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Spas in autumn 2014

At the thermal spas in Emilia Romagna autumn is all about harmony and wellness.  Once again this year there are many new deals offered by the 25 thermal spas in 19 towns from Salsomaggiore to Riccione, surrounded by pristine parks or looking out over the sea.  The hot spring waters help get back in shape after the extravagance of summer and in particular they help protect one's health from the first signs of winter, while regenerating treatments and natural therapies using waters rich in bromide, iodine, and sulphur are essential for the functioning of our bodies and for rehabilitation.


Massages with chestnuts, body scrubs with pink salt crystals, thermal mud for relieving muscle tension and a special program dedicated to balance - these are just some of the things offered this season.


Besides giving oneself an intelligent and relaxing break caressed by special waters used for thousands of years for their scientifically proven benefits - they help our body fight inflammation, remove toxins and regain its vitality - visitors can also take advantage of the many interesting proposals in nearby areas, such as visiting the local cities of art and Unesco sites, going on food and wine tours, hiking in parks, touring castles and even taking a bike tour.



Thermal spa in Salsomaggiore (Pr).  Among lights and sounds, here are many detoxifying treatments

Salsomaggiore is an elegant city, crisscrossed with tree-lined avenues, with welcoming hotels and surrounded by a ring of medieval castles.  A lucky land, because here there are natural springs of prized thermal waters, full of bromide and iodine and hypertonic, which can be categorized into four groups: natural iodine-rich waters, iodine rich water that has undergone deferrization, mother-water, and decalcified mother-water.  The spa is housed inside Palazzo Berzieri, one of the most beautiful and splendid Liberty buildings in all of Europe.  There is also a 4,000 sq.m. wellness center, Mari d’Oriente where you can relax among lights, essences, energizing jets of water and many excellent spa treatments.

Admission to the aquatic area Mari d’Oriente: multi-sensorial pools with jacuzzis, revitalizing showers, music pool and relaxation area, Air/Water detox program: tepidarium, calidarium and frigidarium, jets for muscle relaxation and a Kneipp program.  Access to the fitness area.  Cost €40. Info 0524/582611.  To stay the night contact Hotel Valentini **** or the Grand Hotel Porro****S.


Thermal spa “Il Baistrocchi” (Pr).  Special anti-cellulite program

Surrounded by a big age-old park, the “Il Baistrocchi” Spa is a comfortable hot springs hotel.  It offers treatments using the benefits of the bromide and iodine rich waters - used also in antiquity and recognized for their extraordinary therapeutic effects - effective wellness treatments and valid massage techniques.  The ideal place to spend a relaxing weekend dedicated to wellness.
This special offers three days and two nights in a double room, and full board with typical local dishes.  Medical visit (optional), wellness program (90’) including a stop in the thermal pool with a jacuzzi and a hammam/thermal steam room with a color therapy shower, a hot relaxing shower and a cold toning shower.  Also included in this deal is a manual manipulation of fluids (50’), anti-cellulite massage (25’), vascular thermal water program, an anti-cellulite cold wrap for legs (30’), and a wellness day kit. Cost €195. Info and booking: 0524/574422


Terme di Tabiano (Pr).  Marie Louise's favorite spa

In Tabiano Terme, the favorite hot springs spot of Marie Louise, Napoleon's wife, special spring waters with a high concentration of sulfates and sulfuric gases are present.  Thanks to this characteristic, the thermal waters of Tabiano are used not only to cure many pathologies, including skin ailments, but also for preventative health measures for the respiratory system, especially with winter on its way.  In Tabiano there is also a wellness center, T-Spatium: 1500 square meters completely dedicated to wellness.  Guests can relax among perfumed essences, Finnish saunas, steam rooms, hot aromatic pools, a tepidarium and detoxifying teas.
For those who are always in a hurry, here is a deal for a day totally dedicated to yourself.  It includes the "Percorso Arcobaleno dei Sensi": with a jacuzzi, relaxation tunnel, steam room, bio-sauna and Finnish sauna, and Kneipp treatment. "Terme Romane": with a calidarium, hot and cold aromatic showers, a tepidarium, jacuzzi and pool, and vascular programs.  Access to the fitness area.  Cost €40. Info: 0524/564130


