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Christmas and New Year's at the SPA!

At the Spas in Emilia Romagna, everything is ready for Christmas and New Year's with bells on for visitors to spend some time relaxing in the hot waters of the thermal pools, with hydro-massages, beauty treatments or velvety beneficial muds.  And, of course, to celebrate the new year in shape with the wellness parties on schedule at the Spas!


Those who are undecided between the seaside or the mountains can choose the landscape that best suits their style, whether that be the poetic Apennine town or a romantic winter seaside location, from Liberty style buildings to rolling Renaissance hillsides.  From Salsomaggiore Terme (Pr) to Riccione Terme (Rn), the twenty-five thermal centres are all surrounded by natural areas of great beauty while the deals are enticing and range from simple treatments to longer vacation stays.

All of the information on where to uncork a bottle for toasting the holiday season can be found at Emilia Romagna Terme. There is also a toll free number: 800.88.88.50.



But here are some exciting previews.

In Salsomaggiore (Pr) rose and citrus treatments to start 2014 off right
In Salsomaggiore you can spend your time in the luxurious Palazzo Berzieri.  It is Liberty style at its best, with sweeping stairways and refined finishings.  At the Wellness Centre – more than 4000 square metres – with thermal water treatments and a large aquatic area called "Mari d'Oriente", you can detox and get toned.  A day of treatments – thermal swim, hydro-massage with essential oils, relaxing massage – in the Mari d'Oriente pools, with a robe and slippers during the holidays costs 95 Euros.  A day in the Thermal Pools, a massage and spa kit: 50 Euros.  Info 0524.582611

For those that wish to stay two nights in a spa hotel,  the Grand Hotel Porro****S or the Valentini**** with day treatments – such as thermal baths with essential oils and relaxing orange and rose body massages – and two meals per day, there cost is 260 Euros per person.  Info 0524.578251

At the Centre “Il Baistrocchi” thermal pampering and gluttony. In Salsomaggiore there is also the Spa “Il Baistrocchi”, surrounded by an age-old park.  Four days at Christmas – all meals with typical Parma food – treatments and wellness circuits in the thermal pool with a hydro-massage, hammam and much more pampering: 217 Euros per person. At New Year's this stay (4 days and 3 nights), along with various treatments and use of the pools, and even a big New Year's Even party, costs 365 Euros. Info 0524.574422

At the Spa in Tabiano (Pr), the “Breath Spa”
The spring waters here are among the best in terms of sulphates and sulphuric gases.  They are a unique natural patrimony, thanks to the extraordinary therapeutic benefits in preventing and curing respiratory infections in the lungs, ears, nose and throat.  Do not forget the "Anti-Smoking Centre" to help people quit smoking tobacco.  Info 0524.564111

The Oriental hammam ritual and the underwater sounds pool, also in Tabiano, at the Grand Hotel Terme Astro**** offers innovative treatments at its cosy Alhambra spa.  Here you can relax and regenerate with the millennium-old Ayurveda techniques.  Among the most requested treatments is the Oriental steam hammam, a long ritual (it lasts almost three hours) that involves dark olive pulp soaps, gommage, thermal pools at different temperatures, massages and aromatic teas.  Only the treatment (hammam, underground sound pool, hydrating hand treatment): starting at 76 Euros.  For vacation stay requests contact: 0524.565523

Terme Monticelli (Pr): New Year's in seven spas with beneficial and rejuvenating spring waters 
If you need total rejuvenation, the best place to start the new year is at Terme di Monticelli (Pr). Here there are seven specialized centres, three spa hotels, indoor thermal pools, and an aesthetic medicine centre in a 35 hectare park.  The New Year's Even deal (at the Best Western Hotel Delle Rose****) is focused on the beneficial virtues of the local spring waters.  Three nights and four days at the thermal pools with hydro-bikes, hydro-massage, saunas and steam rooms, shiatsu and other treatments, as well as a New Year's Even party for 640 Euros per person.  Info 0521.682711


Terme della Salvarola (Mo): escape for New Year's with gold and chocolate beauty treatments
The perfect New Year's escape might be this: at the Terme della Salvarola (Mo).  Among windows overlooking a hilly park, three thermal pools, a Liberty style hall, waterfalls, a sauna, a steam room with coloured lights and aromas, and four gyms.  This is the 2300 square metre Thermal Spa Balnea.  Here you can wait for the new year and toast 2014.  The package (3 days and 2 nights) includes 3 days of wellness at the Thermal Spa Balnea, a rejuvenating "gold face regeneration" treatment, a "Gold Chocolate" massage to be pampered with gold and chocolate, a glass of champagne, and a welcome kit (slippers and robe).  Cost: 258 Euros per person. Info 0536.987530


