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Mari d’Oriente – Berzieri Spa

Piazzale Berzieri- 43039 Salsomaggiore Terme

Tel. +39 0524 582723 – Freephone number 800 861 385


Thanks to the “Mari d’oriente” thermal swimming pools the sea has reappeared in Salsomaggiore Terme. Inside the Berzieri Spa, a prestigious jewel in Art Nouveau style and located in the heart of the town centre, guests can relax by spending some time in the famous bromine and iodine waters.


This is not only the occasion to relax, but also to enjoy wellness and health thanks to the thermal water of Salsomaggiore, rich in mineral salts and trace elements, which carries out an anti-radical action that naturally balances and tones up, stimulating microcirculation and increasing cellular oxygenation.


Berzieri Spa


“Mari d’Oriente” thermal swimming pools

Mari d’Oriente are composed of three thematic swimming pools that perfectly complete the traditional wellness treatments thanks to a 500-sqm area entirely dedicated to health.


The "Mare dell’armonia" consists of multiple jets arranged according to muscular disposition and in the direction of venous return. You will also enjoy a vigorous neck massage as well as a toning massage thanks to different jets of water. Benches and chaise lounge with relaxing hydro massage for buttocks, legs and back and a toning hydro massage will complete the tour.


You will then relax in the "Mare della musica" and let yourself gently be rocked by the notes coming from underwater music, by the aromas and by the constant temperature at 34°C.


In the "Mare dell’energia" you will have a relaxing and healthy vascular walk through two different baths, one with hot water at 35°C and the other one with cold water at 25°C; both have air jets that stimulate and improve venous return and lymphatic drainage of the lower limbs.


Open all year round, during the period from November to March the pools are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.



To fully benefit from these natural active ingredients, between a bath and the other, you can enjoy the relaxation room where you can taste delicious and locally produced herbal teas.


How to get there

Highway A1 Milano - Bologna exit Fidenza - Salsomaggiore - 15,5 km.


For tourist information

Local site: Salsomaggiore Terme

Last modified Aug 16, 2013

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