Grand Hotel Terme Astro in Tabiano Bagni (Pr).  The ritual Hammam of Istanbul

Located on the rolling hills of Parma, just a half hour from the city, the Grand Hotel Terme Astro (a four star hotel) in Tabiano is a hot springs hotel with a spa, the Beauty Farm Alhambra.  A place to spoil your body, with the hammam, stone massages, particular treatments such as toning Polynesian rain and the underwater sounds pool.  Everything using the prized sulphur rich thermal waters of the hot springs of Tabiano.
Two nights, half board, courtesy set.  Day admission to the ritual Hammam “Bagni di Istanbul” (1h20’).  This offer also includes a delicate yogurt and ginger peeling, a vichy draining and toning shower which gently massages the body and helps circulation, a relaxing massage with a rebalancing cream, a light legs wrap and the One Day Card for discounts on purchases at the Outlet Fidenza Village.  Cost €315.  Only spa treatments €140. Info and booking: 0524/565523


Terme di Monticelli (Pr).  How to reshape the body and regenerate tissues.

Surrounded by a 35 hectare park, this complex is made up of seven specialized centers, three hot springs hotels, big covered pools, a cosmetic medicine and nutrition center, a rehabilitation center and the new Beauty  Spa with new refined wellness treatments.  Among the many treatments offered there are the effective muds and iodine and bromide rich pools. 
This is a new deal offered at the new center Linea Beauty Spa.  An intensive treatment for tough cellulite and localized fatty deposits.  The thermogenic action stimulates micro-circulation and aids the absorption of active ingredients, tones skin and reshapes your silhouette.  Cost: €75.  There is also the  Hydro Thermal Bath deal which is done in an area with a recreated starry sky.  You can relax in a pool with 120 jets that combine air and thermal spring water rich in bromide and iodine which has anti-inflammatory properties and stimulates circulation.  This treatment regenerates tissues and energizes.  Cost40. Info and bookings: 0521/682711


Hot springs of Sant’Andrea (Pr).  Eight types of water in the Apennines near Parma

Sant’Andrea Bagni is a small town on the hills of the Parma Apennines, where you can spend a few days relaxing and taking walks in a peaceful oasis.  From the rocks, eight prized types of water spring up.  Perfect for those looking to relax and dedicate some time to getting back in shape.
TOTAL RELAX PACKAGE (just treatments)
This deal includes a medical visit and specialized assistance.  It also includes free access to the relaxation area, the thermal pools, infrared sauna, circulatory treatments, the gym, and tanning beds.  Lastly a regenerating 25 minute massage, and a courtesy set.  The whole treatment lasts about two hours.  Cost €50Info and booking: 0525/431233


Salvarola hot springs (Mo).  The Matilde di Canossa package to feel like a queen

Legend says that Matilde di Canossa, vice queen of Italy - the most famous female figure in medieval Europe - after a bad fall turned to the sulphur and bromide rich waters of the Salvarola hot springs in Sassuolo to regain the use of her leg.  Along with the classic hot springs cures, there is also the thermal spa Balnea, 2300 sq.m., with big windows, thermal pools with different temperatures, gyms, circulation treatments, jacuzzis, a sauna, and a steam room with colored lights and aromas.
Dedicated to Matilde di Canossa  (next year will be the 900th anniversary), this deal includes an overnight stay and breakfast, a body treatment with thermal mud to relieve muscle tension, a stardust massage, access to the Spa Termale Balnea, use of the cardiofitness gym, and medical assistance.  Cost €165.  Among the autumn treatments are those using grapes and their derivatives (wine therapy), rich in antioxidants used to fight the signs of aging.  Three days, two nights and treatments (including a dip in a barrel full of bubbling grape must and a honey-ginger hand peeling) cost €209. Info: 0536/987530


