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A sea of nativity scenes

Presepe bellaria small JPGThere are many sea inspired nativities along the Riviera of Emilia Romagna, such as the one set up on the boats of the Marine Museum along the port canal in Cesenatico (Fc), which reproduces the typical figures of life on the sea while they pay homage to Baby Jesus. There are also the sand nativity scenes in Rimini and in Bellaria-Igea Marina, where international artists will bring stupendous figures to life using sand and water to create enchanting scenes and landscapes. And let's not forget the sand nativity in Marina di Ravenna and the impressive "From the Sea" in Casalborsetti, along the beaches of Ravenna, should also not be missed.


In Cervia, besides the salt nativity scene or the saltworkers one, the comet leads us also to Milano Marittima where 100 artistic elements celebrate the birth of Jesus and the 100th anniversary of Milano Marittima with impressive multi-sensorial animation, very creatively elaborated, made up of many colors, lights and even music, which will tell the story of the Nativity through the re-elaboration of works by Giotto and his peers.


Presepe cattolica small JPGThere is also a seaside nativity scene in Comacchio (Fe) where on Christmas Eve a floating "water nativity scene" will gladden the town; it is located under the arches of the 17th century Trepponti Bridge and there will be many other nativity scenes set up along the canals. The Cattolica Aquarium (Rn) will offer visitors an unusual setting for their scenes; the tanks of the Mediterranean Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific will all become underwater art galleries housing lovely sculptures perfectly integrated into their aquatic surroundings.


Prespe small JPGLive nativity scenes will be the focusin Classe, in the province of Ravenna, with musicians, torches, bottegas and Roman guards, and vin brulè and sweets for everyone. Meanwhile in Montefiore Conca, just inland from Rimini, where the entire historic center of this medieval town will be the setting for the scene.


There are also many interesting mechanical nativity scenes, the best one being the very large and traditional nativity scene housed in the Convent of SS. Crocefisso in Longiano (Fc), full of complex and fascinating mechanical movements, lights, and sounds, and around which a whole nativity representation has built up which involves the entire town. Also not to be missed is the nativity scene of Maurizio Veterani in Riccione, with 500 mechanized figures and great sound and lighting effects.


The biggest mechanical nativity scene set up inside public caves can be found in Santarcangelo di Romagna along an underground pathway of more than 200 meters.  16 niches carved out of the sandstone tell the story of Jesus's childhood, with movements, lights and special effects.


mare di presepi 3 small JPGEnchanting representations full of evangelical symbols and of sacred art, in Neapolitan style or even historic-eastern style, popular nativity scenes, mechanized or not, even in Ravenna: here you can see more than forty different nativities, in churches and various places throughout the city, both inland and along the seaside.


Nativity Scenes along the Riviera

Last modified Dec 28, 2012

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