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Spa of Porretta

Via Roma, 5 - 40046 Porretta Terme (BO)
Tel. +39 0534 22062 Fax +39 0534 24260


Sulfurous, bromine and iodine waters spring from the sources of the thermal baths of Porretta, located in the heart of the Apennines, between Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna. These waters have features that make them exceptional. The concentration of elements which are essential in the good functioning of our body is particularly high, and their quality can not be altered in any way.


Porretta Spa


The history of the spa is very old but only from the second half of the fourteenth century the interest in thermal baths has grown. The building of the first hotels goes back to this period and marks the birth of the current town called Bagni della Porretta. The nineteenth century coincided with a period of great development of its thermal baths. They were frequented by numerous selected customers and by many opera singers who came here to restore and strengthen their precious vocal chords.


Today, besides the traditional health centres of the Spa, the Beauty Centre, equipped with modern facilities ensuring cutting-edge thermal treatments for body imperfections, offers complete and personalized wellness and beauty treatments, thought even for those who have little spare time and want to spend one day of complete relaxation.


The thermal pool

Those who wish to experience wellness at the spa can plunge into the thermal pool, open all year round from Monday to Saturday and fed by bromide and iodine waters at a temperature of 35°C.


The spa structure allows access to everyone, even to those children who experience the contact with water for the first time - after medical examination, by daily appointment – and for a duration of 30 minutes, since this is a therapeutic pool.

A wide staircase takes to the swimming pool. This is divided into three areas with different water levels (80, 120, 140 cm) and each area is equipped with parallel bars and handles along the border, ensuring a safe use.


Next to the main pool, there are two small pools with water at different temperatures (22°C and 32°C), lateral hydromassages with different pressure (maximum at the bottom and lower towards the surface), bottom covered with river pebbles: these vascular baths are accessible on medical prescription and related payment.

The bromine and iodine water of the pool and the vascular baths has various biological effects, among which anti-inflammatory and relaxing.


Those who come to the pool, even for one day, can enjoy, against payment, the treatments offered by the Wellness Centre: gymnasium, massages, Jacuzzi, beauty salon, sauna, Turkish bath, vascular baths.


How to get there

The establishments of the “New Thermal Baths”, where all kinds therapies are carried out, are located at about 800 meters from the town centre of Porretta, on the national road 64 Porrettana, in direction of Pistoia. The "Old Thermal Baths" are located in the town centre of the village.

For tourist information

Local site: Bolognese Apennine

Last modified May 04, 2012

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