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Home Spas & fitness Beauty, thermal treatments and relaxation from Salsomaggiore Terme to Riccione

Beauty, thermal treatments and relaxation from Salsomaggiore Terme to Riccione

You can rest, prevent health problems, and get back in shape in the twenty-five excellent hot springs spas that can be found from Salsomaggiore (Pr) to Riccione (Rn) in nineteen towns in Emilia Romagna.


The keywords for everyone are wellness, beauty, thermal treatments, relaxation, but more than anything, guests want results.

The excellence of the structures and the particularity of the hot springs in this area (bromide, iodine, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, sodium alkaline bicarbonates) allow guests to be totally regenerated and eliminate toxins.  And also relax, and spend the day in a natural area with great charm.


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There are packages and deals to meet every need.

At Salsomaggiore (Pr) a Beauty Day to detox

An entire day dedicated exclusively to regeneration and detox: the autumn Beauty Day package at Terme Berzieri (housed inside a splendid Liberty building, with large stairs, stuccoed walls, decorations and statues among the most beautiful in Europe) in downtown Salsomaggiore, a hot springs town, small, elegant, full of tree-lined avenues and walkways.  This package includes: access to the aquatic Spa “Mari d’Oriente”, air/water detox treatment, a regenerating facial massage with Argan oil, and an anti-stress massage.  After a day like this, anyone will feel great.  Cost: 110 euro per person.

Info 0524/582611


At the Terme di Tabiano (Pr) , the “Breath Spa”

The waters here are among the best in terms of sulfur and sulfuric gases.  They represent a natural patrimony which is unique due to its extraordinary therapeutic effectiveness in the prevention and cure of respiratory diseases of the lungs, nose, ears and throat.  It is also an "anti-smoking center", to help people stop smoking.

Info 0524/564111


Salsomaggiore (Pr) relaxing weekend at the hotels Valentini and Grand Hotel Porro

For those who want or need to take a break and get away from city stress, consider this offer at the hot springs four star hotels Valentini and Grand Hotel Porro, both in a big, age-old park in downtown Salsomaggiore. This package offers: 2 nights in a double room, full board, relaxation in the hotel spa in the aromatic thermal pools with hydro-massage and relaxing body massages with rose and orange essential oils and also, at the spa in Palazzo Berzieri, 1 entrance to the "Mari d'Oriente" pools; herbal teas; free access to the covered thermal pool.  Cost per person: 260 euro. Info 0524/578251


At the Grand Hotel Terme Astro in Tabiano (Pr) with the Oriental hammam

Designed for those who are always running around and have very little time, the Grand Hotel Terme Astro in Tabiano (Pr) offers this package “Nurture your life” (2 hours and 30 minutes about) with a stop in the hammam with oriental steam, immersion in the underwater sounds pool (where the immersion into thermal water is accompanied by relaxing music with reduces stress), and a hydrating hand treatment.  Cost: 76 euro per person.

Info 0524/565523


Wellness weekend at “Il Baistrocchi" Spa (Pr)

Until the weekend of 20/22 December, the “Il Baistrocchi” Spa is offering a wellness promotion of 2 nights with full board, a menu with typical Parma food, hot springs pool with essential oils and hydro-massage, a thermal water course to improve circulation, Finnish sauna with a frigidarium, 2 regenerating treatments in the hots springs. Cost: 119 euro per person.

Info 0524/574422


At the Sant’Andrea (Pr) Hot Springs, two day are enough to regenerate

Two days are enough to feel regenerated at the Hot Springs in Sant’Andrea, among paths that wind through oak and chestnut forests and the sweet autumn landscape.  Sant’Andrea Springs is a great destination for those who want to recover from stress and get back in shape.  This package includes two days of treatments with a medical visit, 2 hydro-massages, 2 cardiovascular courses, 2 swims in the hot springs, 2 visits to the sauna, and 2 solarium treatments.  Cost: 200 euro per person.

Info 0525/431233


At the Terme di Monticelli (Pr) to take care of yourself

Right near Parma and easy to reach; here is the Terme di Monticelli with their deal.  An overnight stay is enough to de-stress and detox.  The offer includes: 1 night in a double room with two meals,  free access to the covered hot springs pools with: sauna, thermal steam rooms, hydro-massage, hydrobike, tanning beds, and also a "back and neck" massage for 20 minutes.  Cost: 145 euro per person.