At the Terme dell’Agriturismo (Bo) a dip in the pool before the big party

Just 20 minutes from Bologna, in Monterenzio, there is the Terme dell’Agriturismo, with wellness treatments and pools.  This year there are many offers, including the one for campers (35 Euros per parking spot) who can get treatments at a discounted price.  In the afternoon of December 31, the pools will be open from 6pm to 9pm.  After that, the party gets started.  On New Year's Even, you can choose among various parties: from the party in the Rotonda with a dj set and "little dinner" (a big but light buffet, even in price: 50 Euros; 30 Euros for children ages 4-12; ages 0-3 free) to the elegant gala dinner in the 18th century historic palace (80 Euros; 50 Euros for children ages 4-12; ages 0-3 free).  The party with entertainment costs 95 Euros. Naturally, you can stay the night: two nights with two meals each day, with a series of spa treatments and a party costs 229 Euros.  Info 051.929972


In Bologna at the Terme Felsinee you can relax and get beautiful

Open for the entire holiday season (excluding December 24 and 25, December 31 and January 1 and 6) the Terme Felsinee in Bologna is the perfect place for city dwellers looking to give themselves a little break.  A day of spa treatments and relaxation in the big thermal pools including courses, crenotherapy (a technique that uses spring waters and products to treat various medical issues), cardiovascular circuits,

sauna and hammam, relaxation area, gym (stationary bikes, treadmills, step machines), scrub and a toning massage starts at 85 Euros.  Info 051.6198484


At the Terme di Porretta (Bo) a magical mountain landscape and Gran Galà

The Terme di Porretta are located in a beautiful landscape: in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines in an uncontaminated forest.  Here the first Spa Centre specialized in Music Medicine has opened and is dedicated to those who use their voice a lot for work (such as singers or teachers).  At Christmas the atmosphere really becomes magical.  Among the deals there is the "Wellness under the Tree" (4 days/3 nights), all meals included, Christmas lunch, access to the thermal pool with bromide and iodine rich spring water at 35° C, cardiovascular circuit, sauna, hydro-massage in thermal water with medicinal herbs with detoxifying and lymphatic drainage properties, facial mask, and a gym.  Cost 262 Euros.  Many deals also for New Year's.  4 days/3 nights, various spa treatments, the Gran Galà and live music: from 309 Euros. Info 0534.22062


At the Terme di Riolo (Ra) a Wellness party and many chances for a day of festivities

Riolo Terme, a resort spa town since 1870, is a Renaissance village at the foot of the Romagna hills.  It is the perfect place to spend the holidays and there are many deals during this period.  For those who want to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones in this setting, they can book the Grand Christmas Lunch and then stay the night.  The deal, which also includes a series of spa treatments and access to the thermal pools with hydro-massages, costs 98 Euros or 88 Euros (depending on the hotel chosen).  And on December 31 there will be a great Wellness Party to celebrate New Year's Eve.  The party (big dinner and music), two night stay, two meals a day and some spa treatments start at 202 Euros in a 3 star hotel.  Info 0546.71045


At the Terme di Punta Marina (Ra) spa relaxation at the seaside

Spending New Year's at the sea is an idea that appeals to many.  You can spend it at the Terme di Punta Marina, in the spa that is located on the Ravenna beaches and takes advantage of the bromide and iodine rich mineral water that also contains calcium and magnesium.  The deal for this holiday season includes a half hour Spa treatment with a hydro-massage in thermal water, a peeling or a mud treatment (with draining and toning essential oils), and use of the sauna.  Cost: 40 Euros.  For those who would like to stay the night, there is the adjacent Mosaico Terme Beach Resort****. Info 0544.437222


At the Ròseo Hotel Euroterme in Bagno di Romagna (FC) a true Gold treatment

The Ròseo Hotel Euroterme**** is one of three spas in Bagno di Romagna, a resort town in the Foreste Casentinesi National Park.  It has priceless springs of hot thermal water that bubbles up at 45° C.  During the holidays, you can try out the Gold treatment (for her) and Bronze (for him), a body scrub with gold pigments for her and bronze for him, with a hot compress and a relaxing body massage: 96 Euros.  Info (it is possible to book a room) 0543.911414


Grand Hotel Terme Roseo (Bagno di Romagna - FC) relaxation and nature

The Grand Hotel Terme Roseo****, in the ancient noble palace of the Biozzi Counts, is located in the main square of Bagno di Romagna. Its ‘acquae calidae’ bubble up at 45° C and are used in the Wellness Centre and in the main thermal pool.  At Christmas you can choose the package with 2 nights, all meals included and a big Christmas menu starting at 184 Euros per person.  At New Year's (from dinner on Sunday, December 29 to lunch on Monday, January 1), 3 nights starting at 459 Euros, including the New Year's Even dinner with drinks, sparkling wine, live music and a buffet until dawn.  Included in the packages is access to the Natural Thermal Grotto and the Spa Formula, with access to the thermal pool with 46 hydro-massages.  Info 0543.911016


