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Pink Night (Notte Rosa) 2013

AsaNisiMAsa is the magic formula that the children in 8 e ½ (Federico Fellini, 1963) say out loud at night to make the eyes of a portrait move, and that behind its serpentine alphabet hides the word "Anima" (soul). And the Soul is precisely the theme of Notte Rosa 2013. The soul as warmth, authenticity and the kindness and character of people, the innate gift for hospitality, the good life and the conviviality of the Riviera, the evocative nature and charm of its timeless places.


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This year the Pink Night celebrates its eighth anniversary with a new edition filled with unique events. From sunset on Friday, July 5 to sunset on Sunday, July 7, the riviera from Comacchio to Cattolica will offer its best with more than 300 events including concerts, beach parties, entertainment for children, wine and food, shows, DJ sets and much more, with avenues, squares, monuments, hotels and bathing establishments "dressed" in pink.  The same color will be worn by the many guests who come to the Riviera every year for this event, a giant, pulsating pink wave, with thousands of hats, t-shirts, shoes and sunglasses all in pink.


Taking the stage from Comacchio to Cattolica, among others, will be Gino Paoli with Giuliano Palma & Orchestra, Michael Nyman, Boosta dei Subsonica, Malika Ayane, Antonello Venditti, Pooh, Niccolò Fabi, i Cugini di Campagna, Trilok Gurtu, Enrico Rava, Raffaele Paganini, the dj Benny Benassi, PB Underground, Jerry Calà and his band, the winner of the 4th Italia's Got Talent, Daniel Adomako, Kelly Joyce, Cristina d’Avena with GEM Boy.

Also not to be missed is the preview of Pink Night: Saturday, June 29 the Molo Street Parade in Rimini with guests of honor Boy George and Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas and from July 1 to 4 the events ofSpeciale CinéPink Night Preview in Riccione. For two evenings, Friday, July 5 and Saturday, July 6, in Bellaria there will also be the Pink Night for Children.

And even if the artists and program change every year, one moment, the most highly anticipated, always stays the same: the biggest fireworks display at midnight on Friday, with the whole beach lit up by blasts of color.  And to best enjoy this unforgettable weekend, those working in the tourism industry have created special vacation packages with affordable prices for every budget and need.


Pink Night 2013: the program

From north to south, along the Adriatic Riviera of Emilia Romagna, in this edition of Pink Night, melodic music will be the queen, even if "contamination" from other genres will definitely leave their mark.


Friday, July 5 at Lido delle Nazioni (Fe) taking the stage in Piazza Italia are Giuliano Palma & Orchestra accompanied by a legendary Italian singer, Gino Paoli, while on Saturday, July 6 it will be the turn of the Freeboys and of Daniel Adomako, winner of the fourth edition of Italia's Got Talent, and at Lido di Spina (Fe) on Saturday, July 6 in Largo degli Artisti, the Plug Festival will be held with DJ sets by Boosta from Subsonica.

In Comacchio (Fe) on Friday, July 5, for the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Michelangelo Antonioni, some of the most unforgettable films by this director will be shown, followed by other films by Federico Fellini and Pupi Avati.


At the Public Gardens of viale Santi Baldini in Ravenna, directly from the Ravenna Festival 2013, on Friday there will be the concert of the PB Underground (funk band whose leader has collaborated with Level 42, Incognito, Chaka Khan and Mark Ronson).

In Piazza Garibaldi in Cervia ( Ra) “That’s all folk”,with traditional local folk music and dancing will be held, and on Saturday, July 6 at the Magazzini del Sale in Cervia there will also be “Canal Latino”, with samba, and Caribbean music and dancing.


In Gatteo Mare (Fc) in Piazza Romagna Mia Friday there will be the show with Andrea Mingardi and the Rosso Blues Brothers Band, while in Cesenatico (Fc),  in Piazza Andrea Costa, Radio Bruno Estate, a show with big names in music, deejays and entertainment, is back. And still in Cesenatico, at six in the morning on Saturday, there will once again be the concert at dawn with the  Bologna Big Band. Savignano and San Mauro Mare will host “Maracaibo” at the Parco Benelli with Jerry Calà and his band.


In Bellaria (Rn), the historic downtown will become kid-sized with The Pink Night for Children on Friday and Saturday, with games, entertainment, a street circus, clowns and workshops, and at the Polo Est Village of Igea Marina, on Saturday, July 6, the musical La Sirenetta (the Little Mermaid) will take the stage.


