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Pink Night 2014

Passion is the theme of the ninth edition of Pink Night, which starting on Friday, July 4 will offer 2 million guests a full calendar of unforgettable events, all dedicated to Italian Passion, the slogan that can be seen on the official image of the event.


The theme "passion" will ignite the 110 kilometers of the Romagna Riviera, from the Lidi di Comacchio to Cattolica, with concerts, beach parties, shows, entertainment for adults and children, exhibitions, literary readings, food, fireworks and much more.



The symbol of this passion is a kiss told of by Dante, the kiss between Paolo and Francesca in the V canto of the Inferno. The poster for this edition, designed by Marco Morosini, is inspired by the portrait of the two lovers by William Dyce and the Bacco by Caravaggio, and shows two young people of the past and present (the girl, wearing renaissance clothing, also has a pair of headphones and an MP3 player, the boy is bare-chested with a pair of jeans and a tattoo on his arm of the famous verse by Dante “Amor, ch'a nullo amato amar perdona”- Love, which forgives no loved one for loving), and the “matchmaker”, a book in the girl's lap, just like in the love story of Paolo Malatesta and Francesca da Rimini.


Romagna, in fact, is the quintessential land of passion. The same passion that the whole world has always recognized in our country and that over time has created eternal myths and legends: from Ferrari to Ducati, from Giuseppe Verdi to Luciano Pavarotti and Vasco Rossi, from Federico Fellini to Michelangelo Antonioni, from Alberto Tomba to Valentino Rossi, not to mention high fashion and our passion for good food such as Parmigiano Reggiano, pasta, and gelato.


Lots of live music and shows for children


Taking the stage this year are some of the best names in Italian music, from Negramaro, who will perform at the Arena della Regina in Cattolica, on Saturday, July 5, to Elisa, in Piazzale Fellini, in Rimini, Friday, July 4, to Luca Carboni, also playing Friday, July 4 in Piazza Italia, in Lido delle Nazioni, Claudio Coccoluto with his dj set of lights and sounds at the Rocca Brancaleone in Ravenna, Friday, July 4, as part of the Ravenna Festival, the Modena City Ramblers, who will take over Piazza Italia, a Lido delle Nazioni, with their music on Saturday, July 5, and Peppe Servillo & Solis String Quartet, who will welcome the rising sun on Saturday, July 5 on the beach in Riminiterme.  And of course Francesco Renga in Piazzale Roma in Riccione, Saturday, July 5, Francesco Sarcina - ex leader of Le Vibrazioni- and Paolo Belli with his Big Band, in concert in Piazza Andrea Costa, in Cesenatico, Friday, July 4, for Radio Bruno Estate, Fiordaliso and Ivana Spagna at the Parco Benelli in San Mauro Mare, on Friday, July 4 and Saturday, July 5, respectively, to then close out with Andrea Mingardi in Piazza della Repubblica, in Misano Adriatico, on Friday, July 4, the Orchestra Mirko Casadei in Piazza Romagna Mia in Gatteo Mare, Friday, July 4 and Umberto Smaila and his band in Piazza Primo Maggio, in Cattolica, on Friday, July 4.


At midnight everyone on the beach will look to the night skies for the highlight of Pink Night, the big fireworks show along the whole Riviera.


Even the youngest guests are stars at Pink Night, with the Pink Night for Children in Bellaria Igea Marina, which every year transforms this seaside Romagna town into a pleasure island for kids all weekend long with games, workshops, shows and much more.  The special guests of the 2014 edition are two television VIPs, Pimpa, the friendly little spotted dog created by Altan in 1975, who on Friday, July 4, “in flesh and bone”, will meet children in two locations for an unforgettable photo opportunity, and the Winx, who on Saturday, July 5 will dedicate the whole day to the fans of the Winx Club, with three “islands” for meetings, tastings of Winx Fairy Ice Cream - the official Winx gelato made with honey, fiordilatte, and chocolate -, as well as a splendid evening show on the beach at Polo Est.  Pink Night for Children will also be held at the Villaggio del Fanciullo in Ravenna, with face painters, a little market, shows and much more.


Passion for literature and dancing


Romantic passion – and nostalgia - are also the themes of the eighth edition of the International Days “Francesca da Rimini”, which will be held on July 4 and 5 at the City Museum in downtown Rimini; there will be many meetings and events dedicated to this famous female figure.  Also on schedule, besides the convention on this year's theme, is the extraordinary exposition of ancient illustrated editions of the Divine Comedy selected from the Collezione Ambrogio, the biggest and most important in the world, as well as the showing of videos with the most beautiful kisses from the productions of the lyrical opera “Francesca da Rimini” by the composer Riccardo Zandonai.  As for literary passion, there will be an event in Ravenna, candidate for the European Capital of Culture 2019: Saturday, July 5, at 6.45pm departing from the Iat office in Via Salara 8/12 a guided visit dedicated to the famous couples of the city: Paolo and Francesca, but also Teresa Gamba in Guiccioli and Lord George Byron, protagonists in an intense love story.


And of course there will be lots of room for food events, from Gelato nel Piatto, with tastings in various restaurants of Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma gelato, to the pink queen of regional cold cuts, Mortadella, with a free tasting corner (in Marina Centro in Rimini) of the true Mortadella Bologna PGI.


Among the other events on this packed calendar, not to be missed in Cervia are the walks in the salt flats at sunset with tastings of pink "piadina" with Cervia sweet salt, Friday, July 4, at 7.30pm at the Centro Visite Salina, and the Fluo Run, a nighttime race with fluorescent clothing on Saturday, July 5 at 9.00pm, departing from Piazzale dei Salinari.  In Riccione the big event is on Friday, July 4 at 7pm, in Piazzale Romacon, with “Welldance”, the choreography show by Raffaele Paganini and Annarosa Petri, followed by a gala at the Festival del Sole.


The Pink Night “previews”


The atmosphere of Pink Night can be experienced also in the days leading up to the big event.  On Saturday, June 28 Molo Street Parade returns to Rimini, with the fishing boats along the port canal transformed into floating consoles to accommodate the 80 djs from all over the world, with special guest Wyclef Jean, the famous rapper and ex leader of the Fugees, and Junior Jack, the disc jockey and Italian producer known for the hit Make Luv. The event will be preceded on Friday 27 by the Molo Green Parade, dedicated to everything that is green or eco-friendly, with an focus on traditional food and good music.


Thursday, July 3 at the Corte degli Agostiniani in Rimini, as part of the festival "Percuotere la Mente", Baustelle will take the stage, while the same evening in Piazzale Ceccarini in Riccione there will be the final evening of “CinéCiak d’Oro”, the awards for Italian comedy, in collaboration with the magazine Ciak.


Detailed program, information, and vacation deals at:
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