwater music therapy, and a hydro-bike. In autumn the package Romantic Night (valid from Sunday to Thursday) includes: an overnight stay and breakfast in Formula Spa, exclusive access to the thermal pool from 8pm to 11pm, and a poolside cocktail with food. Cost per person: €187. Info and booking: tel. 0543/911016


Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta in Bertinoro wellness and wine tour

In the heart of Romagna, in Bertinoro, in a 13 hectare park, there is the Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta (4 stars). The indoor thermal spa is fed by eleven hot springs with seven different types of water. Of particular beauty are the hills surrounding this excellent structure: this is where Sangiovese is grown, one of the oldest in Italy. This prized vine grows in chalky dirt called “Spungone", full of mineral and fossil elements that give this wine minerals, colors and structure. At the Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta you can taste the best local products on the "Wine Tour”. At the table, the best local wines are served by the glass. The deal Wine Tour Tre Colli includes: an overstay night, half board, access to the Natural Harmonies Course, a spa kit, mini-bar, use of the city bike and Nordic Walking sticks, a Technogym fitness center, fresh fruit and teas. Cost: €121. Info and booking: 0543/460911




Riminiterme pools with seawater, seaweed and sea salt to detox

Riminiterme sits on the sea and has a private beach. The spirit of the structure is: a wellness vacation and a chance to do something simple for yourself. In autumn the wellness and thermal center will open with a deal on thalassotherapy treatments that use seawater, sun, sand, seaweed treatments and iodine and bromide rich waters. In the cold months you can try the package “Sea laxing” (to nourish and drain the face and body). It consists in a wrap and body massage with natural “sea mud” made up of fucus, laminaria and Lythophyllum and a sea salt and oil mix. While the mix is left on the skin, the facial gets done with a careful cleaning, a facial massage with ozone oil and pinda (sachets) of sea salt. Then a shower and ozone oil is applied all over the body. Cost: €59. Info and booking: 0541/424011


Riccione Terme regenerate with the wellness coach and activities in the thermal pools

It is called “Beautyfulness” and it is a new customized fitness experience to meet your goals with certain results quickly, and it is the latest thing at Riccione Terme. Riccione Terme is a thermal spa on the sea with therapeutic springs of sulphur, iodine, bromide, and magnesium rich water. Starting this autumn at Riccioneterme you can get toned and back in shape with the help of a Wellness Coach who will come up with personalized training using the latest fitness trends, with the help of other experts such as the thermal doctor and a nutritionist. The thermal water here is full of many elements such as bromide, iodine and magnesium and has a temperature around 28°/32°C and it increases circulation in your tissues, improving the oxygenation of tissues thus reducing cellulite and stimulating cell renewal making the skin soft and elastic. It reinforces the work because it resists movement up to twenty times more than that of fresh water. For Halloween (October 31) there is a package that includes access to the 4 thermal pools with various temperatures, hot tubs, thermal circulation treatment, Venetian and Pompeii grottos, infrared relaxation, water aerobics in the pool and a relaxation room. Cost: €19. Info and booking: 0541/ 602201




Thermal spas of Emilia Romagna

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