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The Spas in autumn

To fight stress, not so healthy lifestyles and "various aches and pains", there are many solutions but an unbeatable way to get rid of toxins and a bad mood, slow down the aging process and keep in shape is prevention with a much deserved break at the Spas of Emilia Romagna which this autumn are offering specific treatments and relaxing mini vacations.


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Among the new offers, besides massages, mud masks, and thermal baths, now there is also an original creation: the thermalpizza, made with bromine and iodine rich water, left to rise for 24 hours and baked in a wood oven. 

But this is not the only new thing this year.

This new thermal pizza can be found at the Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta (Fc), but at the Terme della Salvarola (Mo) the latest trend is zodiac massages, or treatments based on a person's date of birth.  At Riccione Terme (Rn) visitors can say goodbye to dry, flaccid skin with an extremely new body treatment made from hyaluronic acid, shea butter and of course a few drops of sulfur water (it's called Cremoso Elisir).  Not far from here, at Riminiterme, at the recently renovated spa, visitors can get regenerated under the waterfalls in the big bio-marine pool, surrounded by a very salty micro-climate in the original salt room.  And at the same time you can get a massage by professionals.


And there are even more surprises in the wide range of activities at the Spas.


In Emilia Romagna in fact, visitors can choose the most appropriate treatment among those offered by the 26 thermal spas, all of them very up to date in 19 different locations, from the hills of Parma to the sea of Rimini, from Salsomaggiore to Riccione, immersed in nature where you can find tranquility, harmony and interior peace.  So something more than a simple vacation in a nice place.


All the offers can be found on the website Emilia Romagna Terme.



At the Terme Berzieri di Salsomaggiore – with a Liberty atmosphere, exclusive decorations and Emilian cordiality – visitors can relax in the 4.000 square meters of the wellness center and Balnea, the aquatic area. A day of full immersion costs 60 euro. If you would like to prolong your stay, maybe in a spa hotel such as the Valentini, there are packages with various possibilities: for example three nights and four days with two meals included for 230 euro. At the Centro termale “Il Baistrocchi”, the combination of six days of wellness – with access to the thermal pool, hammam, Finnish sauna, and massages -  with all meals included costs 278 euro (Tel. 0524.574422).


Not just cures but also preventative medicine, since the 1800s, at the Terme di Tabiano. The natural spring water here is among the best in terms of sulfates and sulfur gas, a precious gift of nature and a natural remedy, ideal for taking care of both small and big respiratory problems.  Inside the "Breathing Spa" there is also the T- SPATIUM, a modern 1.500 square meter Wellness Center, where a day of treatments with complete access costs 115 euro (Tel. 0524.564130).


On the hills of Tabiano Bagni, at the Grand Hotel Terme Astro, 4 stars with a big spa, you can try an invigorating body scrub of coffee, oriental spices and Argan oil, or a massage with orange flowers and Argan oil. Two days of beneficial cuddles, with two meals included, costs 279 euro (Tel. 0524.565523).


Not far away at the Terme di Monticelli, among the many treatments offered, there is a series of immersions in bromine and iodine rich water, kept at a temperature of 36˚ C which favors an osmotic effect. 3 days and 2 nights with all meals included with treatments costs 365 euro.



For those who have trouble getting back into shape, the place to be is at the Terme della Salvarola with the itinerary "losing weight in wellness".  This new treatment this autumn is a mix between two of the most intense treatments: Vinotherapy and molecular hyperbaric oxygen therapy or  Ayurveda (an ancient Indian science) together with oxygen. A day of oxygen treatments costs 169 euro. At the Salvarola you can now organize birthday parties with personalized massages based on a visitor's zodiac sign.  An example? For Capricorns, a Californian massage, for Cancer a Kerala massage. A weekend package with an overnight stay costs 120 euro (Tel. 0536.871788).



Under the Two Towers, the Terme Felsinee will celebrate their twentieth anniversary. The celebration will continue until May 2013.  Dado – a Bologna artist and writer of international fame -  made the new decorations for all five spas in the Mare Termale Bolognese group of which Terme Felsinee is a part. Among the new treatments offered, there are many dedicated to those who exaggerated a bit at lunch and dinner. Visitors can make up for it with the Fat-burning Circuit, a whole day inside the spa with 25 minutes of specific toning and 25 minutes of intense aerobic activity, for 80 euro. Or there is also the "In 10+ Shape": this is a package with 10 day passes to the spa, 10 to the gym, 10 sessions of hydrobike plus a scrub and 10 massages for 299 euro (Tel. 051.6198484).


At the Terme di Castel San Pietro, in the cozy wellness center, cellulite and loose skin are treated with innovative solutions such as a peeling with red grape crystals. Two hours of non stop treatments cost, with a discounted price, 125 euro.


Just 20 minutes from Bologna, in Monterenzio, the Terme dell’Agriturismo offer the possibility to immerse oneself both in the thermal spring waters and in the beautiful nature of  Val Sillaro. The new event this year at the spa is "group spa".  Now people go to the spa alone or as a couple... but here you can come as a group, inspired by the ancient Roman spa tradition where people gathered to socialize and enjoy the wellness of staying together.  Graduation parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, music parties... a weekend with a two night stay in the agriturismo costs, with a discount if you book at least two weeks in advance, 195 euro. On Friday or Saturday nights, you can enjoy the spa for a price of 39 euro (Tel. 051.929791).


