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Autumn at the hot springs 2017 – Thermal pools and tastings in Emilia Romagna

The most inviting wellness weekend is one that combines a stay in a hot springs town along the Via Emilia with tastings of great food and itineraries to discover this area.

This is what is being offered by the 23 spas in Emilia Romagna located in 19 hot springs towns along the Via Emilia, from Salsomaggiore Terme to Riccione.


Perfect destinations, especially at this time of year when the season invites us to take care of ourselves with massages, thermal water, curing muds and relaxing in the pool.

Along the Via Emilia many therapeutic thermal spring waters bubble up: rich in sodium, iodine, bromide, sulphur,  calcium, magnesium, and alkaline bicarbonate.


These waters cure many pathologies, but they also have an anti-aging and preventative effect. Along with a stay, you can discover this area and more specifically the Emilia Romagna Food Valley, with tastings, dinners made with local dishes at the spa hotels, cooking classes, visits to cheese makers, vinegar producers and wineries.

Dive with us into these spas to be discovered!



Salsomaggiore Terme and Tabiano Terme in Salsomaggiore (Pr).

In Salsomaggiore Terme the baths are housed in Palazzo Berzieri, a Liberty style building with frescos, polychrome marble and Oriental charm, and just a few kilometers away there is Tabiano Terme, with its sulfur spring water, among the most sulfuric in the area. Among the deals for a long weekend is the one with a 2 night stay, thermal treatments, typical dinner, a tour with a tasting at a Parmigiano Reggiano cheese producer or a winery and other discoveries of this area: starting at €187.

Info: toll free number 800 861 385


Spa “Il Baistrocchi” in Salsomaggiore (Pr).

The spa Il Baistrocchi offers a stay with full board, the thermal treatment “Water & Salt”, with thermal pools and a salt room, and cinema themed dinners. On Saturday there is a party with live music. Every Sunday there is brunch paired with thermal wellness from 11:30am to 3:30pm at a cost of €29.

Info: 0524 57 44 22


Hot springs of Sant’Andrea (Pr).

For those who love walking in the woods and relaxing at a spa, Sant’Andrea Bagni, a small hot springs destination near Parma in the town of Medesano, is the place to go. It has saline and iodine rich waters and it was here that pilgrims on their way to Rome stopped for centuries.

Info: 0525 431233


Hot springs of Monticelli (Pr).

Saline, bromide, iodine and sulfur rich waters, an ancient park and the beauty of Parma just a stone’s throw away. The deal for the holiday of November 1 includes two days with full board, thermal treatments, pools, a sauna, steam room, a mud, a Jacuzzi with spring water, massages, a salt room and typical local Parma food. Cost €370.

Info: toll free number 802 377 59


Hot springs of Salvarola (Mo).

Spas, wine and food have always been the philosophy of the hot springs of Salvarola in Sassuolo: they have wellness rituals using cherries, Lambrusco wine, pumpkin and honey. One night and two days at the thermal spa “Balnea”, a massage with pumpkin cream, grapevine oil and shea butter, tours at a cheese maker’s, a vinegar maker’s and a Lambrusco winery. Cost €149.

Info: 0536 87 27 88


Terme Felsinee and Terme San Luca in Bologna.

3 big pools with waters full of bicarbonate sulfur and calcium. Rehabilitation, thermal treatments, fitness classes in thermal water: these are the calling cards of Terme Felsinee in the heart of Bologna. In the city there are also the Terme San Luca with the same kind of thermal water. In the city you can also take cooking classes and walk around the typical food markets downtown.

Info 051 61 98 484


Terme dell'Agriturismo in Monterenzio (Bo).

Open year round with a hotel made up of little houses on the hill serving organic food, this spa has long combined treatments with food and wine: cooking classes to learn to make pasta, tastings of typical local products on Tasting Thursdays, wine and food tours, a steam room and honey scrub of the village. Weekend “Romantic Spa” €169.

Info: 051 92 99 72


Hot springs of Castel San Pietro (Bo).

This is a spa where the saline, bromide, iodine and sulfur rich waters are used to cure ailments. Thermal cures, rehabilitation and getting back into shape as well as the prized honey of this area are offered in an autumn weekend: an overnight stay, breakfast, thermal spa, and a themed “sweet honey” dinner with refined dishes (such as risotto with Taleggio cheese and radicchio, honey and brunoise of vegetables): cost €245 per couple.

Info 051


Hot Springs of Porretta (Bo).

The hot springs in Porretta in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines 400 meters above sea level with sulfur and saline, bromide and iodine rich waters, will host on Sunday, November 5, the “Hot Springs Open Day”. Free admission and a free guided tour of the underground springs. The package “Romantic Day” with a relaxing massage costs €56.  This area is full of local food and wine starting with the chestnuts of the Apennines.

Info: 0534 22062


Hot storing of Riolo and its hotels (Ra).

For 140 years Riolo has been a hot springs destination thanks to its thermal springs, sulfuric, alkaline bicarbonate, saline, bromide, and iodine rich waters. This weekend at the hot springs of Riolo and its hotels is inspired by food and wine, with an overnight stay, breakfast, a day at the spa, an antioxidant Sangiovese wrap, and a scrub with gelatin and organic polyphenol, and fig seeds. Cost: € 101. Info: toll free number 808 613 63 tel. 0546 71045


Hot springs in Cervia (Ra).