At the Hotel delle Terme Santa Agnese (Bagno di Romagna) children are welcome

There is also entertainment dedicated to children with funny characters from the Gnome Path in the package deal at the Hotel delle Terme Santa Agnese**** in Bagno di Romagna. In the hotel, there  is a babysitter who entertains the very little ones.  A true Christmas holiday where every detail is taken care of for families with children.  Adults can relax and focus on their wellness with spa treatments offered by this spa centre: pools, hydro-massages, muds, natural and thermal grottoes, and oxygenated baths.  The Christmas package includes three nights, traditional Christmas and Saint Stephen's lunches, access to the Natural Grotto, to the thermal pools, Pilates lessons, and a night of dancing at 245 Euros per person.  The deal for Epiphany (January 6) includes two days, all meals included, entertainment for children, a series of spa treatments, a show of popular songs, Pilates, tea and fresh fruit: 210 Euros. Info 0543.911018


At the Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta (FC): 7 different waters to get into shape

Nestled among the hills of Bertinoro (FC), the Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta uses 7 waters that come from 11 different springs, with unique characteristics: from iodine and bromide rich water to magnesium filled water.  Inside there is a refined Wellness Centre dedicated to getting back in shape.  This is the perfect place to spend a magical Christmas: 2 days all meals included with big Christmas menus, Natural Harmony Treatment, access to the two thermal pools with hydro-massage and many comforts, starting at 200 Euros per person.  At New Year's (from dinner on Sunday, December 29 to lunch on Wednesday, January 1), 3 nights, starting at 495 Euros per person, including the New Year's Eve dinner with drinks, sparkling wine, live music and a buffet of delights until dawn.  Info 0543.460911


In Castrocaro Terme (FC) the secret to longevity

“Living longer and better: a unique and innovative method dedicated to improving quality of life and life expectancy."  It is the “Long Life formula” of the Grand Hotel Terme, inaugurated in 1938 by Umberto di Savoia, with Art Decò and Liberty style rooms, impeccable service, and which has an advanced wellness centre inside, where it is possible to try out the Long Life spa treatments.  For those who would like to take a little spa vacation, taking advantage of the days off at the holidays, you can choose the Christmas deal at the Grand Hotel****S (December 24/25) with two nights in a double room, breakfast, a Christmas lunch, dinner, access to the poly-thermal circuit at the Wellness Clinic, all for 184 Euros.  For those arriving on New Year's (two nights) with a Gala dinner, live music and a show, poly-thermal circuit, a dinner: 270 Euros. Info 0543.767114


At Riminiterme: thermal wellness, the sea in winter and celebrations

A seaside vacation during Christmas and New Year's with a lot of relaxation in the thermal pools and in the "Salt Room".  This is the offer at Riminiterme, a spa centre located on the beach in a lovely setting.  Inside the modern Wellness Centre (1200 square metres overlooking the sea) there is the "Salt Room", which gives guests the energy of the sea thanks to the walls and floor being completely covered in white sea salt tiles.  For the holidays there is the "Christmas Star" package that includes an open day with access to the sauna, steam room, hydro-massage pools, relaxation area, the salt room and a face and neck spa treatment.  Cost: 50 Euros.  You can add in a stay at a nearby hotel just 100 metres away (Hotel Due Mari****): three nights all meals included at New Year's 300 Euros.  Two nights at Epiphany (January 6) 160 Euros.  Info 0541.424011


At Riccione Terme (Rn) Sugar crystal and sulphur water scrub

At Riccione Terme all of the spa treatments are sweet and natural.  The spa centre takes advantage of the benefits of its thermal spring waters (rich in sulphur, iodine, bromide, and magnesium).  Great, not only for successfully treating a series of ailments, but also for wellness and beauty.  If you want to go into the holiday season looking fresh and relaxed, you can book one of the ongoing deals.  There is, for example, “Etoile” which includes a facial gommage with Jojoba microspheres and thermal spring water, a light Vital massage, a “finissage” with Argan oil and Vital Serum for a lifting effect.  It also includes Golden Drops (a honey scrub), Eau purificante (a thermal mineral shower), Harmony (aromatic body massage), Illuminating finissage (an illuminating dust, like the tail of a comet, which illuminates skin) and access to the Sensory Thermal Spa. Cost: just the spa treatments 98 Euros per person, combined with a hotel stay for one night in a 4 star hotel, two meals a day, 130 Euros per person. Info 0541.602201


All the deals in detail can be found at Toll free number: 800.88.88.50

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