Info 0521/682711


At the Terme della Salvarola (Mo) Wellness and engines in the land of the Reds

Not far from Modena, near Maranello, the Terme della Salvarola have decided to mix hot springs deals with discovering the Land of Engines, a unique area in the world dotted with legendary automobile and motorcycle companies, including Ferrari.  This packages includes: an overnight stay in a double room, breakfast, dinner in the restaurant next to the Ferrari track in Spezzano, and the entrance into the Ferrari Musuem in Maranello.  There will also be a "pit-stop" of wellness at the spa "Balnea" where you can relax among the five pools and thermal baths at different temperatures, hydro-massages, sauna, steam room, cardio-fitness gym and relaxation area.  Also a visit and tasting at a balsamic vinegar factory is included, so you can discover all the secrets of Traditional Modena Balsamic Vinegar.  Cost: 99 euro per person.

Info 0536/987530


In Bologna the Terme di Felsinee have a deal called  “Beauty of Woman”

For those visiting Bologna, or for those who work there and cannot get out of the city, there is an excellent spa just ten minutes from the Two Towers, the Terme Felsinee.  Here, a program has been designed for woman and their beauty.  Perfect before going out for the night, or for a special occasion, or just when you want to feel in shape and attractive.  It includes: a medical check-up, day pass to the thermal area with three pools with therapeutic treatments, sauna and hammam, relaxation area and access to the gym (cycles, treadmills, step machines), a personalized scrub and toning massage.  Cost: 85 euro per person.

Info 051/6198484


At the Terme of Castel San Pietro (Bo) there is the program “Beauty Spa”

A beauty mini-holiday can work miracles.  Especially if the treatments are done using hot springs water and the spa is located in the heart of nature and peace and quiet.  Try it out with an overnight stay in Castel San Pietro, a town along the via Emilia near Bologna. The package consists of a day of total relaxation in the sauna with essential oils, body peeling with thermal water and personalized body treatments.   Cost: starts at 170 euro per person. Just treatments: 101 euro.

Info 051/941247


At the Terme dell’Agriturismo (Bo) evening cocktails in the thermal pool

The Terme dell’Agriturismo in the hills near Bologna offers a regenerating weekend with an overnight stay (from Friday to Saturday) in the agriturismo with breakfast included as well as a dinner buffet and lunch, a day at the hot springs, and a classic 25 minute massage.  With another overnight stay, access to the pool is free the next day.   Cost: 109 euro per person.

Info 051/929972


At the Terme di Porretta (Bo) wellness weekend at a special price

The first thing that people notice when they arrive in Porretta (an hour from Bologna and an hour from Florence) is the mountainous landscape: stone houses, woods and fresh air.  Just another reason to try out these hot springs which have been used for thousands of years.  You can choose, for example, the "Special Price Wellness" deal with two days and two nights and breakfast in a double room at the Hotel delle Acque (four stars), directly connected to the spa.  At your disposition: a day at the hot springs with spring water treatments in the thermal pool with iodine and bromide rich waters at 35 degrees Celsius, a cardiovascular course, sauna, and fitness area.  There is also a yoga class and late check out upon request and if available.  Cost: 96 euro per person.

Info 0534/22062


At the Terme di Riolo (Ra) lots of coddling with the "Carezze di vite" weekend

This Spa in Liberty style is immersed in an age-old garden on the hills just inland from Ravenna.  One offer to try out is the "Carezze di vite" weekend.  It includes two nights in a double room with two meals, a day pass to the Wellness and Spa Center (with thermal pools rich in iodine and bromide without any chlorine added), the treatment "carezze di vite", which includes an antioxidant face treatment with polyphenol, a purifying scrub, a revitalizing mask with a massage that stimulates collagen and elastin.  There is also a tasting and visit of products at a nearby farm and a walk through the secular woods of this spa.  Cost: 197 euro per person.

Info 0546/71045


Get toned up on the seaside at the Terme di Punta Marina (Ra)

The Terme di Punta Marina are on the Ravenna coast between with sea and the pinewood described by Byron.  They take advantage of the local spring water with elevated concentrations of magnesium, an essential mineral in fighting fatigue and bad moods.  To get rid of toxins and get toned up, there is the package “Tonics” for one or two days.  It includes: sauna, steam room, acupuncture to re-balance your IQ, and a toning anti-stress massage for 50 minutes. For guests who would like to stay over, next to the spa and right on the beach there is the Mosaico Terme Beach Resort ***S. Cost: 140 euro per person.

Info 0544/437222


Terme di Cervia (Ra): Salt on your Skin

Thanks to the age-old salt mines, from the springs of the spa in Cervia, water and silky muds with great healing properties can be enjoyed.  The thermal pool has a high salt content, similar to that of the Dead Sea.  One offer to take advantage of in this period is the "Salt on your Skin" package: a pleasant full body thermal treatment, anti-aging and revitalizing, for two hours, with a salt peeling, mud with hydro-massage, a massage with phytomelatonin oil, and a thermal emulsion also made with phytomelatonin.  Get rid of tension and signs of stress on your skin, using both bio-active thermal waters and precious phytomelatonin oil for a toning and tightening effect.  Cost: 150 euro per person.

