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How to cure childhood respiratory problems with spa treatments

Pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, otitis, bronchitis even asthma are among the most widespread problems afflicting children.  These problems are related both to the upper and lower respiratory tracks, and most cases are connected to reoccurring infections or allergy problems.


Children SpaThe infections, which occur most frequently during winter, are generally viral, and much less frequently bacterial.


Other causes can be various factors such as reduced lung capacity, which allows secretions to become stagnant and favors incubation of germs; the inability to blow one’s nose; or a low tussigenic response which limits the expectoration of mucus.


But also disadvantageous environmental factors can play a role, such as climate or pollution.  It is also very important to avoid secondhand smoke, the most frequent cause of infections and allergies in children.


As for allergies, the most frequent problems are rhinitis and bronchial asthma.  The latter, characterized by coughing and wheezing, is a problem affecting between 10-15% of children in the first 5 years of life and tends to decline with age.


When to use spa-based cures?  Spa-based cures are not recommended during the acute phase, but if problems persist, come back or become chronic, thermal spring waters can become very important in solving several problems.


The most frequently used waters for curing respiratory problems are used in various forms – inhalers, aerosol-humage, pulverization, nebulizers, showers and nasal irrigations, insufflators – and are those containing sulphur, sodium chloride, bromide and iodide; in most cases these waters help a lot and in some cases completely cure these respiratory problems.


With the annoying middle ear infection, very frequent in school age children, endotimpanic insufflations are very effective, and are often used indirectly (politzer).  These treatments are done exclusively with gas (hydrogen sulfide) contained in the sulphurous waters which work by removing the cause of the infection, restoring a child’s hearing.


Waters containing sulphur, sodium chloride, bromide and iodide, thanks to their rich and complex mineral makeup, have a natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect locally and generally.  They also stimulate the reparative processes of tissues and increase the natural defenses of the organism.


Among many studies conducted, a very recent (2009) one shows a reduction in recurring respiratory infections in children after the treatment with sulphurous water.  Other important epidemiologic studies show that after an inhaler thermal spa treatment, use of medicine is drastically reduced, as are the number of days missed at school.


Also with allergies good results can be obtained, but in that case a more in-depth examination must be given both to the inhalators to be used, as well as to the timing of the thermal cycle which must occur before the period of recrudescence.


Regarding age, even if it is not peremptory, it is preferable to subject only children over the age of 24 months to thermal inhalator therapies, given that their tolerability and collaboration are higher.


Spa-based cures can be part of the NSS (2 cures a day for 12 days).  They must be prescribed by a family doctor or pediatrician, indicating a diagnosis compatible with this type of cure.


Extract of the article appearing on Emilia Romagna Terme

By Dott. Flavio Strinati

Specialists in medical hydrology

Last modified Aug 16, 2013

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