Terme Felsinee (Bo).  The tradition of Roman baths in the heart of the city

Nutristyle®, a nutritional program and mitochondrial diet, is one of the novelties offered by Terme Felsinee, at the hot springs spa in the heart of the city of Bologna, which uses thermal spring waters rich in sulfates, sulphur and calcium.  The personalized nutritional program is based on DNA testing, metabolic acidosis, the sodium- potassium cycle, body temperature, and mitochondrial testing, which analyses the energy centers of cells which transform fat and carbohydrates into energy and heat.
Here is a complete package that includes a medical visit for admission to the springs, access to the thermal area with three pools with crenotherapy, circulation treatments, a sauna and hammam, relaxation area, and a hydro-bike session.  Access to the gym (bikes, treadmills, step machines). Toning massage 50 minutes.  Cost €70.  Info 051/6198484


Terme dell’Agriturismo (Bo).  Thermal pools, idyllic nature and tastings

The Terme dell’Agriturismo are located in the hills near Bologna and offer a hot springs wellness vacation immersed in the nature of the Val Sillaro.  This season's novelty is "Medical Fitness", a personalized protocol to battle hypertension, obesity, and joint pain.  Guests can also go on bike rides and follow the nutritional program Nutristyle® and a mitochondrial diet.
This two day, one night deal with half board includes a medical checkup, access to the hot springs area with a 34°C covered and open pool, a saltwater pool at 38°C, gym, jet spa, relaxation room, a ventilated sauna, a steam room with thermal saline steam and snow cones.  Anti-aging total body treatment for 80 minutes.  Toning-reshaping treatment for 80 minutes, cost €229. Info 051/929972


Terme di Porretta (Bo).  Guided tours of the underground springs and treatments with chestnuts

Treatments with the chestnuts that grow in the woods around the springs, guided tours of the secret underground springs and the opening of a new thermal wellness space “Natural spa”.  These are the new things this season in Porretta Terme, a hot springs center just one hour from Bologna and Florence.  The Hot Springs of Porretta have been known for centuries for the excellent quality of their water (full of sulphur, bromide and iodine), effective both as a cure and for prevention.  The Hotel delle Acque, 4 star, is directly linked to the springs.
Porretta offers guided tours of the spa, park and the lovely springs.  Visitors can go into the underground tunnels, which run from the old establishments through narrow tunnels carved into the rock.  The tours are held on Saturdays and cost €5.  Package with a tour, lunch or dinner, access to the thermal pools and the circulation treatment: €20. Info 0534/23180


Hot springs in Castel San Pietro (Bo). Wellness in the city of Slow Tourism

This historic hot springs center (1337), just a few kilometers from Bologna, along the via Emilia, is surrounded by nature in the splendid park of the Sillaro River.  Here the therapeutic waters are rich in bromide, iodine and sulphur and are perfect for thermal cures and rehabilitation.  At the Wellness Center there are both relaxing and cosmetic treatments.  Castel San Pietro is a town with a perfectly preserved medieval center and a precise philosophy: “Slow life, slow tourism”.
A deal for a weekend of wellness including an overnight stay with breakfast and body scrub with soft mud, a relaxing dip in spring water and a 30 minute massage, a facial mask and sauna with aromatic herbs and a neck and face massage; two days for €194.50.  Only treatments €125. Info 051/941247


Terme di Riolo (Ra). Halloween and Celtic new year's at the hot springs

Riolo Terme has been a hot springs resort since 1870.  In the hills near Ravenna there are four different types of spring water (sulphur, sulphur bicarbonate, alkaline, and bromide-iodine).  Here you can find the latest in trends in cosmetic medicine, anti-aging treatments and rehabilitation.  Riolo is also specialized in thermal cures for children and every year hosts the "Open Day Terme Kids” (May 23, 2015) for children of all ages.
On the evening of October 31, the town of Riolo will celebrate the great night of Halloween, Celtic New Year's with a pyrotechnic show.  For this occasion there will be a special package deal including an evening admission to the spa (6:45pm-10:00pm) with a thermal pool at 34° C, a circulation treatment, sauna, steam room, waterfalls, showers, a relaxation area, teas, and a fitness room with Technogym machines.  Hot towel relaxation poolside.  A little excursion will be held in the old forest around the springs.  If you want to add an overnight stay: €74.  Only treatments €39. During the rest of the weekend, two overnight stays with thermal treatments starting at €177. Info 0546/71045