Info 0544/990111


Terme di Castrocaro (Fc) and Grand Hotel Terme & Spa:  Saturday night events

At the Terme di Castrocaro, in the hills near Forli, from October to May, every Saturday night there are the “Saturday night events".  An exclusive event where you can try all forms of wellness.  Every Saturday, from 7.30 to 11.30 pm, there is a specific theme.  For example, Saturday, November 23, the evening will be dedicated to the Flavors of Romagna: cocktails with live music, poly-thermal course, sauna, steam room, thermal grotto, cold compensation pool, showers, a thermal pool with hydro-massage, cardiovascular treatments, a body massage with anti-oxidant rich oil, an aromatic face massage and, of course, tastings of various local products.  Cost: 59 euro per person.

Info 0543/767114


Bagno di Romagna (Fc): at the Ròseo Hotel Euroterme – Autumn Wellness

In the hot springs town of Bagno di Romagna, the Ròseo Hotel Euroterme is a big structure specialized in health and wellness.  The seasonal package "Autumn Wellness" includes: 2 nights in a double room with full board, walks in the chestnut groves to gather chestnuts, water and steam treatments, access to the fitness and relaxation areas, and "Raxul" treatment for couples with a wine mask, and tasting of Emilia Romagna wines.  Cost: starting at 229 euro per person.

Info 0543/911414


Bagno di Romagna (Fc): at the Hotel delle Terme in Santa Agnese there is the Spa face

Stress, running around and hours spent in front of the computer can make the face look tired, in particular around the eyes.  To fight under eye bags and dark circles and signs of fatigue, there are the latest treatments offered by the Hotel delle Terme in Santa Agnese near Bagno di Romagna. The anti-age eye treatment with cryo-collagen, made with pure collagen to repair the area and eliminate wrinkles, and a ginko biloba treatment for dark circles and bags.  Cost:  starting at 45 euro per person.  Overnight stay starting at 55 euro per person.

Info 0543/911018


Bagno di Romagna at the Grand Hotel Terme Roseo (Fc) themed packages

The Grand Hotel Terme Roseo, in one of the most beautiful noble palaces in Bagno di Romagna , is offering a new deal: until the end of the year, every month will offer wellness treatments at a special price.  Those who choose the special deal of the month will get a free "chef's choice" tasting of products linked to the monthly theme.  For example, in November the theme is chocolate: tastings and thermal treatments will use cocoa.  And for men, there are packages just for them such as the one with a hydro-massage in thermal water with Dead Sea salts and essential oils of sage, rosemary and eucalyptus, and a muscle relaxing massage with Arnica butter.  Cost: 82 euro per person.

Info 0543/911016.


Bertinoro (Fc) at the Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta fragrances, cuddling and grapevine therapy

A 13 hectare park surrounds this thermal hotel with every comfort, on the hills of Bertinoro in the heart of Romagna.  Every month the Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta will offer wellness treatments at a special price.  In October the theme is grapevine therapy.  The di-vine relaxation package includes: a day of treatments with a grapevine body peeling, massage with grapeseed oil, and a foot treatment or facial mask with grapes.  Cost: 108 euro per person.

Info 0543/460911


At Riminiterme regenerate with the Vital Package

In Rimini, swimming in the sea can be done year-round.  Just go to Riminiterme, a Thalassotherapy center.  You can sink into sea water from 29 to 34 degrees and enjoy a bio-marine hydro-massage and waterfalls.  A perfect deal for this autumn is the Vital Packages.  It includes: a medical check up, 3 Ayurveda teas, 3 passes to the pools with seawater with hydro-massages or multijets, a 50 minute vital massage, a 60 minute Ayurveda massage and a oil malish treatment.  Cost: 175 euro per person.

Info 0541/424011


At Riccione Terme shine again with Silk Illuminating Treatment for Face

Spring water that prevents and maintains health and beauty.  An vanguard center, Riccione Terme is on the sea and right near downtown.  Among the various deals, there is the Silk Illuminating Treatment for Face.  Perfect for when the skin needs some deep rejuvenation.  It includes: deep clean facial, delicate enough to renew cells and tone skin, treatment with olive biphenol, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, a sensory thermal treatment and access to the relaxation room.  Also, a hydrating face cream to illuminate your skin and prolong benefits, made with thermal water.  Cost: 99 euro [er person.

Info 0541/602201

Among the news for the 2014 season, there is the third edition of the Blue Night, on June 14th.  This is the great annual party of the Spas of Emilia Romagna with establishments open until late at night, offering promotions and entertainment.  It will be the highlight of the season, dedicated to those who love spas, but also to those who do not know them very well.  All of the spa towns will be turned into a showcase of shoes, entertainment and fun until very late at night.    (

Complete details can be found at:

Toll free number: 800.88.88.50.

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