Among the woods and fresh air of the Apennines near Bolonga, at the Terme di Porretta, visitors can spend even just one day of therapy in the thermal pools with massages, facial treatments, masks, peelings and sauna: 74 euro.  The spa and wellness center are directly connected to the Hotel delle Acque****, for a healthy vacation with every comfort. Weekend two night stays start at 99 euro.



To set back the hands of time, at Terme di Riolo, a cutting edge spa in anti-aging medicine with a Renaissance setting, visitors can treat themselves to a sequence of of antioxidant treatments with polyphenols, and a mask of resveratrol with a final relaxing massage with grape seed oil and hot wax.  The other new offer is in the stay packages: a guided visit with tastings of one of the most beautiful vineyards in this area and a Romagna wellness menu. A two day, one night break: 168 euro.


At the Terme di Cervia, along the Romagna coast, visitors can swim in the big thermal hot springs pool with a salt content similar to that of the Dead Sea.  A day pass costs 25 euro.  The spring water in Cervia is greatly affected by the millennium old salt mines in this area, now in a protected park inhabited by pink flamingos. Among the most effective anti-wrinkle treatments to try this autumn  are those made from phytomelatonin and Cervia thermal spring water: duration 35 minutes, cost 60 euro.


At the Terme di Punta Marina, another seaside spa, what sets it apart from others is its water: a rare variety of fossil water, very rich in magnesium (470 mg/liter), which is particularly good for  pathologies of the bones and joints, the respiratory system and the ears, nose and throat. A weekend with an overnight stay and various treatments costs, total for two people, 170 euro (Tel. 0544.438221).



There are three spas in Bagno di Romagna, a small historic town set in the woods among rivers and ponds, at 500 meters above sea level, inside the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests.  Something special to try out? Al Ròseo Hotel Euroterme. Here the new event is Wine day, a day of treatments with grape seed oil, immersions in the two thermal pools and an aperitif in a historic enoteca (99 euro).  A wellness mini vacation of four days and three nights starts at 299 euro (Tel. 0543.911414). In the main square, the Grand Hotel Terme Roseo offers thermal peelings with blueberries and other local berries and hot stone massages or massages with essential oils of lavender, cypress and birch.  They are included in the new package of three days and two nights starting at 325 euro (Tel. 0543.911016).


At the Hotel delle Terme Santa Agnese you can get regenerated thanks to the hyper thermal hot spring water rich in active elements.  You should definitely try out the "Roman" package with various thermal grotto (tepidarium and calidarium). Weekend stay of two nights, all inclusive, 195 euro (Tel. 0543.911018).


At the Terme di Castrocaro a historic spa (1850) in the heart of Romagna, very close to Forlì, the novelty this year is “Spa and Vineyards".  That is why facial treatments are done with masks containing polyphenol.  While the body is first exfoliated with thermal salts and grape seeds, then a mask of herbs and grape skins is applied.  A week stay is now available at the new low price of 464 euro. At the Terme di Castrocaro the method “Long Life formula” is used: live longer and better.  This unique and innovative method improves both the quality and longevity of life (Tel. 0543.412800).


In Bertinoro, another historic town, famous for its panorama (it is a natural balcony) and for its excellent hospitality, there is the Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta. Particular characteristics include: eleven springs and even seven different types of water each with its own features, either bromine and iodine, or sodium chlorine, sulfur, salt sulfur, iron or magnesium. Besides the Termalpizza, there are other new treatments for couples with grape leave powder and a foot massage with polyphenol and egg whites for soft, velvety skin.  Weekend, two night stay starting at 296 euro (Tel. 0543.460911).



Riminiterme, where you can combine a seaside vacation with a relaxing wellness vacation.  Swimming in an absolutely privileged location in an inebriating and evocative atmosphere where you can look out over the sea and the waves.  Among the reasons to go this autumn is the newly restored spa with new architecture and furnishings in white, natural wood and glass.  And a series of Ayurveda massages.  One day dedicated entirely to yourself costs 79 euro (Tel. 0541.424011).


Riccione Terme, the spa located near the sea and surrounded by 40.000 square meters of greenery, is a true garden of Eden for those who would like to improve their image, but who are also looking for a soft, natural and non aggressive cure, which is effective at the same time, for such ailments as respiratory or joint problems, cures for the skin, ears, nose and throat.  For Halloween, there will be a series of new treatments, some using pumpkin, such as the toning and purifying facial mask with thermal mud and Argan and pumpkin oil, and the Cane Sugar Scrub, with sweet almond oil, pumpkin seed powder and cinnamon aroma with a thermal shower.  Just the treatments starting at 94 euro; with an overnight stay in a 4 star hotel and two meals, starting at 145 euro (Tel. 0541.602201). And do not be surprised if after a stay at Riccione Terme, someone asks you if you did ... a little magic.


All offers can be found at
Emilia Romagna Terme

Last modified Oct 24, 2012

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