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Art exhibitions along the Riviera

In the cities of art along the Romagna Riviera and in the ancient inland towns, visitors can enjoy art and culture in the evocative settings of historic town centers and admire international and national masterpieces enriching their vacations with a touch of culture.


In Cesena do not miss the "Landscapes of art and nature", the permanent exhibition dedicated to the Cesena sculptor Leonardo Lucchi which integrates his bronze creations into the urban fabric in gardens and public parks.  The itinerary winds its way through the sculptures "Gli Equilibristi" (Tightrope Walkers) placed along Cesuola alley and continues down Stalle street up to Piazza del Popolo.  Here the exhibition ends with a visit to the sculptor's studio, which has always been a meeting point and a place of cultural exchange for everyone, where guests can admire more than fifty pieces made with various materials.


In the city of Ravenna, for the occasion of the reopening of Palazzo Rasponi, an imposing noble dwelling from the 18th century, the most monumental in Ravenna, until February 15th there will be the exposition "Giuseppe Maestri. The Gift".  An engraver, artist and gallery director from Ravenna, Maestri enlivened the art scene of his city for about half a century.  The theme of the exhibition is the gift, understood as a two-way relationship between the artist and his city, his source of inspiration.


Also in the city of mosaics, in the beautiful rooms of the MAR - the City of Ravenna Museum of Art, on February 22 the exhibition "Il Bel Paese.  Italy from the Risorgimento to the Great War, from the Macchiaioli to the Futurists" will open.  Dedicated to the beauty of Italy in the historic period from the Risorgimento to the First World War, the sections of the exhibition depict the country in terms of landscapes but also from a cultural and social point of view.  There will be paintings on display by Induno, Fattori, Lega, Guaccimanni, Caffi, Bianchi and Segantini, but also works by foreign artists such as Turner, Crane, Corot and Boudin.  Until June 14.


For those visiting Rimini, in the splendid rooms of the City Museum, you can admire the exhibition "BG3 - Biennale Giovani".  Twenty-eight young artists have been chosen to display their works as part of a project that focuses on how art is experiencing a period of great eclecticism and hybridization - from dynamic wall paintings to photography, installations, verbal materials and high voltage conceptual works.  Visitors can take part in guided tours and learning labs.  Until March 8.


Also in Rimini we recommend not missing the permanent collection of Renato Zavagli's works, known in the art world by the name "Renè Gruau".  This artist was one of the greatest advertising illustrators of the 20th century who worked for prestigious magazines in this sector as well as important fashion houses - including Dior and Balmain - producers of luxury cosmetics and accessories.  There are many lithographs, sketches, drawings, paintings, fashion magazines, advertisements, objects made with fabric, postcards, flyers, shop window displays, ceramic plates and books which document the vast production of this artist.


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