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Light legs with spa treatments

We notice if we are on our feet a lot, with out the opportunity to walk around, if not in just a small space that our legs get heavy, they swell, and get tingly.  At the spa, it is possible to prevent these problems.


Euroterme in Bagno di RomagnaBut these symptoms are not just an indication of bad habits.  They are in fact the initial warning signs of an change in the functioning of the lower arteries which, if left untreated, can lead to chronic circulation problems.


But how can we overcome this pathology? Remember that our cardiovascular system carries, by way of the blood, oxygen and nutrients to our tissues, and then collects the waste materials.  This continuous circuit allows our organism to keep itself running efficiently.


In our legs, the force of gravity hinders the circulation of the blood, and therefore it is necessary that all the systems available to our organism that combat it must work efficiently.


When we have bad posture, either sitting or standing at length, our legs get heavy even when our circulation is apparently normal.  Even just a small venous problem can make this disturbance more serious.


Of course there are other factors contributing to this pathology such as age, being female, pregnancy, and obesity, besides genetic predisposition.


At the spa it is possible to prevent the occurrence or worsening of this problem.


The efficacy of thermal spring water therapy has been recognized in the “Guidelines on the diagnosis and therapy of chronic circulation problems”, of the Italian College of Phelbology.  The benefits of spa treatments are linked to non-specific effects (hydrostatic pressure, temperature and movement) and specific effects, determined by the characteristics of the water used, from mineral salts to the oligodynamic elements dissolved in the water and their concentration.


Hydro-massage and vascular courses are two cardinal spa therapies for these problems.


Hydro-massage consists in a particular method of massage therapy that takes advantage of the pressure made from jets of mineral water.  It can be done in tubs with multiple jets with both air and water coming out, and sometimes enriched with ozone, at a high enough pressure and regulated according to your needs.  The jets are pointed directly to different points from your feed to your torso in order to aid circulation.


Hydro massage can also be done in swimming pools outfitted with walking courses in spring water, in which there are jets that can be moved to different heights.  In this way, the benefits of walking and moving your muscles are combined with those of hydro massage.


The vascular course is made up of two walkways of thermal spring water about 80 cm deep, arriving just about at your hips.  There is about a 10 degree difference in the temperature of the water in each walkway.  You walk first in the hot one then in the cold one, repeating this circuit several times.


In the vascular courses the presence of whirlpools and uneven flooring, together with the alternation between vasodilatation and vasoconstriction due to the difference in temperature, help the veins push and aid in lymphatic drainage.


To increase the efficacy of spa-based therapy, one can pair the water options with lymphatic draining or mechanical massages such as pressotherapy.


The cycle of spa-based cures for chronic vascular pathologies can part of therapies prescribed by a general practitioner.  It is guaranteed by the National Sanitary System and consists of 12 hydro massage sessions; it requires an evaluation with an electrocardiogram, blood exams of glycaemia, total and HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, uric acid and azotaemia, and a Doppler of the lower arteries.


Extract of the article appearing on Emilia Romagna Terme

By D.ssa Mara A. Maschera

Specialists in medical hydrology

Last modified Jan 10, 2017

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