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Holidays in Riviera

The comfortable and inviting gateway to Italian beauties is a crossroads of history, art, culture, oenogastronomy, big events and queen of hospitality.

With its famous resorts that have shaped the history of tourism - Rimini, Riccione, Cesenatico, Cervia-Milano Marittima - its 3700 hotels, fifteen amusement parks, warm welcome and joy of living, the Riviera is the tourist destination par excellence among Italian seaside holidays. The ancient fishing villages are today modern seaside resorts.


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While its golden beaches are the best equipped and safest in the world thanks to gently sloping seabed that make them ideal for families with children, young people will discover in the Riviera a real breeding ground for new trends, with hundreds of nightspots, meeting places, experiences to be lived.

From Cattolica to Lidi di Comacchio, those who wish to can pamper themselves with moments of wellness and relaxation in bathing establishments equipped with Spas that offer all kinds of massages. Those who love an “active holiday”, besides the classic sports such as beach tennis, beach volleyball, foot volleyball and beach soccer, can also try kite surfing, Nordic walking and stand up paddle surfing.

And those who cannot do without their computer even on holiday, as well as on the waves, here can "navigate" also under the umbrella, thanks to the many bathing establishments equipped with internet access points, webcam and wireless connection.

Music is the “soundtrack” of these summer holidays: in Riccione, in the Marano area, in Milano Marittima and Marina di Ravenna with proposals for the young, while in Gatteo one can dance at dawn typical waltzes and mazurkas with cappuccinos and croissants served for everybody. In Cesenatico, Latin American music is very popular and many beaches offer jazz music and Brazilian capoeira performances.

Moreover, the quality of urban green areas, the high use of alternative energy and a more and more efficient network of purifiers are the main features of the Riviera itself.

Many beaches offer high eco-friendly services with PV plants for electricity generation, waste separation, solar panels to heat water and installations that distill and recycle water in the showers so that it can be reused for watering flowerbeds.

All this in 110 kilometers of coastline!



Last modified Dec 16, 2016

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