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Christmas holidays at the spas of Emilia Romagna - 2014

The first rigors of winter and the Christmas holidays make us seek shelter from the cold, in a warm, relaxing place to take a break from daily stress.  Getting away in a hot springs spa and relaxing in the heat, caressed by jets and velvety mud is a great chance to take a regenerating vacation, but also to get in great shape for celebrating the new year.


During the Christmas holidays, for December 8th (Immaculate Conception), Christmas and New Year's, there are 15 excellent spas open from the province of Parma to Rimini. They have great offers for getting back in shape and removing toxins, purifying your body and just relaxing.  All of this surrounded by nature and beauty, in historic towns and in the mountains, in the hills or on the seashore.


There are many opportunities: from "just treatments" - without staying over - to a longer holiday, from romantic gala dinners to fun wellness parties.


All the necessary information on where to have a toast for the holidays can be found at the Emilia Romagna Terme website.


Festivities at the Spas 2014


But here are a few interesting previews.


Hot springs in Salsomaggiore (Pr) New Year's at the Mare dOriente Spa

During the day, many sweet natural treatments in the splendid Palazzo Berzieri in pure Liberty style.  In the evening, elegant dinners and galas.  This is the plan for New Year's in Salsomaggiore.  Its iodine and bromide rich, hypertonic waters (natural iodine-rich waters, iodine rich water that has undergone deferrization, mother-water, and decalcified mother-water) are very beneficial for our bodies.  The New Year's offer (valid from December 29 to January 6) includes: 4 days/3 nights with half board at the Hotel Valentini (4 stars), free admission to the big spa Mari d’Oriente and to the indoor thermal pool, aromatic thermal bath with jets and essential oils, an anti-stress massage, and a robe and slippers. €265.   Party with a big dinner for New Year's Eve: €80.

Info 0524/582611.


Il Baistrocchi Spa (Pr) wellness and galas

“Il Baistrocchi” is a welcoming hot springs hotel in Salsomaggiore, where you can spend long weekends, Christmas, and New Year's doing treatments with the beneficial spring waters here.  In the evening there are always parties and entertainment with lotteries for prizes and weekend getaways.  For example, for the long weekend of December 8th, you can choose the 3 day/2 night deal with: full board, one entrance to the thermal pool with jets and a chromotherapy thermal hammam, various regenerating treatments in hot spring water, a massage, saunas, and use of a bathrobe.  Cost: €170.  At Christmas, the package for 4 days and 3 nights costs €187.  3 nights at New Year's with treatments and a New Year's Eve celebration costs €365. Info 0524/574422.


Tabiano Bagni (Pr) At the Grand Hotel Terme Astro Hammam dOriente

In Tabiano Bagni, a half hour from Parma, the Grand Hotel Terme Astro offers innovative treatments at its spa “Alhambra” such as the hammam, hot rock massages, and an underwater sounds pool with the sulphur rich thermal waters of Terme di Tabiano.  Among the most requested treatments is the Oriental Steam Hammam, a long ritual (it lasts almost three hours) with dark olive soaps, a scrub, various temperature hot springs pools, massages and aromatic teas.  For those who would like to be in perfect shape for the holiday season, there is a wellness package lasting two and a half hours that includes: Oriental Steam Hammam, underwater sounds pool, and a treatment for hands.  Cost  €76. Info 0524/565523


Terme di Monticelli (Pr) Pools, muds, shiatsu and tanning

Monticelli is a complex with three hotels surrounded by age-old trees and a 35 hectare park.  Once you are in your bathrobe, you can choose to how to spoil yourself among the muds and swimming in the special iodine and bromide rich waters at 36°C: with its osmotic effects it removes extra-cellular liquids.  You can take advantage of the long weekend of December 8 to spend 3 days/3 nights with full board.  This package includes access to the indoor thermal pools, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and hydrobike, a mud treatment and thermal bath, a massage, jacuzzi, wellness treatment and a tanning bed session.  Also included as a gift is an official hot springs towel.  All for just €399.  At New Year's the package for 3 nights/ 4 days all inclusive costs €579. Info 0521/682711.


Terme della Salvarola (Mo) Star dust at New Year's

Greenery, hills, peace and quiet, immersed in nature.  If you like the idea, then the place to book is at the Terme della Salvarola, just a stone's throw away from Maranello (where you can go to visit the Ferrari Museum).  At New Year's for example you can stay for 2 nights and 3 days totally relaxing to prepare for the new year at the “Balnea” spa, a wellness centre with thermal pools, big windows looking out over the park, water jets, circulation treatments, and a steam room with colored lights and aromas.  This package also includes medical assistance, a cardio-fitness gym, a glass of sparkling wine, a massage with gold dust and a regenerating facial mask with golden filaments.  Cost: €249.

