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Free wifi in the beaches of Romagna

Not just sea, sun, tanning, sports and fun, the beaches of the Romagna Riviera are more and more wireless every season. Along large stretches of the Adriatic coast free wi-fi is available, with systems set up in dozens of bathing establishments so you can surf the web with your smartphone, notebook or iPad, under the beach umbrella and, in some cases, also in the water, on paddle boats or on an air mattress.


There is also an Internet station outfitted with special instruments for the visually impaired. And where there is not this full coverage, there is almost always free wifi offered by each individual bathing establishment.


To make your vacation even easier and more convenient, the Romagna Riviera offers also other services such as a Web Tv dedicated entirely to the beach, or innovative apps to book a lounge chair or a beach umbrella, or even get at a reduced rate on an umbrella that is not being used.



Rimini: Rimini Network Beach Consortium


Rimini has a wireless network that covers more than 6 kilometers of beach which connect Bagno 1 to Bagno 150 (near Rimini Sud), to which recently a few cafes have been added in Viserba and Bellaria Igea Marina (near Rimini Nord). This service is managed by the Rimini Network Beach Consortium, made up of the Cooperativa Bagnini, Consorzio Ristobar di spiaggia and the Consorzio Marina Riminese.


From the Canal Port to Miramare there are 80 hotspots that form a unique system that allows tourists that come to one of the participating bathing establishments (at the entrance there are posters and flyers that indicate the wifi Zone) to surf the web for free practically all day. To use the service it is enough to connect to the Wi-Fi Spiaggia Rimini and to register after which you will be sent a password with which to access the network.




From the Lidi of Ravenna to Cervia: 50 Km of wireless coast


It’s called Project Galileo and it allows visitors to surf the web at no cost with laptops, smartphones and tablets on the beaches of Cervia, Milano Marittima, Pinarella and Tagliata. To access this service, just connect to WI-Fi Galileo and fill out the registration form that grants the right to a username and a password which are good for a year. In the “wake” of Galileo, also the 9 beaches of Ravenna (Casal Borsetti, Marina Romea, Porto Corsini, Marina di Ravenna, Punta Marina Terme, Lido Adriano, Lido di Dante, Lido di Classe and Lido di Savio) have created a free wifi service thanks to Onda Libera: once on the beach, just connect to Wi-Fi Onda Libera and you can surf the web automatically without even registering. The two initiatives together cover about 400 bathing establishments on 50 kilometers of coastline, with a network of 180 hotspots offering a unique service, given that this is one of the biggest virtual coverings of a beach area in Italy.




Cervia: the first Web Tv dedicated to beaches


Promoted by the Cooperativa Bagnini of Cervia, in collaboration with Romagna Web Tv, the first online tv on the beach has been created. This is a unique web tv in Italy, entirely dedicated to the beach and the star of this tv is the weather forecast, designed in particular to interpret meteorological changes: tourists can learn to understand what the weather will be with a few simple indications, in order to combat the so-called alarmism forecast. The show schedule offered by this special web tv is excellent: it ranges from information on beach life, to tourist deals around this area, from events in the city to discovering local traditions.





Riccione: wifi on the beach and... in the water


All of the 99 bathing establishments of the Cooperativa Bagnini of Riccione (from 16 to 137 for a stretch of beach of about 6 kilometers) have been outfitted with a new free wifi network (Spiagge Riccione freewifi) which allows guests to go on the web even in the water. The signal, in fact, extends not just to the water’s edge, but up to 300 meters out to sea.

You can also go from establishment to establishment and still be connected, just log in to one of the connected bathing establishments to stay online also at all the others. The network – the Cooperative affirms – is also safe from external attacks and the data of those who sign in are not stored.




Cesenatico: Internet for the visually impaired


Also in Cesenatico the 7 kilometers of beach that go from Zadina to Villamarina have bathing establishments with free wifi, just get onto the network Bagnini di Cesenatico to always be connected, without time limits. To use it, you must authenticate with a cell phone number, or you can sign in with your username and password from Facebook or Google Plus.


Also two internet stations for the visually impaired have been set up in the area of Levante (Bagno Milano, tel. 0547/80139, and Bagno Brasil 33, tel. 0547/83263), and can be used by all of the tourists of the sandy shore of Cesenatico. The stations have an all in one computer (a more compact version than the traditional one), helpvision (keyboard for the visually impaired), a screen reader (magnification and voice synthesis), and voice recognition software (JAWS). At these special stations there are also portable video magnifiers for the elderly and visually impaired to help them read.




Riviera of Comacchio: the App to “surf” free of charge


On the beaches of the Riviera of Comacchio the majority of the bathing establishments have activated the free wifi service for their customers. Some of the managers have activated it for themselves while others participate in the network Comacchio App that covers an area of the coast of about 25 kilometers and that offers also tourist information both about the coast and inland as well as the Po Delta Park and vacation packages. Currently, thanks to the bathing establishments and the businesses that participate, this App covers all of Lido delle Nazioni, Lido di Pomposa, Lido degli Scacchi, Lido di Volano, Porto Garibaldi and Lido di Spina.





Marina App: book your lounge chair and umbrella with a discount


It is called Marina App ( and it allows you to go to the beach at a more affordable price, using a beach umbrella that seasonal clients are not currently using. This idea came from three young friends from Gambettola, Andrea Pagliarani, Davide Santoli and Jader Zani, who brought the concept of sharing economy to the beaches of Romagna. This special service, which began as a start up at Cesenalab, the think tank of the University of Bologna and the Municipality of Cesena, can be downloaded free of charge.

How does it work?

The customer who has rented the umbrella for the season indicates the days that they will not be using their spot, and the tourist who wants a lounge chair and a bit of shade can choose (based on the location and available dates) and book it at a cheaper price (between 30 and 40% less). The customer with the seasonal pass receives services on the beach (rentals, food at the bar, etc) in exchange, and the owner earns money and meets a new potential customer. Obviously, all three have to be enrolled in this service. At the end of July there were more than thirty bathing establishments enrolled, located in Cesenatico, Rimini, Cervia and Marina di Ravenna. The app can be downloaded online from app stores or directly from the website (for more information 334/7172834).


Also at Spiaggia Marina Centro the resort in Rimini created by the merger of 8 bathing establishments (from 19 to 28, except for 22 and 23) it is possible to book umbrellas and chairs on the beach using the App Cocò on your phone, and paying with Paypal or by credit card (


Last modified Aug 11, 2017

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