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Home Spas & fitness Heated pools and whirlpool baths, find the right wellness vacation for you in the spas from Salsomaggiore Terme to Riccione

Heated pools and whirlpool baths, find the right wellness vacation for you in the spas from Salsomaggiore Terme to Riccione

Immersing oneself in hot pools of natural spring water, relaxing in the whirlpool baths scented with exotic essential oils, purifying oneself with an aromatic steam bath, or treating your skin with silky muds, are just a few of the ingredients of the wellness and health vacation in the twenty-six spas of Emilia Romagna.


Highlights: treatments and medical staff of the highest level.  All of this mixed with the typical friendliness of this region.  But most of all, a stay here a the Spas is a wellness vacation with certified therapeutic effects, not to be confused with a stay in your run-of-the-mill wellness centers and spas.


The hot springs in Emilia Romagna have something more, because hey are also tourist destinations.  In this region where hospitality is cherished, there are always hundreds of things to do: visits to the cities of art, wine and food trips, hiking in parks, tours of castles.  Another important detail: here the cures using natural spring water are covered by the SSN (national sanitary services).



Here is a brief overview of the places. The most famous is without a doubt Salsomaggiore Terme (Pr), a Liberty jewel and City of Health (there are establishments, hotels, and sports arenas).  Here you can get a whiff of Culatello, Prosciutto and Parmigiano Reggiano all produced in this region. It is also at the heart of two important itineraries: that of Terre Verdiane (Verdi's lands) and that of Castles of the Duchy. In Salsomaggiore there is Il Baistrocchi Spa and two spa hotels Grand Hotel Porro and Valentini Hotel and Spa.


Not far from here, in Tabiano Spas (Pr) there is the   only voice center in Italy; it is specialized in vocal cord training and emitting sounds, and is frequented by actors, singers, and teachers.  In Montechiarugolo, just 10 km from Parma, there are the Terme di Monicelli (Pr) with three hot springs with different temperatures. Along the old Via Francigena there is also Terme di S. Andrea Bagni (Pr): this thermal basin has eight different types of healing waters.


Punta Marina Terme

In the Apennines near Reggio Emilia, there is Terme di Cervarezza (Re), noted for its respiratory cures.  Ten minutes from Maranello, in Terme della Salvarola (Mo), you can try the Ayurveda treatment series, or the couple's bath immersed in a barrel of grape must and spring water.


Even Bologna has a long history of spas. In the city there are the Terme Felsinee, the Terme di San Luca, and the Terme di San Petronio.  Just an hour outside the city, in the greenery of the Apennines, there is also Terme di Porretta. Along the road going to Romagna, there is Castel San Pietro Terme and not far after that – still in the hills outside of Bologna - the Terme dell’Agriturismo in Monterenzio.

Just a stone's throw from Ravenna there are two spa destinations: the Terme di Brisighella and the Terme di Riolo (Ra). Here you can find a whole pavilion dedicated to cures for children.


In the heart of Romagna just 15 minutes from Forlì, there are the famous Terme di Castrocaro (Fc) where you can use the hot springs at night as well.  The anti-aging treatments are also worth trying and the large natural medicine center.  For motorcyclists, there is a special package called the “Muraglione Packet”, named after the street in this region loved by motorcyclists.


Terme Oasis Riccione


Bagno di Romagna (Fc) is nestled in the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests; it is a lovely little town of Gnomes – in the forest of the same name, there is a pathway specifically designed for children full of sculptures and installations.  In Bagno there are three four star spas: Ròseo Hotel Euroterme, the Grand Hotel Terme Roseo and the Hotel Terme di Sant’Agnese.

Not far from here is the splendidly restored Grand Hotel Terme della Fratta in Bertinoro: the 11 springs in the park feed into 7 different hot springs.


For those that want a vacation at the sea, and health and wellness treatments, they must choose between Cervia Spas with the saltiest pool in Europe (you can float like in the Dead Sea) and Punta Marina Spas on the beach near Ravenna.  Or between Riminiterme where there is one of the few talassotherapy centers in Italy and Riccione Terme.


Last but not least, a nice summer destination is the Thermae Oasis (Fe) in Lido delle Nazioni where you can relax while taking a swim in the sea or getting a massage.



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