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Home The Adriatic Coast Following the comet. Tour of nativity scenes 2015

Following the comet. Tour of nativity scenes 2015

Making the Christmas atmosphere particularly magical on the Romagna Riviera is a tour of authentic nativity masterpieces of great technical ability and artistic craft.  These scenes represent an ancient heritage of traditions from even faraway countries.


There are nine nativities made by international and Italian artists in seven towns of the Romagna Riviera, from Marina di Ravenna to Rimini.


Alongside of the most classic and well known nativities, from the Salt Nativity in Cervia - which also hosts two Nativities dedicated to salt works - to that of the Maritime Museum in Cesenatico, set up aboard the ancient boats moored in the Canal Port, passing by those made in more than 40 vats positioned throughout historic downtown in Bellaria-Igea Marina, the tour stops also at more contemporary representations.


Among these is the Artistic Nativity of the Academy of Brera, set up in downtown Milano Marittima, with about fifty white sculptures of two shepherds with their flock, and as many painted elements such as the dozens of standards among the pine trees of the city with thoughts on the nativity and positive messages.


But the real attraction on the Riviera are the sand nativity scenes.

In Marina di Ravenna, on the beach of the Circolo Marinai d’Italia behind the protective dam, on a 400 square meter surface, there is a sea themed nativity that, along a pathway lit with candles, will tell of the magic of Christmas.  In this year's edition, some of the most famous works and images tied to the nativity will be represented by statues that reach up to 3 meters in height.


Then there is the 600 square meter area that will take visitors on a journey into the Nativity among monuments, arts and trades dating back to the first centuries AD.  It is the Nativity in Torre Pedrera (North of Rimini), at Bagno 65 along the seaside, created by a team of famous international artists and made with more than 1,000,000 kilos of sand. This year's will be a classic Franciscan nativity immersed in the local atmosphere.


In Rimini, the great nativity set up in the temporary structure in Piazzale Boscovich and part of the Christmas village - distributed over more than 2500 meters of covered space on the public access beach in Rimini - is tied to a collective image made of representations of the birth and life of Jesus in the Holy City of Jerusalem, a place of religious and power plots involving Judas, the Babylonians and Herod.  A whirling labyrinth of streets that will follow the "Light of the Comet" through towns, mountains, and deserts before arriving at the manger in Bethlehem.




All of the Nativities in Emilia Romagna


Last modified Dec 14, 2015

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