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Blue night 2016

On June 11, Blue Night returns to Emilia Romagna, the biggest wellness festival in Italy. All of the spas along the via Emilia will stay open until late and the public will be able to enter the spas, discover the promotions and thermal wellness treatments, and participate in events and guided tours.


From Salsomaggiore (Pr) to Riccione (Rn), the hot springs towns will be decorated blue and all the colors of water. Squares, towns, and parks will become stages under the stars hosting music, dj sets, shows, candlelight dinners and a program of over 100 extraordinary events and celebrations all together.


Blue night is an experience to be had all togetheras noted in this edition’s sloganwith your family or friends. Children can dream with the magic of the fairies of Winx Club. Young people will have the chance to dance with famous dj sets with video-mapping, a themed light show, in the background. Among the new events this year is the presence of various kissing corners under the moonlight, little mini photo shoot sets where couples of all ages, but also friends and children, can pose, kiss and receive a photo to remember this special evening.


And at the stroke of midnight on Saturday, June 11 from all the spa centers thousands of blue and white luminous balloons will be let go into the sky, crowning a night full of magic and emotion.



Salsomaggiore Terme (Pr) – June 11

In Salsomaggiore for the Blue Night there is a free guided tour (at 10.30am) to discover Galileo Chini, painter, architect, graphic designer, and potter of the Liberty period in Palazzo delle Terme Berzieri. At 7pm the Kissing Point will open where couples, but also children and friends, can kiss under the stars in a romantic set and receive a photo souvenir. There will also be a lot of music all evening: at 6pm at the Terme Berzieri the brass group Ba.Mo.Pa. Brass will perform. At 9.15pm in the square, the Ensemble di Trombe of the Salso Musici Academy will play and at 11.15pm there will be a dj set in the square and the release of luminous balloons at 11pm.


Tabiano Terme (Pr) – June 11

Tabiano Terme for Blue Night 2016 will focus on high quality music performances. In the afternoon at 5pm, there will be a special tribute to Dina Barberini (1862-1932), a soprano from Tabiano who was discovered at a very young age by Maestro Giuseppe Verdi, with Federica Gatta, soprano and Claudio Cirelli, piano. The show will be held at the Terme Respighi.


Terme di Monticelli (Pr) – June 11

At the Kissing Point of Terme di Monticelli from 7pm couples, but also children and friends, can kiss under the stars in a romantic set and receive a photo souvenir. At 11pm there will be the release of the balloons into the sky.


Terme della Salvarola – Sassuolo (Mo) – June 11

Starting in the afternoon, there will be music performances in the streets in the center of town and vintage markets. From 7pm to 10.30pm the Wellness Center “Balnea” will be open for friends and family and will host a Kissing Point. From 9pm to 11pm there will be a special opening of the Palazzo Ducale and the Peschiera Ducale. At 11pm there will be the balloon launch. Those who would like to dance can do so at the evening concert in Piazza Garibaldi.


Thermae Oasis – Lido delle Nazioni - Comacchio (Fe) – June 11

At the summer spa center at the Lidi Ferraresi for Blue Night there will be an extraordinary opening of the “Wellness Gardens” by night. There will be live music and food stands organized by the consortium of the Lido delle Nazioni. From 9pm to 11pm there will be the Night of Kisses at the Kissing Point in Piazza Garibaldi. Couples, but also children and friends, can kiss under the stars in a romantic set and receive a photo souvenir.


Terme dell’Agriturismo – Monterenzio (Bo) – June 11

Everything will begin at 7.30pm with the water-dj set, with poolside dancing at the outdoor thermal pool. DJ Gerolamo Sacco will offer pop, reggae, electrohouse and fluorescent gadgets. For romantics there will also be the Kissing Point.


Terme di Porretta (Bo) – June 11

Kissing under the stars in a special evening like that of the Blue Night can be done at the Kissing Point at the Terme di Porretta. Sunday, June 12 from 3.30pm to 6pm the Winx will offer creative workshops, dancing and flowers.


Castel San Pietro Terme (Bo) – June 11

While awaiting the Winx show (Saturday evening at 9pm), during the day the medieval center of Castel San Pietro, completely decorated blue, will host street artists, entertainment, shows for kids, food stands and the Osservatorio Nazionale Miele with honey tastings. In the center of town, along the Viale delle Terme and at the spa which will be open until late, there will be many posters shaped like hearts where visitors can kiss and post their photos with the hashtag #nottecelestekiss. The Trenino Celeste train will run from the center to the hot springs. The grand finale will be at 11pm with the dancing fountains and at midnight with the balloon launch.