Hot springs in Punta Marina (Ra).  Magnesium rich and just a stone's throw away from Unesco sites

Between the blue of the sea of Ravenna and the green of the dense pinewoods described by the romantic English poet George Byron are the hot springs of Punta Marina, unique due to their mineral water rich in calcium, magnesium, bromide and iodine.  Taken from 42 meters below ground, this water is laden with magnesium, a fundamental element in preventing fatigue and mood swings.  Just a few kilometers from here is Ravenna, the splendid city of art with eight Unesco sites.  A stay at the springs in Punta Marina is a great opportunity to mix the relaxation of thermal treatments with a historical and cultural trip.  Not to mention the quality of the hospitality here and the cordiality. 
An hour in the pool with thermal spring water (or in the smaller pool with a jacuzzi), total body peeling or mud treatment, an hour in the Finnish sauna with access to the relaxation area and teas.  Cost €40.  For those who want to stay over there is the Hotel Mosaico Terme Beach Resort  (0544/439491). Info 0544/ 437222


Hot springs of Cervia (Ra).  From the millennium old salt flats comes the mother water

The springs in Cervia are a true oasis of wellness on the sea.  Here there are traditional treatments such as bathing and mud therapy, but also outdoor mud treatments which are full of salt that detoxes the skin making it toned and soft.  From under the millennium salt flats comes a "mother water" and velvety muds with extraordinary curing powers.  The thermal pool has such a high salt content that it is similar to the Dead Sea and you can float very easily.  Because of this, this is a great place for rehabilitation and physical therapy.  The spa will close on November 15.
This is a anti-aging revitalizing body treatment.  It combines the use of thermal bio-active ingredients with phytomelatonin oil, for a toning and smoothing effect.  This deal includes a salt peeling, vaporized mud with a jacuzzi, a massage with phytomelatonin oil, and the application of a thermal phytomelatonin emulsion.  Cost €150. Info 0544/990111


Grand Hotel Terme in Castrocaro (Fc).  A program for walking well and living long

In the heart of Romagna, very near to Forlì, immersed in an eight hectare park, the hot springs of Castrocaro have been a wellness and health destination since 1838.  Here, iodine, bromide, and sulphur rich waters are used along with beneficial muds, effective in treating rheumatoid diseases, respiratory, vascular, dermatological and gynecological problems.  Impeccable service at the Grand Hotel Terme & Spa, 4 stars in Art Deco and Liberty style.  At the hot springs in Castrocaro you can follow a unique method: the “Long Life formulastudied to improve the quality and expectancy of life thanks to a multidisciplinary approach to wellness and prevention.
This is the latest news.  An innovative treatment for the prevention of falls and balance problems.  It consists of an initial diagnostic phase, a specialized inner ear check up, and a physiatrist exam to check the motor skills of the patient, before deciding on the best rehabilitation treatment.  Weekend, half board with spa treatments starting at €139. Info 0543/767114


Bagno di Romagna (FC) Ròseo Hotel Euroterme.  The Raxul couple's scrub

The Ròseo Hotel Euroterme is a structure specialized in wellness, health and relaxation where you can get back your vitality and complete psycho-physical wellness, surrounded by the woods of the Casentinesi forests just a short distance from the center of town.  Here hyper-thermal waters that bubble up at 45°C are used for the classic thermal treatments and for wellness.  Available for guests is the panoramic indoor-outdoor pool.