Info 0536/987530.


Terme dellAgriturismo (Bo) salt water pools and  mitochondrial diets

The Terme dell’Agriturismo are located in the hills of Monterenzio, near Bologna.  This structure offers thermal wellness treatments and overnight accommodations.  This year's newest feature is the nutritional program Nutristyle® and the mitochondrial diet.  Natural cures to battle hypertension, obesity, and joint pain based on mitochondrial analyses of your cells.  On December 25 you can spend the morning relaxing (until 1pm) among the various thermal pools with various temperatures, the gym, snow cones, and the relaxation room with hot teas.  Afterwards you can sit down for Christmas lunch (also on December 26) at the Agriturismo's restaurant. Cost €50 (€45 on December 26).  For those who would like to sleep over, they will get the same as above plus a sauna with Aufguss, hammam and massage for €129. Info 051/929972.


Terme di Porretta (Bo) Grand gala in the mountains and massages with chestnuts

Who knows if there will be snow for Christmas in Porretta Terme, an hour from Bologna and Florence.  This hot springs town in the Bologna Apennines, with stone houses and the smell of the woods in the air, has a perfect atmosphere for spending the long weekend of December 8th, Christmas or New Year's.  Those looking for something to do on New Year's Eve can choose the 3 day/3 night deal with full board at the Hotel delle Acque, 4 stars, with direct access to the spa.  Every day you can relax at the thermal pools, sauna, jets, fitness center and have hot teas.  Also included are a bioflavonoid facial and a body massage with chestnut cream.  And on December 31st in the evening a Grand Gala with live music.  Cost €382. Info 0534/22062.


At the Terme di Riolo (Ra) Christmas dinner and Wellness party

Riolo Terme, which has been a hot springs resort since 1870, is a renaissance town at the foot of a castle in the hills of Romagna, and it is the perfect place to spend the holidays.  For the long weekend of December 8th, there is the 2 day 2 night deal (half board) with access to the iodine and bromide rich pool and a regenerating massage.  Cost €183 in a 4 star hotel (€143 in a 3 star hotel).  At Christmas you can book the Big Christmas Lunch and then spend the night.  The day after will be dedicated to a series of wellness treatments in the Grand Hotel, 4 stars (all inclusive €150) or in the Albergo delle Terme, 3 stars (€115).  Just treatments and lunch: €70.  And on December 31 there is the Wellness party.  The party, two night stay, half board and thermal treatments starting at €202 in a 3 star hotel.  Info 0546/71045.


Hot springs of Punta Marina (Ra) Toasts and wellness at the sea in winter

Choose a romantic, sweet landscape like the seaside in winter to exchange greetings for the Immaculate Conception holiday or for toasting the New Year: this is what the hot springs of Punta Marina has to offer, a spa on the beach between the sea and the pinewoods written about by the poet George Byron and not far from the Unesco monuments of Ravenna. The hot springs of Punta Marina take advantage of the waters that bubble up from 42 meters underground: water rich in calcium, magnesium, bromide and iodine. Included in this deal are access to the pools, a jacuzzi with spring water, a massage and access to the sauna.  The price for the weekend of December 8th or New Year's with an overnight stay and breakfast at the adjacent Mosaico Terme Beach Resort, 3 stars superior, on the beach, is just €120. Info 0544/437222.


In Bagno di Romagna (FC) the Ròseo Hotel Euroterme Wellness Resort

Hyper hot spring waters bubble up here at 45°C at the Ròseo Hotel Euroterme (4 stars). This elegant structure is one of three spas in Bagno di Romagna, a little resort town in the woods near the springs in the heart of the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests.  A lovely setting in which to spend a few days during the holidays, breathing in the pure air of the Park.  For the long weekend on December 8th, there is a 3 night package, full board including the minibar, teas and fresh fruit in the relaxation room, access to the thermal pool with jets and a jacuzzi, the fitness center, the thermal grotto, a facial and a Candle Emotional massage.  Cost: €399.  For Christmas, 3 nights at €399 with the same services, and specific facial treatments with clay products.  Info: 0543/911414.