Riolo Terme (Ra) – June 11

There is also a bicycle ride (or a walk if you so choose) of wellness on schedule in Riolo Terme for the Blue Night. It starts at 5.30pm from the Rocca Sforzesca and continues along 8.4 km up to the Golf Club La Torre. Mountain bikes can be rented for free until they run out. After the ride, you can swim in the pool and have an aperitif. From 7pm, the Wellness Center of Terme di Riolo will be open and here you can find the Kissing Point. The evening will be dedicated to jazz at the Hot Springs Park with the concert of the Nicoletta Fabbri Jazz Quartet, a refined journey into indie music. At midnight, luminous white and blue balloons will be released into the sky.


Cervia (Ra) – June 11

Blue Night 2016 at the Terme di Cervia will be an invitation for everyone to experience an evening together with friends and family, but in particular, to kiss. From 9pm the mini photo shoot set “Kissing Point, kiss whomever you want will be open. This romantic space will be set up in the area around the thermal pool. While awaiting the balloon launch, you can dance and have some fun with the concert by the group Moka Club. Admission 10.


Terme di Punta Marina (Ra) – June 11

From 7pm on the Blue Night will take place at the spa on the seashore where there will also be a Kissing Point. At the end of the evening everyone will look to the sky for the launch of the luminous blue balloons.


Bagno di Romagna (Fc) – June 10, 11, 12

Blue Night in Bagno di Romagna will have romantic love and Aphrodite as its theme. Along the streets of this hot springs town, visitors can taste special desserts inspired by kissing and romanticism. The chefs of Bagno di Romagna will serve aphrodisiac recipes and desserts. Even the music will be based on kissing. Friday evening starts with the music that was the soundtrack to the most famous kisses in cinema. Saturday in Piazza Ricasoli you can dance nonstop until the big choral flash mob of the midnight kiss. There will also be events for children: Saturday evening a big treasure hunt, a narrative walk along the Gnome Path, and balloons and magic bubbles in the center of town. There will also be the Kissing Point along the elegant streets of this ancient town full of poetry. There will be many deals at the three spas as well: Ròseo Euroterme Wellness Resort – Hotel delle Terme Santa Agnese – Grand Hotel Terme Roseo.


Castrocaro Terme and Terra del Sole (Fc) – June 10, 11, 12

Everything is ready for the dj set by Titilla and the amazing light show of video-mapping on schedule on June 11 (from 9pm on) in Piazza del Buonincontro. In Castrocaro the party starts on Friday (at 4pm) with a snack for kids and a moment of fun with water and thermal mud at the hot springs park “Tempio delle acque” of the Hot Springs of Castrocaro. At 9pm in Piazza Machiavelli a band will play. Saturday, June 11 the public can participate in the open day at the Hot Springs of Castrocaro (from 12pm-7pm). At 8pm, there will be the historic parade and at 8.15pm a show with the participants of the Festival of Castrocaro. Sunday, there will be a guided tour of the ancient Medieval area and the fortress.


Fratta Terme di Bertinoro (Fc) – June 11

Many children are expected to welcome the afternoon with the Winx fairies, who will take part with the little guests in creative workshops, mini shows and a snack all together, from 5pm to 7pm, while awaiting the arrival of the most magical night of the year. The spa in the heart of Romagna has a pool overlooking an ancient park: perfect for a walk before and after the Winx event.


Riminiterme (Rn) – June 10, 11

In Riminiterme Blue Night will begin on Thursday evening (at 9pm) with a Blue Walk on the beach. Among the most highly anticipated events is that on Friday, June 10 with the show of the Winx Club fairies at 9pm, a show under the stars with entertain, music and the magic of the Winx. Saturday, June 11(at 6.30pm) for children there will be face-painting, balloons and, hula hoops. From 7.30pm, a fish fry of “blue” fish will be prepared by the Compagnia dei Pescatori, and young singing talents will perform. At 11pm, there will be fireworks on the beach and the launch of balloons (at 11.30pm ). The Wellness Center will be open until midnight. You can also take part in the boat excursion for the Blue Dawn. Meeting at 4.30am.


Riccione Terme (Rn) – June 11

In Riccione Terme the theme will be nature, in all its forms. Visitors can participate in walks at the hot springs, fitness lessons focused on breathing, enjoy tastings of local wine and food and relax in the park. They can also take advantage of “celestial” exclusive treatments in the outdoor wellness spa Perle d’Acqua Park with the swimming pool filled with hot springs water at 30 °C. From 9pm admission is free. Also here there will be a Kissing Point and at midnight luminous balloons will be released into the sky. During the weekend, all of the Hotels of the Club Hotel Terme All Inclusive will offer themed Blue Night deals.


Experience and share Blue Night for yourself with the hashtag #lanotteceleste!




Last modified Jun 06, 2016

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