In Rimini and Riccione the atmosphere of Pink Night can be felt in the days leading up to it: Saturday, June 29, starting at sunset, in Rimini the second edition of the Molo Street Parade will be held, which this year will host 60 DJs who from their consoles on 10 fishing boats along the  Portocanale in Rimini will get thousands of people dancing along the docks, which will become an enormous dance floor under the stars. Special guests at the 2nd Molo Street Parade will be Boy George and Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas. At the Palacongressi in Riccione, during “Ciné – Giornate Estive di Cinema” from July 1 to 4 there will be numerous events open to the public for the event “Speciale Ciné – Pink Night Preview”: 2 cinema premieres (The Lone Ranger e Trance),  and Ciak Incontra (interviews with actors and directors participating in the event) and, on Thursday, July 4, a great gala in pink, for the awarding of the CinéCiak d’Oro, the awards dedicated to Italian comedies, in collaboration with the magazine Ciak.

Again as a preview for the Pink Night, on Thursday, July 4, at the Corte degli Agostiniani in Rimini, there will be the concert of Niccolò Fabi as part of the event Percuotere la Mente, while on Friday at the Complesso degli Agostiniani there will be “In Limbo – Asa NIsi MAsa”, DJ set with visual and sound references to “8 e ½” by Federico Fellini, and at 10pm in Piazzale Fellini Antonello Venditti will take the stage. And again at the Agostiniani, Percuotere la Mente will host on Saturday at 9.15 pm the concert “Spellbound – The world of trumpets”, with Trilok Gurtu and Enrico Rava. Among the events that will enliven historic downtown: at Teatro Galli on July 4 the exhibition of Milo Manara, dedicated to two stories written by Federico Fellini - Viaggio a Tulum and Il Viaggio di G. Mastorna, detto Fernet - illustrated by this famous Italian cartoonist, will be inaugurated. Also in Rimini, on Saturday evening, along the boardwalk of Bellariva, there will be a bit of nostalgia with “Retropolis” and the Cugini di Campagna.


For one of the most highly anticipated events of Pink Night, the concert at dawn, on the stage set up on the beach of Riminiterme, at 5 in the morning on Saturday, July 6, there will be a special guest, Michael Nyman, with his great minimalist repertoire accompanied by the rising sun.


In Riccione, celebrations will begin during the day on the hill of Aquafan: on July 5 and 6 you can dance in fluffy pink foam to the rhythm of the Pink Dance which will become the soundtrack of the weekend inside the famous aquatic park.  In Piazzale Roma, Friday will be dedicated to  “vintage melodies” with Malika Ayane and at Cocoricò Benny Benassi, the Emilian DJ, will step into the console late night to play his famous remixes of Madonna songs. Saturday, July 6, again in Piazzale Roma in Riccione, space will be made for the evocative choreography of Welldance, with Raffaele Paganini and Annarosa Petri and, following, the splendid voice of Kelly Joyce. Friday along the boardwalk of Misano Adriatico (Rn) there will be the live performance of Pooh, accompanied by a symphonic orchestra of almost 70 pieces, and the following night there will be Carnevale Rosa, with an exciting parade.


In Cattolica (Rn), in Piazza Primo Maggio, on Friday evening do not miss Cristina d’Avena and  GEM Boy, while on Saturday, Grammar School, the anglo-italo-american band will perform its repertoire of pop-rock 20th century classics.


Space will also be set aside for food and wine, from Ice Cream Dishes, with tasting in various restaurants of Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma flavored ice cream, and for the pink queen of the regional meats, Mortadella. This is the first year that Pink Night will host  MortadellaBò, a great event promoted by the Consorzio Mortadella Bologna on schedule from October 10 to 13 in downtown Bologna; this preview will be the star of Pink Night with tastings in Rimini and Riccione of Mortadella Bologna Igp, as well as fun social events with photos that can be posted on the most important social networks and, as an exclusive for this event, special gadgets with the MortadellaBò logo, offering the public a unique mix of food culture and pure fun.


Once again this year, Martini®& Rossi will be present as the official sponsor of Pink Night, with installations and entertainment in the main streets of Rimini, Riccione, Cattolica and Misano Adriatico an, in Riccione, from July 4 to 7  the event Ape…ritivo Tour by Martini Royale. Parked at the Victor Pub in viale Ceccarini is the legendary “Ape Classic” that, for the 150th anniversary of Martini®& Rossi, will be set up like a true Terrazza Martini to serve Martini Royale®, the star drink of the summer in 2013.



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