In Bagno di Romagna (FC) The noble charm of the Grand Hotel Terme Roseo

One of the reasons to choose a stay at the hot springs in winter is that the spring waters are extremely regenerating and help the body relax and give you a general sense of wellbeing.  And even better if this can be done in an ancient palace like the Grand Hotel Terme Roseo, the historic residence of the Biozzi Counts that looks out over the central square in Bagno di Romagna.  It is easy to see why this is the ideal choice.  At Christmas, you can take advantage of the deal with 4 nights with full board, including Christmas dinners and a gift under the tree starting at €300 per person.  You can add various treatments to this deal, for example the combination of a facial mask and a facial massage with crystals: €63.  And of course access to the Natural Thermal Grotto and the Formula Spa is included along with access to the thermal pool with 46 jacuzzi jets. Info 0543/911016


The Hotel of the Terme Santa Agnese (Bagno di Romagna - FC) It is a children's paradise

These hot springs are an ideal destination for a vacation for families with kids.  At the Hotel delle Terme Santa Agnese, 4 stars, of Bagno di Romagna, they know how to host and entertain kids.  For the holidays there is also entertainment dedicated to children with fun characters from the Gnome Path and a baby cinema in the hotel, traditional afternoon snacks and a babysitter for really little kids.  Adults can relax and dedicate their time to their own wellness with the many excellent treatments offered by this spa: pools, jacuzzis, muds, thermal and natural grottos, and ozone baths.  The Christmas package with 3 nights, full board, access to the Natural Grotto, the thermal pools, a Pilates lesson, and dancing in the evening costs €265 per person. Info 0543/911018.


At the Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta (FC) Use the holidays to get back in shape

For those looking for tranquility and nature, this elegant hot springs hotel in Bertinoro surrounded by a 35 hectare park is a perfect choice.  The Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta is located in an area where there are 11 springs with seven different types of water: from those rich in iodine and bromide to waters full of magnesium.  They are great for curing ailments and getting back into shape.  For the Immaculate Conception holiday, you can spend 3 days with half board with great menus.  Included are access to the wellness center Percorsi Armonie Naturali, with two thermal pools, jacuzzi, cold waterfalls, saunas, teas and a gym.  From €222.  You can add a facial and a reflexology foot massage to your deal for just €63.  At New Year's, 3 nights with half board and access to the wellness center starts at €477 per person, including the big New Year's Eve dinner. Info 0543/460911.


At Castrocaro Terme (FC) An 8 hectare park and hot springs luxury in Liberty style

The hot springs in Castrocaro, very close to Forlì, have been a wellness and health destination since 1838, when they were inaugurated by Umberto di Savoia.  The Spa uses sulphur and iodine-bromide rich waters.  The latest feature at Castrocaro to further improve the quality and expectancy of life is the “Long Life formula”: a series of avant-garde treatments which can be done at the spa of the Grand Hotel Terme.  The hotel, in style Art Decò and Liberty, has various interesting deals for the holidays.  Such as the Special Thermal Weekend.  It includes two nights, dinner, access to the poly-thermal spa at the Wellness Clinic, with a jacuzzi thermal pool, circulation treatments, sauna, steam room, thermal steam grotto, showers, compensation pool, relaxation area, fresh fruit and teas, a thermal mud treatment with hot spring water, a bathrobe and slippers.  Cost €189. Info 0543/767114.


At Riminiterme - Thermal wellness, the sea in winter and celebrations

A vacation at the sea for the Christmas and New Year's holidays, with lots of relaxing and wellness in the hot springs pools and a series of innovative treatments to get fatigue out of your body and face.  This is what awaits you at Riminiterme, a bright airy spa structure located right on the beach with a view of the waves washing up on the shore.  The newest treatments are the colored clays for face and body: anti-cellulite red, regenerating green, purifying white.  And then the soft facial peeling with acids (mandelic, pyruvic, glycolic, lactic, enzyme). To spend a New Year's relaxing there are deals with new treatments, full board and overnight stay and a party starting at €300 (two nights) at €360 (3 nights). Or you can opt for a day package with treatments and access to the spa starting at €69.

Info 0541/424011.


At Riccione Terme (RN) Getting back in shape for the holidays

Start the holiday season off with a fresh, relaxed face.  You can do it by getting a head start at Riccione Terme, taking advantage of the long weekend of December 8th. Goal: purify yourself and get that glow back in your face.  The spa has a series of very effective treatments (all natural).  New this season is the Three Oil Ritual, multi-sensorial three-phase massage with calendula oil, grain seeds and almonds at different temperatures: Calendula with hyaluronic acid on the legs, elasticizing grain seeds, and almond oil rich in vitamins A and B on your back.  Treatment with thermal sensorial water package for €84. With an overnight stay in a 4 star hotel, half board €119. Info 0541/602201.


All the deals in detail at

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