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Beat cellulite!

Despite what many women believe, cellulite is not just esthetic but really it is a pathology which affects tissue until it becomes filled with sclerosis and fibrosis.


There are multiple causes, which depend on genetic, hormonal, vascular and postural factors.  Also nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle are considered causes, as they increase fat deposits and therefore worsen the appearance of this blemish. 


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In order to come up with the correct therapy, it is important first to understand the causes of cellulite as it is a chronic pathology and must be treated with specific medical-esthetic cures, not just to get the best results in the shortest amount of time, but also to guarantee that these results are maintained over time. 

As Prof. Curri, a cellulite expert, said, among the most important causes is most definitely circulation; he defined cellulite "... not as a sickness, but as a side effect of insufficient functioning of the veins..." present in various degrees in women due to the hormonal effects of estrogen and progesterone.  

From this concept, a particular school of thought was born, one that places good circulation and lymphatic function at the centre of any anti-cellulite treatment.

Over the last few years, the number of affordable treatments offered by spas have increased, with guaranteed medical treatments based on scientific research and medical evidence, as well as complimentary, non-medical treatments. 


In the hot springs locations there are specific types of water, personal specialized doctors, personal paramedics, and sophisticated technology which work together to get the best results in reducing and limiting cellulite. 


Water rich in bromide, iodine and sulfur is a very effective and complete therapy, and it is considered the best hot spring water against cellulite as it works on the micro-circultation of veins and is an anti-inflammatory.  This benefit for the circulatory system is often increased and deepened by technology, such as ozone or jacuzzi treatments. 


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At the same time, iodine increases peripheral cell metabolism with a direct effect on fat, without having any effect on your central system. 

During the sequential study of this pathology, many other methods have come to be considered as effective and complementary such as anti-cellulite massages, anti-cellulite mud, and wraps which again increase the effect on the peripheral circulatory system and complete the cure against cellulite. 

Taken from an article in Emilia Romagna Terme
Curated by Dr. Roberta Gazzini
Specialist in Medical Hydrology

Last modified Feb 07, 2012

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