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Silky skin? Entrust yourself to spring water

Everyone knows that spring water is the ideal cure for many bodily dysfunctions, and man has utilized it since the beginning of time.  But few people know that spring water is at its most efficient on your skin, with a noticeable protective effect against free radicals.


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The spring waters containing sodium chloride, bromide and iodide and also sulfurous ones are therapeutic and preventative, stimulating the microcirculation of the skin with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic results.  Thermal spring water therapies therefore have various benefits for the skin, thanks to their Keratolytic (peeling), anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and vascularization effect.


But how does it have these effects? Let’s try to explain it simply.  Thermal spring waters are full of particular elements: among these, the ions – for example sulphur – essential for the biologic activity of living organisms because they are a fundamental part of the physiologic organic liquids; and the oligodynamic elements, important for various metabolic activities of the organism.


Also the thermal component is important, because it is responsible not only for the vasodilatation of the capillaries, causing increased blood flow and therefore nurturing the skin, but also that of accelerating the biological and metabolic processes of the tissues; and finally also a reduction of the level of sensitivity of the sensitive skin receptors.


In dermatology, the most frequently used thermal techniques are baths and filiform showers, which have a decongesting effect and aid in the removal of scaly components of some dermatitis and calm itchiness.


The dermopathies that most visibly reap the benefits of thermal spring water cures are essentially those with a seborrhoeic base, such as acne, and those caused by dryness, both hyperproliferative and hyperkeratotic, such as psoriasis.


Ozonizer hydro-massages, vascular courses, swimming in thermal spring water pools with iodine-rich waters represent those treatments aimed at remodeling your figure, fighting against water retention and naturally exfoliating the skin, preparing it to better receive the active ingredients contained in the products used in thermal esthetics or medical esthetics.


Treatments which complement those done in the water are specific reshaping or draining massages, lymphatic massages, esthetic muds high in mineral salts and oligodynamic elements; wraps with a localized lipolytic effect and specific treatments all come together to complete the battle against cellulite.


Naturally, the times and application techniques of thermal spring water cures must be closely controlled, standardized with medical protocols, controlled by specialized dermatologists.  The correct application of spa-based therapy is not an alternative to therapeutic treatments, but is instead integrative.



Extract of the article appearing on Emilia Romagna Terme

By Dr.ssa Elena Valdiserri and Dr. Franco Lamacchia

Specialists in medical hydrology

Last modified Jan 10, 2017

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