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Riolo Bagni Spa

Via Firenze 15 - 48025 Riolo Terme (RA)
Tel. + 39 0546.71045 - Fax +39 0546.71605


The historic Spa Center in Liberty style in Riolo Terme, from which one can enjoy the splendid and quiet panorama of the surrounding hills, continuing in its important developmental works of thermalism and wellness, as a fundamental part of the quality of life, inaugurated a modern and innovative area called “The Wellness Center” in December 2010.


Riolo Spa


This structure completes and integrates the already wide array of services and treatments that make Riolo Terme excellent: the large thermal spring water pool containing sodium chloride, bromide and iodide without chlorine, with vascular walkways at different temperatures, the Center of physical and respiratory rehabilitation, the ear, nose and throat Center, the natural methods Center, the esthetic medicine Center and the Kids’ Spa.


Swimming pool

The dimensions of the thermal pool - 21m. x 15m. – allow you to enjoy the benefits of thermal waters containing sodium chloride, bromide, and iodide, along with exercise, while its depth ranging from 70 cm to 1.4 meters guarantees safety.  The pleasing temperature of 32°C allows the muscles to relax without damaging the cardiovascular system.

The pool is equipped with multiple hydro-massage points, with mushroom jets for the neck areas and with fitness equipment, bikes and steps.  Guests can also use the outdoor solarium during warm weather and the cafeteria with a phone service so you can order snacks and juices for lunch.

The purification of the water is done with ozone, currently one of the most advanced and modern methods, which works effectively and quickly against bacteria, algae, and viruses, guaranteeing safety when using the pool, also from a sanitary point of view, by avoiding such problems as eye irritation.  Also your skin will not be irritated and your hair will not lose its natural softness and shine, often a cause of a change in physiological Ph.



The center, open all year, has a sauna, steam room, showers of different types and showers with spa jets, a fitness room, a “rain room”, and a relaxation area with a wellness measuring device.


How to get there

From the A14 highway, exit at Imola (coming from Bologna) or Faenza (coming from Forlì and Ravenna). Continue on for 8 km towards Castel Bolognese along the via Emilia. You will reach Riolo Terme after 7 km along the SS 306.


For tourist information

Local office of the Terre di Faenza

Last modified Oct 19, 2011

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