Two nights in a Superior room, sparking wine in your room when you arrive along with fresh fruit, full board, spa kit (only for adults), teas and fresh fruit in the relaxation room, access to the thermal pool from 10.00am to 10.45pm with jacuzzis and jets, access to the fitness center, the thermal grotto, circulation therapy, a couple's Raxul treatment with a personalized body scrub, a relaxing couples massage and a body wrap with thermal muds scented with wine, and top Maria Galland facial.  €496 per couple. Until November 23, 2014. Info 0543/911414


Bagno di Romagna (Fc).  Precious waters at the Hotel delle Terme Santa Agnese

Those who stay in this elegant thermal spa hotel can enjoy the benefits of hot hyper-thermal waters full of active minerals.  Bagno di Romagna is a medieval town tucked away in the nature of the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines and the National Park of the Foreste Casentinesi.  The Hotel delle Terme Santa Agnese offers innovative treatments, water rehabilitation, circulation cures and a thermal and natural grotto.
Two nights, full board, medical assistance, access to the outdoor thermal pool with jacuzzi, access to the natural thermal grotto (tepidarium – calidarium), hydroponic treatments, and a facial skin check up.  Besides the admission to the gym, teas, a 10% discount on the cosmetic line “Deacqua”, 1 coupon for treatments and massages,  and a city bike.  Cost €170. Info 0543/911018


Bagno di Romagna (FC) Grand Hotel Terme Roseo. Relax in the pool at 45°C

The Grand Hotel Terme Roseo is set in the ancient noble palace of the Biozzi Counts in the heart of Bagno di Romagna.  The waters here are ‘acquae calidae’ and bubble up at 45°C and are used to treat many ailments.  And of course there is a spa with many personalized treatments.  Relaxing is guaranteed in the thermal pool with 46 jacuzzis, waterfalls, underwater lounge chairs, underwater music therapy and hydro-bikes.
Two nights with Formula Spa, half board, free access to the hot thermal grotto, access to the thermal pool with 46 jacuzzis, free access to the gym and stretching area, spa kit + poles for Nordic walking, wellness teas.  Cost €130 per person. Info 0543/911016


Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta (Fc).  The perfect place to get in shape

The Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta, in Bertinoro in the heart of Romagna, is supplied by 11 springs which bring 7 different types of water to the surface, each with different characteristics and properties and full of minerals.  The Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta, recently remodeled, also includes a spa with many personalized proposals and programs.  Special programs for pregnant women or new moms.
Overnight stay Formula Spa with half board, access to the wellness program "Armonie Naturali" , spa kit, poles for Nordic walking, wellness teas, fresh fruit, a grape skin massage for 30 minutes, visit to the wine cellar in Fratta Terme with a small wine tasting.  Cost €139. Until December 28. Info 0543/460911


Riminiterme.  Very new treatments for intestinal remedies

At Riminiterme there are many new things.  The treatments of cosmetic medicine which through the latest “Cross-Linked Hyaluronic Acid” allow for the reshaping of facial and body contours.  A new space dedicated to children and families at reserved times (spa, entertainment and games).  A new service of natural treatments for difficulties with digestion and intestinal problems.  In the spa, which looks out over the sea, there is the Salt Room.  In the therapeutic area there are also the traditional thermal treatments.
Includes a salt based treatment.  Peeling and 50 minute calendula and camomile massage.  A clay and honey facial mask.  Cost €80. Info 0541/424011


Riccione Terme.  The spa for those who do sports or love their body

A scrub with pink salt crystals and the natural hyaluronic acid (which favors cell regeneration) found in pomegranate, mixed with thermal spring water.  This is just one of the new treatments at Riccione Terme.  This spa is ideal for those who play a sport.  The sulphur, bromide and iodine rich waters full of minerals are great both before and after physical activity and are also good for traditional thermal cures.  They are anti-inflammatory, toning, and fight off aches and pains.  It is not a coincidence that Riccione Terme has been chosen as the host of the Italian Triathlon Championship 2014 with more than 3000 athletes.
Body scrub with pink salt crystals, pomegranate nectar and spring water drops.  Detoxifying body massage with honey, extra-virgin olive oil and sulphur water.  Sensorial Thermal Program, thermal facial mud mask.  Relaxation with teas and a bio-sensorial shower-bath from the Riccione Terme line for free.   Cost €107 instead of €147.  You can stay overnight in a hotel, 4 stars at €155. Info: 0541/ 602201


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