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The path of the gnomes in Bagno di Romagna

It is said that gnomes live gladly up here, since Bagno di Romagna offers lakes, streams, woods and forests, and the area is populated by deer, roe deer, fallow deer, squirrels and eagles; even the wolf is back here: it is really the ideal environment for these great friends! And now these red-cap strange elves can boast having a place of their own.


GnomeThe path, which is a little bit more than 1.5 km long, is easy to follow and it takes 45 minutes to walk along it. Many people of all ages come here, because it is also an opportunity for a pleasant and relaxing walk, or to have direct contact with nature; for the children, it is time for the fantasy world, where fairy tales come true.


Staged from March to October, and marked by a colorful sign, you can enter the path from the public gardens of Bagno di Romagna, in Lungosavio Road. Being a naturalistic path, it can be followed at any period of the year.


After crossing a bridge over the Savio River, you are already surrounded by the wood, plunged into imagination. Then you go up, penetrating into the thick vegetation, among rocks and stones, walking along the Armina stream.


The path is wide, smooth, safe, marked by small bridges, signs with drawings, stone sculptures, animal shapes, wooden little houses where the children can also leave their messages to the Gnomes.


When you come to a spring, continue uphill to the left, and then, following the signs, to the right until the "Glade of the Gnomes." Here the school, the castle of the Great Council and the library have been built and you can even have a break on the wooden seats before descending again towards the spring.


For further information:

Local site: Bagno di Romagna

Last modified Mar 07, 2011

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