At the hot springs in Cervia they use mother liquor and leman mud extracted from the thousand year old salt flats of Cervia, rich in minerals and oligo-elements. The treatment using salicornia, a plant that grows in the Po Delta, is hydrating and full of antioxidants and costs  €56.

Info: toll free number 802 378 42


Hot Springs of Brisighella (Ra).

Thermal treatments, visits to the olive presses and tastings of oil: this is the weekend you can spend in Brisighella, a romantic medieval town with a spa. At the hot springs of Brisighella: treatments with sulfur and saline-iodine rich waters are great for tired skin worn by time. Cost: €55.

Info: 0546 81068


Hot springs of Punta Marina (Ra).

Laden with magnesium, this saline, iodine, bromide, calcium and magnesium rich water in Punta Marina is used for respiratory pathologies and osteo-joint problems. The structure is on the beach near Ravenna. You can try the deal with a two night stay, aperitif, thermal pool at 33°C, thermal spa, peeling, or mud and a massage: €110 for two people.

Info: toll free number 800 469 500 – tel. 0544 437222


Thermae Oasis (Fe).

Immersed in the Po Delta Park, this spa is part of the Tahiti Camping Bungalow Park, a structure recognized for "Best Camping" in Europe. There is a pathway of thermal hydrotherapy outside with hot pools with jets, a vascular treatment, tepidarium and calidarium, and a tea area. Closes: October 28. Info: 0533 399706


Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta in Bertinoro (Fc).

There are seven very prized spring waters that bubble up here at the Terme della Fratta in Bertinoro. The Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta (open all year round) has excellent natural and local cuisine. Spa and a wine tour (this is the area of Sangiovese) with a deal with two nights and a wine tasting at every dinner, the “Percorso di Armonie Naturali”, 1 massage with oil and a bath in thermal water with grape concentrate. Cost €258.

Info 0543 460911


Ròseo Euroterme Wellness Resort (Bagno di Romagna - Fc).

Yoga, a nutrition class and thermal treatments. This is the deal at Ròseo Euroterme Wellness Resort in Bagno di Romagna, in the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests, at 500 m above sea level with hyperthermal waters that bubble up at 45°C. It includes 2 nights, full board, two yoga sessions, a theory class on lifestyle and yoga nutrition, and access to the indoor/outdoor pool. Dates: November 3-5, December 1-3, January 12-14, February 2-4. Cost €189.

Info tel. 0543 911414


Hotel delle Terme Santa Agnese (Bagno di Romagna - Fc).

In the Park of the Casentinesi Forests, set in the historic manor of the Grisolini Counts, this spa spoils its guests also with great Romagna food. For November 1: two nights with complete board with thermal treatments, a typical Tuscan Romagna Apennines lunch (for the All Saints holiday), tasting of local wines and traditional products, aqua gym in the thermal pool and other activities, €188.

Info tel. 0543 911018


Grand Hotel Terme Roseo (Bagno di Romagna - Fc).

The Grand Hotel Terme Roseo is in the 18th century palace of the Biozzi Counts. From its springs come the ‘acquae calidae’ at 45°C, used for treating the skeleton and joints and the respiratory system. Relaxation is guaranteed in the thermal pool with 46 jets. Autumn is dedicated to food and wine with a thermal wellness weekend combined with cooking lessons, local dishes made by a chef, tastings and Nordic walking. From €133.

Info: Tel. 0543 911016


Grand Hotel & SPA – Hot Springs of Castrocaro (Fc).

The hot springs of Castrocaro use thermal waters rich in saline, bromide, iodine and sulfur and muds. In the very elegant Grand Hotel Terme in Art Déco style you can follow the Long Life Formula protocol. In autumn the offer is “Flavor of Romagna” and includes thermal wellness, tastings at a local farm in the medieval town of Terra del Sole, a massage with grape must, dinner accompanied by Beatrice bread made with thermal water, and spa treatments. Cost from €389.

Info tel. 0543 767114


Riminiterme (Rn)

Riminiterme, a structure on the beach in Rimini, a thermal spa with thalassotherapy, offers a package that combines wellness with the good food of Romagna: three nights in a 3 star hotel, Open day of wellness with pools, sauna, steam room, salt room, tea room, round trip ticket to San Marino, typical lunch, a bag of piadina, and a bottle of wine. Cost: €190.

Info: for overnight stays tel. 0541 51441 – for thermal treatments Riminiterme tel. 0541 424011


Riccione Terme (Rn)

The healing and wellness treatments at this structure near the sea, just a stone’s throw from Viale Ceccarini, use the sulfur-saline-bromide-iodine-magnesium rich waters. For couples there is the deal with the wellness spa and massages for your legs, back and body with hot oils. €168 per couple. Every Wednesday Riccione Terme extends its hours from 6pm to 10pm for a different kind of aperitif at the O Lounge Bar and to relax in the 1500 square meters of the Oasi Spa (€17).

Info tel. 0541 602201




The hot springs of Emilia Romagna are recognized by the National Health System.

You can request your free guide to the hot springs 2017/2018,

Toll free number 800 88 88 50


Last modified Oct 23, 2017

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